Monday, February 13

Sunday Shoot: Behind the 'Scenes' Part 1

This post is coming from you at a very sleepy 3am, South Africa time. I went to bed earliesh and yeah, now I'm awake. So these are a couple of snaps from a fun shoot I did today with Nadia, Candice and Matt. We snapped eight Durban creatives for a magazine and I'll be scribbling up the editorials this week. Nads and I weren't entirely sure about what we were getting ourselves into but we were all amazed at what a fun and stress-free day it was! Fuelled by fizzers, coffee and pizza - oh, and apples, ha. I just want to extend a special thanks to Matt for letting us play in his studio all day and giving me so much invaluable photography advice. I took the pics but only because Matt was there to help me along. Sometimes profesh photogs can get a bit eyeball-rolly with us beginners but Matt is just a total sweetheart. I cannot recommend him enough if you're looking for a Durban photographer. And Candice was the absolute bomb at make-up and Nads did a mint job styling everyone and co-ordinating the day. Oh, I say things like 'mint' these days. Such a Durban girl it would appear! PS: A special thanks to Nadia's sister for lending a hand and erm, restocking the Mini Cheddars! Never underestimate the importance of a well-stocked Cheddar supply. x


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