Thursday, July 29

Thursday Thoughts

Hello gang! Like true Durbanites, a bunch of us have decided to go to the July at the last minute. Despite writing a post about what to the wear the July, I myself have nothing to wear - and it's on Saturday! My floral dresses are simple cotton one's I've worn to death and I know I will feel totally drab in them at the July. I would wear my Miss Molly Skirt but I think I need something longer or looser 'cuz I plan on taking a zillion pics and I want to be able to crouch down on the grass to get shots of turf flying etc. I do have a floral alice band from Mr P but that probably means hundreds of girls will be wearing the same one - irrrk! I'm so tired today, I actually just feel like wearing my new flat brogues on Saturday. Totally unJuly but I will be the plainest albeit comfiest gal there! Speaking of the July, I had my hair cut yesterday and afterwards I had a perusal round the mall. I didn't see a single store merchandising July outfits in their windows. I'm sure there are plenty of girls dashing around at the last minute looking for ideas and I can't imagine why the stores aren't taking advantage of this. Is it just me? Have you seen any obvious July inspiration around town? While my outfit may not be July-worthy, I do plan on photographing everyone else's so expect a mega post next week! 'Till then, have a goodie and see on Saturday if you're going. Fingers crossed it's sunny!


Four pictures from my We Heart It folder. These pics live here, here, here and here.

Wednesday, July 28

And the winner of the ASOS giveaway is!!!

STEVE! That's right, the one and only entry from a guy was the winner! Ha, gotta love I actually know Steve and he's a stand up bloke. Well done, mate, I hope you bag something wicked from asos. Your voucher is on it's way. Thank you so much to all of you who entered. I loved reading your entries and I promise there will be more chances to win soon. Speak to you later gaterz:)


Update: Please excuse Gloss if it's a bit jumpy tonight. I'm trying to whack it into place for archaic versions of internet explorer. May I personally suggest Firefox for your viewing pleasure!

Tuesday, July 27

Mush! It's work time

That's me right now, working like a fiend and passing out at 7 o'clock! No time to post riveting tweets about my breakfast anymore! I'm not complaining though - it's great to be working in this bonkers 'economic climate' as they call it. Geez, I bet you're sick of hearing that term! As soon as life settles down, I'll nip outside to take some pics. Sorry if posts are a bit slow for a few days. In the mean time, here is some office inspiration. It's my dream to have my own home office one day with cool white shelves and rows of colourful books. There will also be a retro candy dispenser (Astros inside - very NB), a huge pin board and a fluffball cat at my feet. Are you one of the lucky sods who has their own office? Tell us what it looks like! PS: Giveaway winner being announced tomorrow!


Pics found here, here, here and here!

Sunday, July 25

Brogues and the Eiffel

Greetings guys. (Trying to mix up these riveting intros!) I hope you've had a chillaxed weekend? Thank you to all of you who entered the asos giveaway. I so enjoyed reading your comments about where you want to travel. I thought you would probably just enter city names but you told me so much more and I was like, 'Ah, I love my readers!' I wish I could give you plane tickets and shopping vouchers. On Wednesday, I'll be plugging your names into to find a winner so be sure to check back to see if it is YOU! Onto another one of our fave topics - shopping! I recently bagged these cute brogues and Eiffel Tower necklace from Mr Price. I've already worn them three days in a row so a good buy indeed. I'm actually dashing out now in 'em so we'll chat more this week!


Wednesday, July 21

Win a £25 ASOS.COM spending voucher!

'Sup gang, it's giveaway time again! I've got a £25 ASOS.COM spending voucher to give to one of you. To stand a chance of winning, simply leave a comment with your answer to this quez: "If you could pack your bags and leave right now, which top 3 places would be your dream cheap holidays destination?" Mine would be New York, Maldives and Los Angeles. Crumbs, I'd love to leave right now. The winner will be drawn at random a week from now. Now let's hear your top 3 holiday spots!


On another note, I've closed sponsorship because I'm back to working 9-5 for the next few months. That means a regular paycheck which I could happily do with at the mo! However, I would still love to run giveaways so if you have a prize you'd like to sponsor, please feel free to email me!

