Thursday, June 30



This is one of my favourite photographs.
Snapped it from the Eiffel Tower when Craig and I were in Paris in 2009. I love reading European blogs but sometimes a jealous rage overcomes me because it’s such an expensive, billion mile flight away! *Le Sigh*

Tuesday, June 28

Squirrels with Lasers

A bit late to the party but I started a Tumblr!
It's essentially a 'pin board' for work inspiration.
I'm a stickler for great gig posters and rad typography so now I have a place to bung all of that stuff. Find me here if you fancy. And hit me up with your Tumblrs, I'm looking for new ones to follow. x

Sources: One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven / Eight

Monday, June 27

Liquorice Paper!

Candy and gift wrap - what an awesome combination!
These are a few of the goodies I got Cath for her birthday.
Hope you had a marvelous day my friend. x


Sunday, June 26

Pleated Skirt Winner

Congrats Lentie - you won this beaut of a skirt! Please email me your postal deets. Merci.

Image by the Cherry Blossom Girl

Wednesday, June 22

Ruff Tung and other VDJ faves. Yup, back that soon!

Ungrinding the halt! It's pretty much a guarantee that when I say, I'm taking a blogging break, I will be back the very next day, nay the same day! I write those posts at 11pm when I'm staring at a mental to-do list and wandering how the frig I'm gonna squeeze blogging in. Anyway, I quickly wanted to bung up these official July fashion pics which went up on the Facebook page today. Wanted to show you the Rufftung stuff I was talking about the other day. Also loved the Jester getup and Queen of Hearts look although can't remember who the designers were. Don't know who the stylist and photographer was either. Great research there Lauren! Some really fine reporting.


Know who shot and designed this lot? I'll happily link 'em up:) Rufftung on FB here.

Filler post alert!

Rightio, so life has gone bonkers. Gloss is gonna have to grind to a halt. Thanks for your awesome entries to the giveaway so far - they're bill, I love reading them! So to erm, fill up the 'filler' - here are some old pics of my God-daughter and I from when we did this shoot.  My head tilt strikes again! Recently read this on Twitter: No one is as ugly as their driver's license, nor as good-looking as their Facebook profile pic. Ha! I met a blog reader the other day and I looked like absolute heck. Am caked in Nars make-up below. Don't really look as made-up/demented as this in real life!


Monday, June 20

What I wore: A curtain of a top


Top: Thrifted Skirt: Purchased from Cupcake Couture Sunnies, Brogues and Handbag: Mr Price

Guys - how hid/awesome is this blouse print!? I found it in a charity store this weekend. I am so desperate for new clothes! Geez, I sound like Cher from Clueless. I actually rarely shop (yup, truth) and at the beginning of the year, I didn't have alot of clothes - and I've since given away and sold most of what I had with the aim of putting the cash towards new clothes. But the malls are so uninspiring this time of year (knitwear for Africa. literally) and I rarely find time to go thrifting on a Saturday morning. So this Saturday, I walked into the only nearby charity store, determined to find anything! This, my friends, is what I came out with. Pretty fetching, eh! I also bought some curtain of a skirt which I'm hoping my mom can transform into something less curtainy. That is, once she's completed my outfit for the July, a Hen's party and some other thrifted stuff I've asked her to fix. (Hai mom! Spanks very much.) I really gotta learn to sew! Think I must add a second-hand sewing machine to my Christmas wish list. So demanding - channeling my inner Cher for realzies here! Right. Starting to ramble so signing off now. Oh, and Saffers, did ya see the giveaway below? It's a goodie if myself and Lauren of Lolly Loves do say so ourselves!

PS: I know my outfit posts are so predictable. Same background. Always some camera proppage going on. Can we put it down to a phase, please?

Saturday, June 18

Win a pleated skirt from Lolly Loves!

Pleated skirts. We've all gone nuts for them. And rightly so - they're practical and chic!
Here's a chance to win one of 'em, courtesy of Lolly Loves.
To enter: leave a comment telling what your trusty go-to outfit is.
(I'm totally using these entries for a blast of wardrobe inspiration.)
Wanna see what else Lolly Loves has in stock? Shop online here and find 'em on Facebook here.
Giveaway open to South African readers only (sorry buds abroad) & the winner be drawn next Saturday.


Friday, June 17

Vodacom Durban July Fash Showcase

Here are some snaps from the Cheese and Wine shindig. I'm afraid I didn't get that many pics because I was seated behind that horse below. Kidding. I was seated behind a tall bloke. Story of a shortie's life! Also, I was juggling cheesy spring rolls and glasses of wine the whole night. I thought the collection by Ruff Tung was seriously cool - red tartan wrapped up in yellow bows with heaps of white tulle - edgy and elegant! (This is me attempting to do ‘fash speak.’) Alot of the designers took a rather subtle take on the theme which was surprising. I hope the crowd pushes it to the max on race day!


