Thursday, August 5

Colour Collections

Isn't it amazing how a photo can inspire a whole new creative direction in your life, wardrobe or home? When Alix posted the balloon photos below on her blog, I fell in love with the colour pairings of lavender, black, white and yellow. The black anchors the lavender and keeps it from being too girly while the yellow adds a fun splash of colour. I'm not at all a 'yellow' person but I love the pop of it here. I know I've posted the other pics of mine on Gloss before (ahem, very recently!) but I wanted to pin them together for reference. Do you have a favourite colour combo at the mo? Are you also just in complete awe of everything Alix does? I wish I could skip around Paris, balloons in tow!


PS: Thank you to those of you have nominated me in the SA Blog Awards. Much appreciated x
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