Wednesday, August 4

The South African Blog Awards (and the awkward ask!)

Hi guys! I hate spamming you with blogging requests so I promise to make it quick. The South African Blog Awards is back and I would love to give ‘em a go. There are a bunch of categories in which to nominate your faves although there isn’t a ‘Lifestyle’ category as such which is where I’d probably place Gloss. If you do fancy nominating me, please feel free to chuck me under which ever category you like - although as regular readers will know, I tend to witter on about clothes and coffee shops more than I do about sports and politics! Perhaps I belong in ‘Personal’, ‘New Blog,’ or maybe ‘Fashion?’ If you nominate me under Photography, I will walk around like a smiling idiot till Christmas.

To be honest, I do feel a twinge of weirdness when it comes to any sort of ‘popularity contest’ but I also believe that initiatives like these give blogs great exposure. I went to nominate my faves and I couldn’t believe how many blogs were already listed there. I clicked on loads of links I’d never seen before and I think that goes to show that there is a definite upside to these things other than prizes!

Before I waffle on any further, let me say thank you, thank you, thank you if you do nominate Gloss! Your support means the world and I truly mean that. If you fancy flinging a vote my way, click here to nominate moi and click here to see a ridiculously cute cat giving you a high five!
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