Tuesday, February 28

I Love Bokkie

Some pretty things I got to photograph for I Love Bokkie – man she makes some CUTE stuff. 
Pop in tomorrow for a sweet little give-away – it’s gonna be an easy one. x


Sunday, February 26

Saturday Mornin' Finds

I had this weekend (almost) all to myself! Just got a few emails to fire off now. On Saturday morning I went thrifting at the SPCA and then I went for an eye test afterwards. I'm so excited to get specs again! Hello hipster 101 - haha! I lost my first and only pair during my move back from London to SA. Specsavers are gonna make me the frames that I fancy - can't wait. Here's a few goodies I bought on sunny Saturday morning. I just love that these beautiful things live in dusty old shops in the hills of Kloof. x

A record I bought for my friend Candi. She has framed record covers on her walls and it looks awesome. Cands is a designer and I thought she'd love the typeface on this classic soundtrack.


A pretty pink record for Nadia - the fairest lady I know. With it's own card to write a message - how epic is that!?


Another pony book to add to my collection. I really just buy these because I love the sweet covers.


A swan and a family of owls to live on my new desk at work.


I've been wanting an embroidered piece for ages. The colours of this caught my eye but when I looked closer, I realised this was made for somebody's baby daughter. Wondered how it had found it's way from a bedroom wall to a cluttered charity shop. But I will care for it now. I took the fabric out the frame, gave it a gentle wash and will re-frame it like this piece.


And that's that. Thanks for reading. x

Wednesday, February 22

This is as random as it gets on Gloss

I once went to London and sat on a cool chair. Sporting quite a make-up-free look there! 
I'm gonna have to bail on blogging until I've tunnelled my way out of this freelance. 
Catch up with you guys in the new week. x


PS: I do have feet. Ha.

Monday, February 20

Cupcake-eating babies. I will take pictures of them.

Remember when we used to eat cupcakes like this? Actually I still eat in bed like this. My duvet hates me. I'm a recovering eat-in-bed-aholic. This little guy was at a shoot we did on Saturday. He ran past me with his cupcake and I was like, 'Gimme that baked ball of goodness!' Ha. Kidding. I begrudgingly took a croissant instead. Yup, I am working around the clock at the moment to pay billz. It's making me a little crazy.

PS: I think I am going to need to buy a ten zillion gig camera card if I ever have kids. I went bananas taking pics of a kid I just met! (I have a hundred more of this kid.) PPS: Lols at tagging this 'Food.'

Stronger than glass

So, little Amelie, your bones aren’t made of glass. You can take life’s knocks. If you let this chance go by, eventually your heart will become as dry and brittle as my skeleton. So…go and get him, for pete’s sake!

I know many of you also just love the film, Amelie. It really must be one of the most wonderful films ever made. Well, you know how you can add a personal quote on Facebook? Mine has always been the quote above. It's from when that eccentric Raymond encourages Amelie to go after Nino at the end of the movie. Life is so short and we really have so little time to live the lives we dream of but I think we so often feel like Amelie. Just terrified of chasing after our dreams and making our feelings known for fear of failing or being rejected. But Raymond is so right. Our bones aren't made of glass and we can survive life's knocks even if they hurt like hell sometimes. Today I needed to be reminded of that again. I hope they're encouraging words to one of you too perhaps. x

And while we're dipping into the pool of emo, we may as well listen to the theme track from the movie...that epic piano piece. Well, be gentle Monday. Let’s start with a cuppa tea. I'm making.

Friday, February 17

100% (having a 50% off sale!)

A while back, some of my mates started asking me if I’d been to the 100% store at Gateway. I had not. But now I have been.  And it is amazing. Nadia and I went on a stationery bender in there the other day when we popped in to snap some products for them. Just imagine shelves heaving with kitschy knick-knacks! But there’s some seriously cool pieces too like the airplane and car below. I totally kitted out my new work desk with goodies from their 50%-off sale - which is still on people! 


Monday, February 13

Sunday Shoot: Behind the 'Scenes' Part 2

Thanks for your 'mint' comments on the previous post! Here are a bunch more snaps. x


Sunday Shoot: Behind the 'Scenes' Part 1

This post is coming from you at a very sleepy 3am, South Africa time. I went to bed earliesh and yeah, now I'm awake. So these are a couple of snaps from a fun shoot I did today with Nadia, Candice and Matt. We snapped eight Durban creatives for a magazine and I'll be scribbling up the editorials this week. Nads and I weren't entirely sure about what we were getting ourselves into but we were all amazed at what a fun and stress-free day it was! Fuelled by fizzers, coffee and pizza - oh, and apples, ha. I just want to extend a special thanks to Matt for letting us play in his studio all day and giving me so much invaluable photography advice. I took the pics but only because Matt was there to help me along. Sometimes profesh photogs can get a bit eyeball-rolly with us beginners but Matt is just a total sweetheart. I cannot recommend him enough if you're looking for a Durban photographer. And Candice was the absolute bomb at make-up and Nads did a mint job styling everyone and co-ordinating the day. Oh, I say things like 'mint' these days. Such a Durban girl it would appear! PS: A special thanks to Nadia's sister for lending a hand and erm, restocking the Mini Cheddars! Never underestimate the importance of a well-stocked Cheddar supply. x