Tuesday, August 31

How to make your blog images fit the width of your post

Every now and then I’ll see someone tweet, ‘How to make your images bigger in Blogger?’ Blogger doesn’t automatically size your images to fit the width of your post area but you can tell Blogger what size to make them! I didn’t know how to do this when I first started blogging and it drove me nuts. I was dead chuffed when I finally stumbled across a solution so thought I’d share it with you. I can’t remember where I found this particular nugget but there are plenty of ‘em scattered around the net.


Step 1
Find out what the width of your post area is. You will find this in your blog’s HTML under 'main-wrapper width' Mine is 540 pixels.

Step 2
Resize your photos to the width of your post area. You can do this with various photo-editing programs from Photoscape to Photoshop. I resize mine to 540 pixels wide.

Step 3
Create an account on a photo-hosting provider. I use Photobucket.

Step 4
Upload your photos to Photobucket. Photobucket will then give you FOUR lines of code per photo – you're after the line of code called HTML CODE.

Step 5
Copy the HTML CODE of your pic and paste it into the window where you write your posts in Blogger. Make sure you’re in ‘EDIT HTML’ mode as opposed to ‘Compose’ mode.

Step 6
Click Preview and Submit and Voila! Your images should fit the width of your blog!

I hope this was of help to someone reading this! If you need me to clarify any bits, please feel free to ask me in a comment. Blog on friends!

Circus Blogger Beauty Peek

Yesterday Nadia blogged that Circus have done a sneak peek of their first Bookazine! Remember the Nars goodies I blogged about? Well this is what I used 'em for! My precious little God Daughter gave me a makeover and her mom snapped the shots. More pics to follow when the mag is out :)


Monday, August 30

Woolworths Fabulist Shoot

Hello guys! Hope you had a good weekend? I spent mine at Woolies, Gateway, working on the Fabulist shoot as assistant to the photographer. Every season, Woolies brings out ten key pieces of clothing which make up the Fabulist. They want all their shoppers to feel fabulous every day so we set up a set instore and invited them to have their pics taken by a pro-photographer. Our stylist helped the shoppers pick items to wear from the Fabulist and then they were treated to a pro make-up sesh. JoNo, our photographer, snapped the shoppers' pics and I printed 'em out for them to take home. The shoppers were also invited to upload their pics to Facebook right there and then!



Here are some pics I snapped over the weekend. Everyone was so sweet and had loads of fun posing in front of the camera. I wanted to hug all the kiddies - they were just adorable!


I want to say thanks to Lexi of Durban Central for inviting me to take part in the fun and to JoNo for giving me a crash course in photo processing. (I will try grow three more feet and biceps so I can carry more gear next time!)  You can see more pics on the Woolworths Facebook page and check out Miss Molly's stunning pic on her blog. Hats off to Woolworths for such a Fabulist idea!

PS: Voting for the Cosmo Blog Awards closes at midnight tonight (Monday) ! If you can spare a second to vote for Gloss in the Lifestyle category, I'll be terribly chuffed. Wouldn't it be rad if a South African blog won? I'd blog the wanders of malva pudding and biltong to the world! (Or at least to twenty-something British cosmo readers!) Thanks to all of you who have voted and stuck by me through all the awkward asking. I really do appreciate it. x

Thursday, August 26

Things I like now (thanks Miss Moss!)

The other day, Miss Moss, invited me to blog some things I like on her beautiful blog. She created this adorable collage out of the goodies I sent her. Isn't she clever? I printed it out and everytime I look at it, it makes me smile. My credit card on the other hand does not like it. It sees the Chanel nail polish and tries to hide behind my Makro card. (Which has no benefits or credit - what is the point of those cards?) Anyway, you can read my scribbles behind each item here. Thanks for having me Miss Moss!


Wednesday, August 25

Win a £50 voucher to spend on shoes!

Hey hey! I have a £50 voucher to give to one of you to to spend online at Daniel Footwear. Entering is super easy. All you have to do is post a comment telling me any old thing you want. Boom baby!

Right, so Daniel Footwear want ya to know that their new Ugg collection is in. If you're a fan of these wooly wonders, you may be interested to know the new range has bigger buttons, tasseled fringes and an updated shape. You can check 'em out here. The folks at Daniel Footwear ask: “Think you can handle the new Ugg Boots A/W 2010 collection yet?”

Ha! Can you? Lols. You can tell me if you like! I do actually have a deliciously cringy tale to tell you about the time I was once FORCED to wear some, ahem, Ugg lookalikes to work but I'll save that for another day. In the mean time, let's get those comments cooking!

Oh yes, this giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere - from what I've seen on telly, Uggs are as popular in scorching LA as they are in Antarctica! You can spend the voucher on any shoes you fancy at Daniel Footwear but shipping costs aren't included. The winner will be chosen at random next week Wednesday. Will it be you? Drop us a comment and let's see, shall we! Good luck!