Wednesday, June 15

Skelkid Winner

Congrats Dhesh! You won the Skelkid giveaway.
Please email me your postal addy so we can get that tee shipped to you right away.
Happy Youth Day to my fellow Saffers for tomorrow. x


Tuesday, June 14

Mulberry Alexa Knock-Offs spotted!

Remember when the Mulberry Alexa was launched and bloggers/handbag lovers the worldwide went nuts for it? That was at least a year ago, if not longer. I'm not a big 'bag person' but that bag - 'Now that is a fine piece of handbagery,' I thought. I've been keeping my eye out for local knock-offs all this time and FINALLY they have arrived. My friend, Lauren, even called me the other day to say, 'Lauren - I have seen 'the bag.' What a pal. Woolies and The Hub both have 'replicas' in store at the mo but funnily enough, the Woolies version (R199) is cheaper than the Hub's (R219). I'm surprised it took so long for the knock-offs to appear after the original became such a cult hit over night. And as for boater hats, they'll probably only arrive in SA in 2022! Speaking of clothes and the like, Milady's currently have a black pleated skirt in store. It's such a mission to find non pencil/fishtail skirts in this country so I thought I'd share that little nugget with you. These aren't sponsored mentions (lols at the thought) - I just believe in shopping karma!


Carrie, Sandra, Alix and Elsa with their Mulberrys. Ah, to behold the real deal. If Google is to be trusted, the top pic is also the real deal. My eyes are untrained in the ways of designer fashion.

Sunday, June 12

Vodacom Durban July Outfit Inspiration

A punter, I am not. A lover of fancy dress, I am! And the Vodacom Durban July is the mother of all dress-up parties. At least in Durbs it is! This year's theme is a Right Royal Affair which lends itself to soooo many outfit choices. From Westwood-inspired tartan getups and Mary Antoinette corsets to Royal Wedding frocks and Queen of Hearts bustiers, there is so much you can do with this theme. It's topical and practical! Last year, I wore a simple floral frock but this year, my mom's sewing me a little something to indulge my five-year-old-tutu-loving self! There's a bunch of fashiony do's taking place at Greyville this week to get you in the erm, royal mood: tonight's Young Designer Award is free and open to the public. On Wednesday, there's a Cheese and Wine shindig which I'm heading to and Friday features fashion and racing. More deets here. Onto outfit ideas!


Top pic: Elsa Billgren Girl with Hearts and Glitter Shoes: Red Velvet Blonde Bloggers: Elinkan and Sandra Beijer Red Dress: Carrie Harwood Additional pics found via Google.

You can read my posts on the 2010 July here, here and here. x

Thursday, June 9

Best brekkie ever!

A quick note before I dive into today's ramblings: I duffed the link to Skelkids Facebook Page yesterday. To 'like' 'em on the book of faces - click here!


Sweet, sweet delight, look what's opened up in Durbs! For the past few weeks, I have been drooling over the frozen yoghurt posts that have been popping up on the American and British blogs. Everytime I saw a creamy punnet stuffed with jelly babies, I would wince at the screen, thinking 'Why can't we get some of that sugary goodness here in Durban?' I even went as far as to create my own with shop-bought stuff but it wasn't the same. Then lo and behold, I was driving down Florida Road and saw that a Frozen Yoghurt bar called Wakaberry had sprung up in our very own town!! So that was it - Sunday brekkie was Frozen Yoghurt although I went a bit nuts with the flavours and toppings - I think I was just excited to use the self-serve machine. There's also a playroom for kiddies, or adults in our case. So if you live in Durbs, and fancy something different, head on down to Wakaberry and give it a swirl! Ha, I am cheese personified sometimesall the time.

Wednesday, June 8

Win a tee for a lil' rocker!

Ah. Baby clothes. Aren't they the best?
I melt at the sight of mini Converse or a slammin' pair of baby cords.
And as for baby girls' clothes - please can we get them all in adult sizes!?
Well, I have some friends in the UK who are quite the rocking couple.
They are now with rocking child. Said child is SUPER cute.
In a quest to dress their lil' rocker in some stylin' threads, they decided to start a kiddies' apparel company called Skelid Clothing. And they have a tee to give to one of you!

Don't have a tot? Not a problemo.
The prize will make a great birthday/baby shower prez.

To enter:
Leave a comment telling me what you think is a great name for a band of babies!
The Rolling Babies? Baby Zeppelin? These could get weird.

For additional entries
Like Skelkid on Facebook.
Follow Skelkid on Twitter.

The winner will be drawn at random a week from now and he/she is welcome to choose a design and size of their choice. This giveaway is open internationally - wahey!


I wanted to photograph a toddler wearing the above tee but I don't know any toddlers personally. I did know some but the have since grown up. The youth, eh! And yes, I still say 'No Problemo.' The slang of the naughties features too many acronyms for my taste. 'Lol' is as good/bad as it gets!