Tuesday, July 20

Q&A with Gem Fatale

I've mentioned her before and now I'm chuffed to bring you an interview with one of my favourite bloggers! Gem's blog has become one of my daily must-reads. She is hilarious and just the sort of girl I would try to befriend in the bathroom of some indie dive bar. Let's have a natter, shall we?


Hello Gem, how are you today?
Hi Lauren! I'm fine, thank you. I've had really bad headaches the last few days and I'm so pleased to wake up and not be in pain today! I do have work shortly, so this good mood could be shortlived...

Heh. Tell us a bit about you and how you spend your days.
Well, I've just finished my second year at university studying Fashion Promotion (styling/journalism etc). As it's the summer holidays, I've been working at Topshop 4/5 days a week. On my days off, I am usually drinking coffee, eating crumpets (with cheese and marmite, which I thoroughly recommend! My thighs don't, though...), responding to emails, reading zillions of blogs and writing new posts for my own blog. I also like to sit in the park and read books with Alex (my live-in boyfriend/BFF of 5 years) or go charity shop shopping when I can drag myself away from the laptop!

Your blog is an absolute hoot and very informative too! What do you love most about blogging?
Why thank you! I think the bit about blogging I like best is having people that actually read it! For a longggg time (about 2 years) I had very few readers. But in the last year or so, since I've been putting much more time and effort into the blog, it's really become a big part of my life and subsequently people have actually wanted to read it. It's taken me so long to find out what it's like to have a proper community of readers that get involved and respond to my posts, etc, that I appreciate it so much more than I would've if I had been an instant blogging success. It's just the nicest feeling knowing there's people that want to read whatever it is I'm banging on about.

You've been blogging for a good few years now. How has your blog evolved in that time?
Oh god. It has evolved in almost every way! It's pretty funny that in just a few clicks, people can see how shoddy the blog used to look (please don't!) I now try to make sure the blog looks as good as it can with my zero html skills when it comes to layout and photos. It's also less of a style diary than it was at the start. I have grown up a lot and also learnt a lot about fashion and life in general, so I now feel equipped and confident enough to share my opinions with my readers! Speaking of readers, I consider them a lot more when thinking of new post ideas these days. I like to try and make reading my blog a valuable experience in some way, whether it's with new tips or giveaways, rather than going on about me me me all the time! My writing style itself hasn't changed much at all, though. Lolz are still my primary concern.

And lolz there are a plenty! You mentioned to me on twitter that your dream is to become a writer. Can you tell us more about that please? And for the record, I think a fashion column or book deal is around the corner for you!
Haha, thanks so much! That would be dreamy! I think I definitely will go into writing in some capacity. I haven't thought too much about exactly what I want to do though. I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed making my own lifestyle magazine for my last uni project, so that might be something to consider! I have a lot of opinions on the magazine industry, and really want to provide something different to what's out there already. Something for girls like myself that want to look cute on a budget and care more about style than fashion. Talking about this has made me want to do it now!

Good, you must! Now, you work in Topshop aka 4 Floors of Retail Heaven. How do you cope surrounded by constant shopping temptation? I would want to buy everything ALL the time.
I generally find that blind fear of debt collectors is the main way I avoid temptation! To get your Topshop staff discount, you have to buy things on a staff credit card, so you literally do need to be super careful with how much you buy or you'll be in big trouble. Due to my non-existent budget I have to be quite a nazi about what I buy these days anyway, so I'll only buy things I think I'll wear again and again (not one-season wonders), which renders most of the clothes un-investable anyway, no matter how much I want them!

What are your favourite things to wear? What's a real Gem outfit?
I always try to dress in the best way for my body shape, so a typical outfit of mine is made up of the following components:

A baggy h&m jersey top - I have a bit of a tummy on me so I always try and wear baggy tops so I can be comfortable! Also, I am rather busty and I don't like to make too much of a show of it (due to unwelcome pervy stares of the male public), so baggy tops are a must!
A long necklace (to make the boobs look smaller!)
Either a body-con skirt (I find having a baggy top tucked into a tight skirt makes the tum appear flatter!) or just leggings.
Desert Boots or Brogues (with socks) - I find androgynous footwear stops a plain outfit looking too boring. I add socks for a bit of cuteness!

