Wednesday, August 27

What Jenna Wore

Jenna wore this fetching lil' getup when we went to the wedding the other day. 
No pics of me as I looked like a windswept mess!
Young Jenna isn't feeling well today so I'm sending her a digital hug. x

 photo IMG_9908.jpg photo IMG_9920.jpg

Tuesday, August 26

Gloss Giveaway: Win yo' self Nifty250 prints!

Gloss is just about five years old so I thought a cheeky giveaway was in order! I've never been able to keep a diary going for more than three days so I'm kinda surprised I've stuck with this for so long. I'll probably keep bloggin cheeser pics until Blogger boots me out! Now, here's what you can win! There are two Nifty250 vouchers up for grabs, each including twenty prints and delivery. BOOM. All you gotta do is leave a comment telling me, well, anything (lols) and I'll draw two random winners next week. For extra entries, follow Gloss and Nifty250 on Instagram. It's as simple as that. This giveaway is only open to South African readers but I'm gonna try cook up another one for my overseas buddies. Thanks to everyone who checks into Gloss now and then. It really means the world to me. PS: Below are some of my Nifty250 prints. I am obsessed with them! They live on my fridge, in my cupboard, alongside my desk with heaps more waiting to be framed. Plus, they make seriously cute gifts. (I even gave Tall One some but I fully expect them to live in the bottom of his draws - heh.) 

 photo IMG_7588.jpg
 photo IMG_7627.jpg photo IMG_7603.jpg photo IMG_7618.jpg

Sunday, August 24

Shaun and Jacqui are having a girl

Today, I headed to the park with Jon's step-bro Shaun, his wife Jacqui and their son, Joshua to snap some pics because Jacs is preggers with a little girl! How happy do they look? Warms my heart I tells ya. Oh and you may have gathered that Tall One has a lotta family members with more being born all the time :D I had so much fun snapping these guys and I can't wait to meet the new arrival. x

 photo IMG_0381.jpg photo IMG_0774.jpg photo IMG_0655-2.jpg photo IMG_0417.jpg photo IMG_0780.jpg photo IMG_0517.jpg photo IMG_0648-3.jpg photo IMG_0576.jpg photo IMG_0723.jpg photo IMG_0414.jpg photo IMG_0564.jpg photo IMG_0625.jpg photo IMG_0721.jpg photo IMG_0597.jpg photo IMG_0343.jpg photo IMG_0756.jpg photo IMG_0343.jpg photo IMG_0585.jpg photo IMG_0484.jpg photo IMG_0408.jpg photo IMG_0734-2.jpg photo IMG_0357.jpg photo IMG_0386.jpg photo IMG_0706.jpg

Monday, August 18

Chilling out in Champagne Valley

This blog post is coming to you live from my toasty bed in the mountains! Jon's folks invited us to spend a few days at their timeshare in the 'Berg and it has been awesummmm. We walked through a fairy forest, chilled beside a waterfall, met some baboons, visited the local bakery, cooked a potjie and watched this movie called Captain Phillips which was flippen epic. Plus, we had cell phone signal! I'm all about the nature but throw in some telly and a spot of blogging and I am one happy panda! Jon has been coming here for the last ten years so it's been lovely to be a part of their annual adventure. I gotta hit the hay now because there's talk of waffles and shopping for tomorrow! Hope Monday was good to you? Sitting in a grotto this morning on a Monday felt surreal! x

 photo IMG_0030.jpg photo 4-11.jpg photo IMG_0054.jpg photo IMG_0032.jpg photo IMG_0044.jpg photo IMG_0060.jpg photo IMG_0293.jpg photo IMG_0016.jpg photo IMG_0225.jpg photo 2-17.jpg photo IMG_0205-1.jpg photo 1-16.jpg photo IMG_0042-2.jpg photo IMG_0084.jpg photo IMG_0038.jpg photo IMG_0154-1.jpg photo IMG_0291-1.jpg photo IMG_0172-1.jpg photo IMG_0063-2.jpg photo IMG_0193-1.jpg