Tuesday, August 24

Saturday's Oufit

About two weeks ago I wandered into YDE and fell down dead. Well, not quite but I did have a mini cadenza when I saw their new spring collection. I have never thought in terms of 'collections' before but blogging has wisened me up to the ways of fashiony things! I decided to treat myself to this dress which I wore on Saturday. Thing is, I kept throwing on my leather jacket cuz I was worried I looked like I had stepped out in a nightie. Despite fears of being mistaken for a sleepwalking person from the fifties, I do love this dress and will be wearing it alot before summer turns on the heat. Man, it is going to be blazing in Durbs! Hope you enjoy this dose of nightie-esque chic!


Dress YDE Tights Woolworths Shoes Legit Necklace Mr Price Ring & Bag Accessorize 

Monday, August 23

Essenwood Flea Market

On Saturday, we went to the Essenwood Market. This is one of Durban's oldest markets and still seems to be as popular as ever. I'm too old to go on the pony now (sniff) but I can confirm the cupcakes and avo doorstoppers are still delish! And how lovely are those spotty ribbons? I tried to give my pics a bit of a vintage effect with Carries photoshop tutorial - I can't thank her enough for posting it! I still have a lot to learn applying this tutorial but I'm gonna keep at it. Hope you like 'em!


Fancy visiting?
The market takes place every Saturday morning in Essenwood Road, Durban.

Sunday, August 22

Q & A with Anthea of Embracing Style

I just adore Anthea of Embracing Style and I'm sure many South African blog readers do too! She's just the loveliest person and dead stylish to boot. Anthea kindly took the time to tell me a bit more about herself and I thoroughly enjoyed reading her answers - especially the one including an amazing Cape Town 'to-visit' list! Thanks Anthea, I want to go to CT NOW! Quezzies after the pics...


Hello Anthea, how are you today?
Hi Lauren, I am very well thanks and yourself?

Very good, thanks. You used to post outfit pics on Weardrobe and in June you started your own blog called Embracing Style. What inspired you to start blogging?
At some point, I can't exactly remember when, I decided that in order to be truly happy you need to be doing as much of what you love as possible. It was mostly because of reading lots of Paulo Coehlo, who rocks my world by the way! I had some free time in front of a PC and then decided to Google "Fashion" as I have always had a passion for clothing. After some browsing I stumbled on the world of fashion blogging. I became very fascinated with this accessible medium where anyone could express themselve. I decided that this would be a great way to combine two things I love, fashion and technology. So, in the time that I was posting on Weardrobe I was busy coding up my blog and thinking about what I actually want to blog about.

You say that you're a 'self-confessed nerd who loves to dress.' Tell us about the nerd bit first! What's your day job?
Hehe, I was thinking that I never really spoke about that "nerd" thing on my blog. I work as a software developer. It basically means that I write code in programming languages in order to create programmes or websites. I enjoy programming and problem solving and many other nerdy things I prefer not to bore you about. I guess that could classify me as a nerd! The thing I love most of about programming is that it is that it enables the technology we use to enrich our lives. I like to think that the code I write is helping to make someone's life a bit easier or perhaps enriching it. Ideally I would like to combine the nerdy coder part of myself with the part that loves fashion and style. So, that's part of the reason why I started the blog and would like to do something in these lines in my day job. Perhaps working on a fashion website or on software that can be used in the industry would do the trick. I'm still trying to figure that part out!

Not nerdy at all, quite brilliant in fact! Alright, on to dressing! Have you always been passionate about style and fashion? If not, please tell us what sparked your interest.
My very stylish aunt, Louise, who is only five years older than me sparked my interest in style and fashion. I remember when I was 10 and getting dressed for a school civvies day. My aunt looked at me and told me that I can't run around in pink shorts forever! She decided to dress me and do my hair. I ended up with a head full of curls, a denim shirt, tights and clogs! Isn’t it funny how these are back in fashion now? I don't know exactly what it was about that day, but ever since then I have had a very keen interest in dressing. It's like she just woke up that part of me. Thanks Louise!


How would you describe your personal style?
I could never put myself in a box and say I have certain type of style because I don't. I said before that I dress according to mood. I wake up in the morning and then try my very best to wear what I feel like wearing. I noticed over the years that my style has changed a lot. I think it changes when the circumstances in your life do. I browsed my blog and noticed that right now my style seems girly with a bit of an edge. I love dresses right now and edgy shoes even though I don't often find them!

What's your favourite go-to outfit?
At the moment it is a dress and combat boots. This is what I feel the most comfortable in.

Best wardrobe buy so far in 2010?
It has to be my Aldo combat boots that a friend kindly brought back from the US. They are so comfy and I feel that they add to that edgy thing I spoke about earlier.


What items will we never see you wearing?
Paisley! I always say that I'd never wear it.

