Tuesday, July 27

Mush! It's work time

That's me right now, working like a fiend and passing out at 7 o'clock! No time to post riveting tweets about my breakfast anymore! I'm not complaining though - it's great to be working in this bonkers 'economic climate' as they call it. Geez, I bet you're sick of hearing that term! As soon as life settles down, I'll nip outside to take some pics. Sorry if posts are a bit slow for a few days. In the mean time, here is some office inspiration. It's my dream to have my own home office one day with cool white shelves and rows of colourful books. There will also be a retro candy dispenser (Astros inside - very NB), a huge pin board and a fluffball cat at my feet. Are you one of the lucky sods who has their own office? Tell us what it looks like! PS: Giveaway winner being announced tomorrow!


Pics found here, here, here and here!
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