Ah, well you always look awesome. Any looks or trends you'd never touch?
I will never wear a full-on harem trouser. The saggy nappy look just isn't to my taste! Also, I hate that weird thing people do wear they wear leotards with the leg-holes showing above the waist of their trousers so it looks like they have a full-frontal wedgy (I blogged about it here if my description makes no sense!). It makes me a bit sick. They are the two main things that are on my to-don't list. Oh, oh, and kitten heels. Vom!

Ha. Which are your favourite places to shop other than Toppers?
My fave places to shop for clothes are h&m and charity shops. It's not clothes related but I also really love pound shops... You never know what you might find in there! I found a hilarious little play tunnel for my cat Roxy once and it made her life complete. Then she broke it and we had to chuck it away. She's never been the same!

Do you prefer to shop solo or with a shopping bud or boyf?
I actually prefer to shop alone. None of my friend's really have the same style as me, so I don't like to put them in the awkward 'how does this look?' position. And shopping with Alex is a nightmare because he never says whether he doesn't like something. I have to rely on body language and/or telekinesis to work out the truth! All in all, it's just much simpler to go solo!

Heh, men and shopping. Alrighty, back to the blogosphere. Who are your top 5 daily reads?
I can never do Top 5's, so in no particular order...
Flying Saucer - Selina is one of my favourite UK bloggers and one of the first blogs I ever read. I love her writing style and she has a really cute sense of style. Selina is the person who first made me aware of my next blog pick...
Fk Yeah Pretty Nails (Tumblr) - Endless nail inspiration! This site will brighten your day! And possibly your nails!
Cali Vintage - Erin is a cool American chick with awesome style and short hair like mine, so I always find inspiration on her blog, as I find it hard to imagine whether certain looks will suit me.
Mademoiselle Robot - Laetitia is another old school blogger. She has gorgeous style, the cutest french accent and is a big Luella fan like me (Bring back Luella!) There's always lots of outfit inspiration to be found on her blog!
Perez Hilton - My guilty pleasure... Don't judge me!

No judgement here! What tips would you give to someone wanting to start a blog?
Don't do it! Your social life will be history! Joking aside, my main tip is to be yourself. Take pride in having your own opinions, and just write whatever comes naturally to you.

And finally, Minstrels or Maltesers?
You just can't beat a nice microwaved bowl of Minstrels. Absolute bliss!


Microwaved Minstrels! Gem is full of handy tips like that. I'm starting to sound like a bit of a stalker so let me shut up and steer you in the direction of her lovely blog. But before you go, let us know in a comment if you're also a fan of Miss Fatale. I'd love for her to have a warm welcome here :D

Monday, July 19

The Bean Green Coffee Shop

So this is the coffee shop I've been banging on about! Isn't it just wonderful? If you live in Durban, I'm sure you'll be familiar with the lovely Bean Green. I wanted to feature it because it's so rare these days that you encounter such a charming family-run business. It reminds me of something out of a movie - comfy couches, old LP's playing, steam pouring out of the roaster and a sweet red-head pouring coffee behind the wooden counter! I take my hat off to Mel and her dad who lovingly run the Bean Green because it is hard work making all those coffees! I was behind the counter for ten minutes and thought I would have a serious meltdown if I had to juggle that lot and they do it all with big smiles. Well done Bean Green, I wish you many years of happy roasting!


Is the Bean Green also one of your faves? Do you have another coffee shop to recommend? Please feel free to share your faves in a comment.

Sunday, July 18

The 7 Link Blog Challenge

Hi guys, I hope you've had a good weekend? I so enjoyed reading your replies to my Gadget Wish-List - you lot are well kitted out in the tech department! Onto other news, do any of you read Problogger? It's a super website full of tips and advice for all bloggers - pro and non. Darren Rowse, the chap who authors it, recently posted a fun idea called the 7 Link Blog Challenge. In Darren's words, "The idea is to publish a post that is a list of 7 links to posts that you and others have written that respond to the following 7 categories." I've decided to give it a bash so here we go!