Where can we find you shopping on a Saturday morning?
I try to mix it up and I am constantly surfing the net for new shopping spots. But on Saturday mornings I like to go to factory shops since that's the only time I can visit them. They are cheaper and sometimes they have items that don't make it to stores so chances are that there are not many floating around! I found some of my favourite items in factory shops.

How are you enjoying blogging?
Very much so far! I think the best thing about it is finding like-minded individuals. In everyday life it might not be easy to find someone who loves a specific thing as much as you do. Blogging is like an awesome shortcut for this. Also, I love that I have a space to speak about fashion-related things where people might actually be interested. My friends have already told me on several occasions that all that comes out of my mouth is clothes, clothes, clothes. I am less likely to irritate them now.


Tell us about Cape Town! If I had one day to visit, how would you suggest I spend it?
From what I think I know about you Lauren, I suggest that you make that day a Saturday! You can start by going to the Old Biscuit Mill. I know you would enjoy the food, shops and taking pics of the interesting people and everything else.

From there I'd say take a drive to Kalk Bay and don't forget to look at the pretty sights while you're on your way. Kalk Bay is one of my favourite places in Cape Town. It just has an amazing relaxing vibe and there are so many interesting things to do. You love vintage treasures so I think you’d enjoy all the antique shops. There are also lovely coffee shops which you could try out. Also the beach and harbour is right there if you feel like doing the tourist thing. I could just imagine the beautiful pics you’d take in Kalk Bay.

I can see that you're quite the music lover so you could spend the night at The Assembly or Zula Bar in town to check out some live acts. You then might as well walk down Long Street and experience some of that famous night life.

Wow. Utterly amazing and helpful! I am printing this out for when I do visit CT. Thank you so much for writing such a personalized reply! Well, to conclude then, what would you say is the best thing about living in South Africa? The weather and the people!

Isn't she a gem? You can follow Anthea's blog here if you're not already doing so. Please feel free to leave Anthea a comment below. I'm sure she'd love to hear from you.

Wednesday, August 18

Ahoy Sailors, you look awesome!

Oh my gosh, look what We Love Pictures posted today! The lovely Casey recently married her fella, Richard, in the most beautiful sailor themed wedding. I am blown away by these pics. Congratulations again guys! Richard runs a seriously cool alternative Durban tourism company called Street Scene, Casey is a doctor and We Love Pictures are crazy good Pretoria based photogs. Check out the full set of pics here!


Tuesday, August 17

My top 3 picks for Spring

Hey hey! Cheers for all your wonderful comments on my previous post. You guys are so encouragin'! Last week I blogged my Spring Picks over at Style Scoop but today I was thinking, 'Lauren, if you could buy only three things for spring, what would they be?' Well, I whittled done my picks to three pieces and these are the bloggers who inspired 'em!


The Boater Hat
I have seen some straw hats in store but none of the classic boater style. If you see any, please let me know! I have worn my straw trilby to death and I think the boater style is such a cute update. Inspiration: Mademoiselle Robot

Cats-Eyes Tortiose-Shell Sunglasses
Ever since I saw Carrie donning some, I've been wishing for a pair myself. They look like they'll go with everything! My budget doesn't allow for designer sunnies so I'm gonna check out Spitfire soon. Inspiration: Wishwishwish

Pastel, cotton dress
Simple cotton dresses are surprisingly hard to find or perhaps it's just me? I think this is the sort of thing you might find at Hilton Weiner or Vertigo. Elsa has such an amazing collection of vintage dresses. Inspiration: Elsa Billgren


So those are my three picks and I'd love to hear yours. I really battle to dress in the warmer months so I need all the inspiration I can get. x

Monday, August 16

Sunday's Outfit

So this is the white dress I burnt last week! I liked it so much, I bought another one but it pained me to shell out the dosh. Sorry it's glowing white, my pics came out over exposed again - must try wake up before noon on the weekends! I haven't done that many outfit posts because as much as I love the internet, I'm also quite terrified of it! Sometimes I'll peruse the comments of the most beautiful style blogs and people will say such hectic things! I don't think my fragile ego could stand it but I suppose you can't stop a bit of negativity keep you from doing your thing. I know we're all meant to have good body image but mine is kinda shot since the great weight gain of '07 - '10! Anyway, back to le dress. This is from a range that is stocked at the more random, one off shops in Durbs. I have seen it for R150 at some places but it sells for R100 at Cheeky Gonzales at Windermere Center - random store name - love it! Are you also loving this season's collections of nudes and nauticals? Haha, sounds kinda faulty - nudes and naughty-cals!


Dress Cheeky Gonzales Tights Woolworths Shoes, Headband & Bag Mr Price. PS: It's much easier to vote in the Cosmo Blog Awards now. Clickety click here to vote for Gloss under 'Lifestyle.' Merci!