Wednesday, February 11

Our getaway in the hills

Whaddup whaddup! Jon and I decided to head for the hills last Friday for a bit of R 'n R. We spent most of it under a tree, stoking the fire, snugging the dogs and mapping wine! Jon's been going to this campsite since 1998 - sometimes twice a year - so he's rather familiar with the local er, dogs and shrubbery! We usually go there in the dead of winter so this was the first time I'd seen it so green. They've got piggies and a goat now too.  How shady does that piglet look below?! PS: I know I have worn that hat a million times now. Lols. I need to get another hat stat. They're super handy for mental hair weekends. x

 photo IMG_3931.jpg photo IMG_3817.jpg photo IMG_4059-2.jpg photo IMG_3815-2.jpg photo IMG_4141.jpg photo IMG_3983.jpg photo IMG_3897.jpg photo IMG_4181.jpg photo IMG_4068.jpg photo IMG_3941.jpg photo IMG_4055.jpg photo IMG_3860.jpg photo IMG_3943.jpg photo IMG_3885.jpg  photo IMG_4149.jpg photo IMG_3843.jpg photo IMG_3906.jpg photo IMG_3869.jpg photo IMG_3997-2.jpg photo IMG_3969.jpg photo IMG_3918.jpg

Sunday, January 18

Sunday Chillin'

Holla! I am scribbling this from the couch while watching Ocean's Eleven for the zillionth time and Jon is cooking us our very first potjie! It smells INSANE. We are determined to make Sundays as fun as possible because I can't bear Sunday night blues. This morning, I rustled up a French style brekkie as I've been dreaming about visiting Paris again. Afterwards, we shopped for the potjie, went on a coffee date and worked out what we still need to get for the cottage. We reckon we'll be sorted by November. Oi! Oh, we also rented some Lost episodes! I was beyond obsessed with the first few seasons of Lost and I desperately wanted to rewatch it but I never expected Jon to go on the Lost journey as he's not really into fictional shows - but he's on the Lost train too! We're halfway through Season One and it's been so much fun cranking through a series together. We went years without a telly and now look at us! Anyway, I must go make my lunch for work tomoz. I am determined to hop on the health train too. Can't become a croissant monster! PS: Those are some of the flowers in our garden below! I just love opening the curtains to 'em x

 photo IMG_3771.jpg photo IMG_3632-2-3.jpg photo 1.jpg photo IMG_3645.jpg photo IMG_3618-2.jpg photo IMG_3738.jpg photo IMG_3650.jpg photo IMG_3618-2.jpg photo IMG_3798.jpg photo IMG_3625-2-4.jpg photo IMG_3643.jpg photo 2.jpg photo IMG_3616-2-3.jpg

Friday, January 16

Looking back at old pics

Sooo, I was going through some old photographs and I came across these guys. If you're new to Gloss, this is how it used to look back in the day. Lots of ridiculously close-up shots! I really need to get a wider lens stat. Anyway...I felt really weird and sad going through these. I mean, I love the pics but a flood of memories came rushing back. I started Gloss after returning from London because I was excited to explore and share snaps of my home town but I also threw myself into it because I needed a distraction from the fact that my marriage was falling apart behind the scenes. Not the sort of thing one can easily blog about! So on the one hand, I was dashing around, making new friends (Nads and I were inseparable at the time!) and starting a new job, but on the other hand, I was putting on weight and crying my eyes out in therapy every few weeks. Life sure looks different now. Anyway, no real reason for blogging this other than I stumbled across these, and thought, "Ah, cool but sad." Then I thought I should scrapbook them and then decided I am way too lazy for that and would just bung 'em up here! 

 photo IMG_78583.jpg photo IMG_4949.jpg photo IMG_5004.jpg photo IMG_3272.jpg photo IMG_49952.jpg photo IMG_7323.jpg photo IMG_4976.jpg photo IMG_34372.jpg photo IMG_0077.jpg photo IMG_33172.jpg photo IMG_92802.jpg photo IMG_12232.jpg photo IMG_82182.jpg photo IMG_78603.jpg photo IMG_0066.jpg photo IMG_49362.jpg photo IMG_2163.jpg photo IMG_2481.jpg photo IMG_2445.jpg photo IMG_35222.jpg photo IMG_0769-1.jpg photo IMG_2193.jpg