Your First Post

Ah bless, here is mine. There are no comments, just tumble weeds rolling around ;)

A post you enjoyed writing the most

Oh, the memories. Many of my faves are interviews I've done with fellow bloggers because I love chatting to people who inspire me - it's a bit like stealing five minutes with your favourite band. Those are more Q& A's however, so in terms of written posts, I'd probably have to say my fave was Finding your style: A flashback in dodgy fashion. I wrote that sucker from the heart!

A post which had a great discussion

I was kind of surprised to see that my Gadget Wish-List garnered so much discussion! But I guess with many of you being web-savvy bloggers, it makes sense that you're gadget gurus too! It was also a lovely surprise when many of you commented when I dyed my hair. Ok, so it's more compliments than discussion but I'm linking to it because your replies meant alot ya'll!

A post on someone else’s blog that you wish you’d written

I am forever reading other blogs and thinking 'Man, I wish I was as witty or creative as her.' Many of Sandra's posts come to mind but I'm going to link to this recent post of Alix's because her Fun Fair pictures blew my mind. It's really a picture post rather than a written one but the pics are some of the best I've ever seen. I love all things Fun Fair and Alix is just ridiculously amazing, isn't she?

Your most helpful post

Hmmm, this was probably the one about what to pack for the World Cup. My fingers were knackered after typing that bad boy!

A post with a title that you are proud of

My titles used to be pretty obscure but they've become more explanatory. I rather liked 'Make a wish with Carrie' of but sometimes it's the most straightforward titles that work best like, ahem,  Ten Reasons why I love Grace Coddington. I've heard people are drawn to list posts because they're easy to read so perhaps I should do more of 'em?

A post that you wish more people had read

Ah, I'm sure we've all had days when we've hit 'publish' feeling quite pleased with ourselves and then hardly anyone responds. Just me? I remember feeling quite chuffed about 'How to do Venice on a budget' and then not that many people commented. *Cue the violins* I guess a post like that is only relavent to a reader if they're going to Venice the next week or something. Gotta keep these things in perspective! And let me just say I am terribly grateful for each and every one of your comments. I know I've said that alot lately but there's no harm in extra thanks, eh?

Well, I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane as much as I have. If this is your first time visiting Gloss, I hope I've given you an idea of the sort of things I like to scribble about. Please feel free to say hello, I love meeting new readers. And if you also do the 7 Link Blog Challenge, please send me the link to yours in a comment. I look forward to reading them!


How sweet is this blogger bear? I found Picture 1 here and Picture 2 here.  I also delved into the archives this weekend and categorised some of my older posts - just a few more to go still...

Thursday, July 15

My gadget wish-list

Hello guys! (I've noticed I now begin all posts with 'Hello guys!') It's becoming a bit like a 'Dear Diary' - I feel weird not greeting you these days! So I've been enjoying my blogging breather. It's only been three days but it feels like much longer. I was just putting together a gadget wish-list for myself and then I thought, heck why not turn this into a blog post? So here's a "little" summin' until I post the coffee shop pics and the two inty's I've got coming up.

I've never been a gadget girl to be honest. Firstly, I can't afford to keep up to date with the latest tech toys (as us copywriters so cheesily love to call them) and secondly, I'm still getting to grips with the TV remote. I currently use the same old Nokia brick that T-Rex was a fan of because I can never resist those shopping vouchers that come with cheap phone contracts! However, now that I'm hoping for a future filled with styling shoots (fingers crossed), I'll need to check my email on the go and hey, a GPS would be great too. While we're at it, why not throw in a pink GHD because that would be much better than my old black one! Marketing is ambushing me!

I actually tend to avoid conversations about gadgets because they escalate into these intense debates. Example: Nutter 1 "PC's suck!" Nutter 2: "Macs suck worse." Seriously, I've seen these convos go down and they are ridiculous. Apples and PC's are great for different things although you rarely hear a convincing agument about why the one is better than the other. Oooh, this should get the tounges wagging! Shameful confession - I just like Macs because they look cool! Now that's worth paying double for isn't it? :P

Back to my wish-list. While I'm sure my life would tick on perfectly fine without all these gizmos, they sure wouldn't hurt to have, eh? My wildly un-informed picks are as follows with pics below.

