Thursday, December 30

A year of whimsical encounters

2010 was the year that I officially became a pathological...picture taker! It was also the year that I drove my friends nuts with demands like, 'Please do that again, I wanna get a pic!' and 'Oooh, please can I blog that!' Thanks for putting up with me everyone! It was also the year that I decided to either be miserable or make the most of life back home. I chose 'be miserable.' I kid. In all honestly, leaving buzzy London to come back to an often sleepy Durban was very hard for me. It's not that I don't like Durban. I do. It's just that I'm not really an outdoorsy, beachy type which is pretty much the norm for Durbs. So upon returning, I set out to explore the city with fresh eyes and quickly discovered that Durbs has some gems for a cupcake-loving, Lula-reading, thrift store-frequenting human like me. And, blogging about these encounters led me to kindred spirits who are now dear friends. So yeah, that's a bit of a recap for ya I guess! I might do one of those 'Goals for 2011' posts tomorrow. And while we're taking a gander down memory lane, I shall take this opportunity to thank you guys for your support this year. Your visits, kind comments and even those Follow Friday things on Twitter mean alot to me! You've even inspired me to take the whole picture-taking thing a bit more seriously in the New Year but more on that another time. So thanks gang, you're awesome.


PS: That's Nadia in the first pic. I'm the gal with the leopard bow. No idea what that black stuff is on my arm! Probably mascara. Who knows!

Wednesday, December 29

Kate & Jamie


I'm mad for these two. When I lived in London, it was my cheesy hope to run into them in Selfridges or something. I feel so out of touch with the British goss now but I believe Lilly Allen is engaged!

Tuesday, December 28

Hairstyles of 2010

Dear Blonde Hair: You were lots of fun but my credit card didn't like you very much. We'd still be friends if I had Gwen Stefani's pay check. And Brown Hair: You are nice too. Girls seem to like you more. When it grows longer, we'll try the librarian thing. Also hair, in 2011, we're going bright red!


Monday, December 27

What Nikki Wore!

Hey guys, this is my friend, Nikki. Isn't she a beaut? I snapped these pics of her at our old stomping ground - The Pavilion Shopping Mall - of all places! If you live in Durbs, I'm sure you'll appreciate how hilar that is. I've spent way too much of my life at that place - drives me nuts!


Sunday, December 26

Nadia & Daniel get hitched!

Happy Boxing Day guys! Hope you're all noshing on yummy leftovers and having fun with your prezzies. You may notice that the blog is having a bit of an identity crisis. I wanted to give it a fresh new look for the New Year but I can't decide on a design so I'm just gonna keep it super simple until I get a spark of inspiration. I posted these pics on Nadia's blog the other day but I quite fancied bunging 'em up here too. Wasn't Nads just the most beautiful bride? It was such a lovely day.


Saturday, December 25

Christmas Scrapbook

Here's a peek at our Christmas Day. My gran cooked such a lovely lunch. How awesome are her vintage tins? When I got home, Carrie of wishwishwish kindly told me via Twitter how to add lens flares to photographs. She is such a sweetheart - thanks Carrie! Hope you've all had a super day!