Tuesday, August 3

Goodies from Nars

On Friday, I received a super package in the post! So super, I had to coax it out of my mom's hands. (Luv you Mama Mia!) Circus invited a bunch of bloggers including myself to do a shoot with Nars make-up for their next Bookazine. The concept behind the shoot is so sweet, I can't wait to tell you more about it! Fingers crossed I can make the deadline (and my minging break out clears up stat!) I decided a while back that if companies ever did send me anything via the blog, I would only post about it if it was something I would personally buy myself. We're all spammed enough with sneaky advertising as it is - I promise I will not be doing that here! Well, Nars is one of those brands I've always wanted to treat myself too. When my mom and I were in the UK, we could only afford a pot of Nars lip gloss - converting pounds into rands is quite traumatic! One lipgloss = a steak dinner in South Africa (not even sure I'm exaggerating!) so to receive this lot is such a treat. Thank you Circus and Nars, I promise to do my best slappin it on. PS: LOVE the rubberized packagaing.

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