Apple Iphone 
Is it a smart phone? Is it an android? What are these things? I find the phone market incredibly confusing. I've simply chosen Apple because I like their designs and the name sticks in my mind. I know there are others like HTC and Nexus something but Apple has dominated my brain space. All that said, I actually just need any old phone that will allow me to text, call, email and connect to the net. A decent battery life is also a plus. (I've heard the smart phones have short-lived batteries.) I need to reseach some cheaper options although man, these new white iPhones look super! Again, with the looks!

Pink GHD
The GHD literally changed my life. One day, I will dedicate a post to this wondrous tool. My hair may be nuked to within an inch of it's life but that's still better than what it was before - utterly crazy! I would quite like a pink one because it's cute. And pink. I know, ridiculous reasoning!

I keep hearing that GPS systems built into phones aren't up to much so I'd like a TomTom or Garmin too help me navigate Durban's new road names.

Apple IPod
I have an old Apple Shuffle which works a treat. I hardly use it in SA (except for a few fleeting trips to the gym) but I used it every day in London on the train. I fancy the Shuffle's bigger brother because hey, it's an iPod - it's a cool thing to have! (Feel like I'm abusing the exclamation mark again.)

Epsom printer/scanner/copier
I just bought a basic HP printer (which is awesome) but I'd also like to be able to scan and copy things to save me the odd trip to Postnet. I've heard the Epsom one is really good and it looks pretty slick.  I could also do without the embarrasment of asking other people to scan my dodgy ID pics.

Apple Macbook
Oh the Macbook. As seen at Vida Cafes nationwide. What is up with Vida and Mac users? If Apple stores sold Vida coffee (and strangely they are next to each other in Gateway), I think the stores might combust from too much 'cool.' I totally get it though, Macbooks are rad and Vida Quatros are addictive. Anyway, I've almost always worked on a MAC in the office but at home, I use an Asus laptop which is super. It wasn't ridiculously expensive, it's very ergonomic and it does everything I need it to - including design stuff. But as much as I love my Asus, a Macbook would be awesome because they just look and are awesome.

I now feel terribly weird after writing this! Like clever marketing campaigns have gotten the better of me! The urge to consume things these days is crazy scary. Anyway, I'm not in a position to be buying any of these goodies right now but I'd still love to hear about the gadgets you can't live without. Which are your faves and which are passing fads in your opinion?


Monday, July 12

The LSE: Affordable Accommodation in London

HELLO COSMO READERS! Cosmo accidentally linked to the travel section of my blog. My URL is To see my home page, simply click my blog header image. Thanks for dropping by!

Hello guys. Thank you for all your comments on the last couple of posts. I've tried to reply to you each directly in a comment. The weather has been cold and grey so I'm still not venturing out to take any pics. I thought I'd scribble up another London travel tidbit in the meantime! In April 2008, my mom and I went to London on a holiday. We stayed at The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) which is a university with various residences dotted around the West End in London. We were not in town to attend science lectures or anything to that effect - quite the contrary in fact! What the LSE does, is open their residences as hotels in winter, spring and summer which makes for a rather affordable alternative to staying at a hotel. It's not as glam of course but my guess is, it's a bit more pleasant to staying at a hostel! Not that I'm a hostel snob or anything - I'm all for traveling on a budget. I thought I would tell you about the LSE because when I was looking for affordable accommodation at the time, I waded through hundreds of websites before I stumbled across theirs. Hopefully I can save you some time and hassle if you ever plan on visiting Londres on the cheap. That said, the cheaper options are still ridiculously expensive for us South Africans once we've converted our precious rands. Back to the LSE - the website states that all the residences are situated within close proximity to the main tourist attractions. We stayed at Rosebury Hall which was situated across from the famous Saddler's Wells Ballet Theater in Angel, Islington. Islington is quite a nice, arty area - very trendy I believe but full of cute stores and cafes. You can catch a bus from outside the tube station which will deliver you quickly to Rosebury's doorstep. We walked the route with cases before we twigged on to the bus! My mom and I stayed in a small twin room which was small (as expected) but perfectly neat and clean. If you're worried about students throwing wild dorm parties - fear not! The LSE was very quiet and the students who were still there during the holidays were friendly and not of the 'beer-funneling' type! We had a basin in our room, twin beds (which were very comfy) with a side table, some cupboards, a table and chair. Down the corridor, there were his and hers bathrooms with toilets, a bath and showers for students and guests on our floor to use. Again, these were always kept clean. There was also a kitchen but we never used it. Breakfast is included in the price and we ate downstairs in the canteen everyday with students and fellow guests. They serve all the makings of a hot full English along with fruits and yoghurts etc. Nothing like a good brekkie before heading out on a day of sightseeing! There was also a laundry room which we could use and two computers with internet access. Oh, and very important, there was also a vending machine for late night Minstrel attacks! At the end of the day, it was lovely to step out of icy London winds and into the toasty LSE! As I said, it's not the height of glam but all I really require on holiday is clean sheets, a clean bathroom and a peaceful place to rest my head. Speaking of clean sheets, our room was tidied every day by some lovely cleaning staff. I see that the price of a small twin room is now 52 pounds. Split that between two and that ain't bad at all! I think it was 50 quid a day when we were there. So if you're heading to London on a budget, the LSE is one to consider. You can visit their website to find out more and make a booking. And just to let you know, I wasn't paid to write this or anything like that - I just like sharing good experiences and punting places that deserve it. The only pics we have of our room are well, really messy shots of the room! I'm gonna spare you images of our hairdryers and clothes scattered everywhere and instead post a pic taken in the plane and a pic of me standing in front of a flyered dumpster in Camden. Think I went a bit mad with the cross-processing tool back in the day. That is in fact a black raincoat I'm wearing!


