Monday, June 20

What I wore: A curtain of a top


Top: Thrifted Skirt: Purchased from Cupcake Couture Sunnies, Brogues and Handbag: Mr Price

Guys - how hid/awesome is this blouse print!? I found it in a charity store this weekend. I am so desperate for new clothes! Geez, I sound like Cher from Clueless. I actually rarely shop (yup, truth) and at the beginning of the year, I didn't have alot of clothes - and I've since given away and sold most of what I had with the aim of putting the cash towards new clothes. But the malls are so uninspiring this time of year (knitwear for Africa. literally) and I rarely find time to go thrifting on a Saturday morning. So this Saturday, I walked into the only nearby charity store, determined to find anything! This, my friends, is what I came out with. Pretty fetching, eh! I also bought some curtain of a skirt which I'm hoping my mom can transform into something less curtainy. That is, once she's completed my outfit for the July, a Hen's party and some other thrifted stuff I've asked her to fix. (Hai mom! Spanks very much.) I really gotta learn to sew! Think I must add a second-hand sewing machine to my Christmas wish list. So demanding - channeling my inner Cher for realzies here! Right. Starting to ramble so signing off now. Oh, and Saffers, did ya see the giveaway below? It's a goodie if myself and Lauren of Lolly Loves do say so ourselves!

PS: I know my outfit posts are so predictable. Same background. Always some camera proppage going on. Can we put it down to a phase, please?
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