Wednesday, August 28

Six and a half years of Magic and Mischief

While I usually blog about random shenanigans, I do spend the majority of my time, erm, working! I've spent six and a half years working at an amazing ad agency which has essentially been my second home, and my colleagues, well they feel more like my extended family.

When I left college after studying a three-year media diploma, I still wasn't sure what to specialise in. I enjoyed the entire creative process and was overjoyed when I landed my first role here as Creative Assistant. I got to dip my toes into everything from print and web to radio and telly. I have been blessed to work with the most incredible creative team. I've always sort of likened it to playing in a band. It's a rare thing to share a chemistry with a group of people who are all so encouraging of each other's ideas. Over the years, we've produced what I think is some pretty nifty work under some intense deadlines!

Aside from that, I've been through some pretty big life changes while working here. I played in bands, did some travelling abroad, got hitched, got unhitched, moved into a termite-infested flat, packed up my bags and moved into a lovely termite-free flat. Throughout all of this, my colleagues have been so supportive and encouraging of my ambitions.

It has comprised such a massive part of my life so it's often felt a bit strange to not share it here but ya know, work is work. Gotta remain profesh!

A little while ago, a new opportunity presented itself and it seemed like the right time to embrace a new challenge. So on Monday, I will be starting a new job.

I am looking forward to meeting new people and tackling new projects but I am sad to leave this place. We've worked in a few different offices but our current one is my  fave. We looked at so many premises and eventually, we found a light-soaked space in what feels like a downtown, lofty-style warehouse. We turned doors into trestle desks and converted walls into chalkboards. Every morning, I curl up on the couch and sip a cuppa while reading the paper. I am going to miss those little rituals. I am going to miss thrifting bits for the office. I am going to miss the friendly faces in our block. It really has felt like such a special place.

Everything I know about marketing and advertising, I learnt here. I just want to thank my directors and colleagues for helping me grow as an advertising human, and as a person. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and imparting your wisdom. Thank for for ordering thirty pizzas at the stroke of midnight while we were on the jol! Thank you for buying me a twin-pack of voddies when I was thrown into the deep end. Thank you for every cupcake that's arrived on my desk. Thank you for letting me twang my guitar at the July! Thank you for filling the water coolers with margarita mix! Thank you for all the wonderful opportunities you've given me over the years. My work family - I will miss you so much. But it's not goodbye, it's see ya later. I WILL be popping in for catch-ups and Friday night drinks. Keep the white wine chilled, you crazy cats. I love you guys. x

PS: I don't usually have giant photos of myself behind my desk - I just received that bad boy yesterday!

 photo IMG_9282.jpg photo IMG_9296.jpg photo IMG_9306-5.jpg

Monday, August 26

Home Colour Pops

Morning gang! I pretty much spent most of last week napping and scrolling through Pinterest in bed. Here's a bunch of stuff that caught my eye. You can follow my boards here if you fancy.
Hope you all have a lovely week. x

 photo 1-3.jpg photo 6.jpg photo 2-4.jpg photo 9.jpg photo 3-1.jpg photo 7.jpg photo 4-1.jpg photo 8.jpg photo 5.jpg photo 10.jpg photo 56.jpg

Saturday, August 24

Ribbons, Buttons and Cottons

The antibiotics are kicking in and I got some energy back today. So long tonsillitis - it's been real. I've been cooped up at home for 6 days and I've pretty much just been napping the whole time. But today I managed to pick up le camera and snap a few random things - think I might make some gift tags in bed. I told the tall one I feel like being crafty. He said that sounded ambiguous. Ha. x

 photo IMG_9182.jpg photo IMG_9163.jpg photo 1-2.jpg photo IMG_9077.jpg photo IMG_9229.jpg photo IMG_9216.jpg photo IMG_9185.jpg photo IMG_9027.jpg photo IMG_9133.jpg photo IMG_9123.jpg photo IMG_9154.jpg photo IMG_9209.jpg photo IMG_9246.jpg photo 2-3.jpg photo IMG_9149.jpg

Friday, August 23

And the winner is....

Congratulations Meryke - you have won this cute bundle of goodies from We Heart This online store. I will arrange to get your prize to you asap! Fortunately, the winner was chosen at random because there was no way I could have chosen a top entry - you guys blew me away with your replies. I was so moved by your touching memories and spent the week reading them out to anyone who would listen. Your lives are filled with such love and happiness and I am so happy for you all! Many of you got engaged, are marrying your soul mates, cuddling babas, buying homes...and some of you are just celebrating the simple joys of life...I want to write more on this but I have to tell you, things may be a bit quiet around here (just as I get back into the swing of blogging!) I am currently Panda down with this sore throat from heck. On the way to the doc this morning so hopefully it's treatable and I'll have the strength to scribble and snap soon. Have wonderful weekends and we'll chat more about your epic memories soon. PS: I am definitely going to be rustling up more giveaways and I'm thinking photography stuff! x

Tuesday, August 20

Flowers, flowers, everywhere!

I went to a wedding on Saturday and went home with two balloons and a bunch of flowers! Was tempted to snaffle a bundle of bread rolls too but decided to stay classy. On Sunday, I arranged all the roses in teacups, vases and coke glasses. Now, there are flowers everywhere - and they feature my second favourite flower - lavender roses! So chuffed with these. Thanks Jackie and Shaun - and congrats again! x

 photo IMG_8721.jpg photo IMG_8734-1.jpg photo IMG_8751.jpg photo IMG_8736-1.jpg photo IMG_8729-1.jpg photo IMG_8773-1.jpg photo IMG_8766.jpg photo IMG_8820.jpg photo IMG_8688.jpg

Monday, August 19

Smitten with my new business cards

Business cards are...the business. I recently received my first bundle of freshly-printed Smitten cards and I love 'em! After overwhelming myself with a ton of reference, I ended up designing something super simple. So far, I have only handed three out. To friends. But that's ok. I kind of just like looking at them on my desk! They're a good motivator to turn Smitten into an actual business one day. I only have to save up about forty gazillion rand to afford all the gear I need but give me time, give me time. x

 photo IMG_8600-1.jpg photo IMG_8537-2.jpg photo IMG_8601-3.jpg photo IMG_8557.jpg photo IMG_8527-1.jpg photo IMG_8569-1.jpg photo IMG_8670-2.jpg photo IMG_8588.jpg photo IMG_8516.jpg

Thursday, August 15

A Cheerful Giveaway!

I have a giveaway for my South African readers today! It's dead simple and you could win these cute goodies from the We Heart This online store. It's such a lovely shop, brimming with South African design. Below are the first four things I would snap up, and we will deliver them to the winner! To enter, simply post a comment telling me what your favourite memory of 2013 is. Then, "like" the We Heart This store on Facebook. I will choose the winner at random in a week's time. Good luck! x

 photo giveaway.png
 photo what-3.png
You can check out more info about the products here: Red Bunny Bowl / Hello Handsome Pillow / Blue Scissor Ribbon / Hello Postcard. Megan Kenney and Debbie Reabow are the two lovely lasses behind We Heart This. Browse their epic collection of locally made goodies here. x