PS: I've been blogging like a fiend lately and reckon I should probably give Gloss a bit of a breather! That said, I will be posting pics of my fave coffee shop as soon as they're ready. I'm so in love with this local gem, I want to give it a good punt because it truly deserves one. I will still be reading and replying to your comments (which are always appreciated) and nattering about nonsense on twitter!

Maritime Monday

Morning gang! How was your weekend? Did you watch the World Cup final? I'm really bummed it's over! It's been such an amazing time for South Africa and a novelty to see Durban on the telly and in places like the New York Times! Thanks to my pal, Lauren, for sending me the link. I hope all the tourists enjoyed their stay and will return to visit us again. When I wasn't watching soccer, I was buried under a pile of papers, putting the finishing touches on my portfolio. All the printing worked out in the end (1x printer purchased later!) so I'm quite chuffed thats finally sorted. I'm going to meet as many ad agencies and photographers as possible over the next few weeks in hopes of busying myself with some shoots and scribbles. Today, however, I will be playing mini golf and knocking down pins with a very special someone in celebration of his birthday. Happy Birthday B! As soon as a sunny day comes along this week, I'm going to be taking some pics of my favourite coffee shop so stay tuned for that. In the mean time, here are some pics from a little trip we took to the Maritime Museum last weekend. Most of them are ridiculously cropped and don't give you much of an idea of what the museum looks like so consider it a hint of Maritime inspiration! I threw in a few outfit shots for fun. I'm tempted to say 'please excuse the rubbish lighting' but they're just happy snaps really.


Dress Mr Price Earings Cupcake Couture Sunglasses Gift from Nikki (thanks again friend!)

Friday, July 9

Plaid, printing & rainbows

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you're feeling the festive Friday vibes. I'm a wee bit stressed to tell you the truth. If you follow my ramblings on twitter, you would have heard all about my printing dramz! Been trying to get my styling portfolio done and I'd forgotten all the repro rules about what resolution to print at etc. If this has happened to you,  I'm sure you'll know how stressful printing can be! After a couple of dud batches, I think I am finally on the home run though. So just a quick post today 'cuz I gotta dash out and collect my print outs. Wishing you all a fun and relaxing weekend!


Tshirt Mr Price Sunglasses Asos Rainbow Sneakers (not mine sadly) Found Here

Thursday, July 8

Flower Pop

The internet continues to come and go here in SA so before it goes again, let me leave you with with a cheap and cheerful decor idea - flowers in a coke bottle - as seen on restaurant tables the world over! Do you have a pocket-friendly decor idea? Please feel free to tell us in a comment:)


Wednesday, July 7

Camden Passage

Thank you so much to those of you who nominated me in the Cosmo Awards, I really appreciate your support! (And if you still want to do so, please pop me in the 'Lifestyle Category,' merci!) No more pleas I promise! Gosh, so the weather has been pretty mis here and the internet keeps going on and off - something to do with a gigantic cable under the sea I believe. I haven't had a chance to shoot anything so I thought I'd tell you a bit about one of my favourite places to visit in London. I'm sure Londoners will already be familiar with it but if not, here's a new spot to check out! Camden Passage is a lovely warren of lanes in Angel Islington - not in Camden Town as you may suspect. There are loads of vintage stores, art shops and cute cafes - a total must-see if you love things like that. There is one particularly sweet cafe called the Breakfast Club. My mom and I snuck away there once during the week and it was total heaven! Think freshly squeezed OJ, homemade wedges of cake and lots of kitschy knick-knacks everywhere. The queue to get in on a Saturday morning is long so be sure to get there early. These pics aren't the best but they will give you an idea of how nice this place is. Speaking of fun things, the lovely Lana of Lanaloustyle invited me to do a wish-list on her blog so you can check it out here if you like. Have a great day and chat soon!


Monday, July 5

My Miss Molly Skirt (and a favour to ask!)

Hey guys. This is the skirt I won in the Miss Molly giveaway last week. I picked it up from Melissa (aka Miss Molly ) on Saturday and I LOVE it! She's done a super job making it and I just love the floral print - right up my alley, eh? I wanted to wear red lippy with it for a bit of a colour clash but couldn't find my Boots special anywhere this morning. So purple it is. And, I also have a bit of a favour to ask if you don't mind - eeep! I'm under no illusions that I could win something like this but I thought it would be fun to give it a bash anyway. British Cosmo are having their first ever blog awards (if you haven't heard already) and it's open to the whole blogosphere! So if you're a fan of my little 'ol blog, please would you be so kind to nominate Glossary here under the 'Lifestyle' category. I would be SUPER chuffed and eternally grateful if you did! If I could dispense 'Thank You' boxes of Oreos through the screen I would! Merci!


Sunday, July 4

Market Style

As promised, here is a dash of market style! Nadia aka Miss Cupcake Couture and Melissa aka Miss Molly, both looked wonderful in their mixed print outfits. Don't you just love Nads' cute floral shorts? This was the first time I'd met Molly and she is a total honey. Here, she is dressed in her own cute designs. This week I'm going to show you the stunning skirt I won in her giveaway. And speaking of style, Be In Style, did a lovely review of my blog which you can read here if you like :)


Saturday, July 3

I ♥ Market

Today we went to I Heart Market where I met some of you in person! It was really cool chatting to you guys - we all kept saying how fun it was to see how we look and sound in real life, haha! I also overheard a few of girls saying how they want to start blogging and I think it's so cool how the internet is helping creatives to share their passions and inspirations. Below are some pics I snapped of the market. You can find out whose who below the pics. I wish I could have included everyone as all the tables looked amazing! Check back soon to see my market 'outfit' faves. x


Pics 1 & 2
Cupcake Couture I loved Nadia's bowl of buttons! Pic 3 Pretty pink roses Pic 4 Savage Jewellery Aren't Nicky's wooden hearts just the cutest? Pic 5 Moxie Made Jewellery  Micaela's pieces are so cool and unique Pic 6 Lucky You Handmade Such awesome felt brooches Pic 7 Lisa & Jo I want an office full of their stationery! Pic 8 Little Sarah Says So How rad are these vinyl bags? Pic 9 Black Butterfly Danke was selling some cute clothes Pic 10 Genevieve Motley  I'm in love with Gen's bird-engraved hearts. Freshly Found was also there but my pics of her table came out a bit blurry - sorry Denise!

Friday, July 2

Old Record Collections

Hey guys! Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments about the cameras. It was so nice to read about your collections - you've definitely inspired me to look out for old telephones and suitcases too! In the spirit of collecting stuff, I thought I'd photograph my folks' old record collection. I was obsessed with these as a kid - legend has it I once pulled all the records out of their precious paper sleeves and induced a mild panic attack in my mom. Kids, eh?! I also figured out how to get one of the cameras out of it's case so there's a pic of that one. In other news, the Mr Price team did a fun little interview with me and you can read it here if you like. Have a great weekend and see you at I Heart Market if you're going:)