Tuesday, February 25


My talented friend, Sammy, designed this for me.
I just love it and can't wait to frame it :)
FYI: You can friend Pandy here - warning - he can be a terror.
 photo us.jpg

Sunday, February 23

Visiting le creatures!

We all know this blog has basically degenerated evolved into a shrine for animals! So without further adieu...there is a park with creatures nearby me so we went to visit them yesterday. FYI, most of the animals were in cages so they were pretty much impossible to photograph. On a completely unrelated side note, I went through my old blog posts and labelled them a bit better incase anyone does wanna dig back into the archives of cringe. I kinda miss those cheezer outfit posts I used to do but the thought of asking Tall One to snap them - I think I might need to chuck back a tequila first. x

 photo IMG_5486-1.jpg photo IMG_5573.jpg
 photo IMG_5583.jpg photo IMG_5503.jpg photo IMG_5584.jpg photo IMG_5540.jpg photo IMG_5591.jpg photo IMG_5547.jpg photo IMG_5577.jpg photo IMG_5598.jpg photo IMG_5419.jpg photo IMG_5596.jpg photo IMG_5484-1.jpg photo IMG_5518.jpg

Thursday, February 20

Ten rad things

I am over that grim case of gastro! / I've been noshing my way through frozen meals prepared by Tall One. (Well, I defrost them, obvz.) / I've had every night to myself this week - read - no work! / This meant serious spring cleaning and prepping loads to donate. / I am seeing my bestie tomoz. / I organised all my Pinterest boards. It never gets old! / The popcorn machine at work is fixed! / I banned myself from shopping at Woolies this month and saved a packet (Ok, I did grab a coffee - also called a Tall One (!) and some flowers because I needed cheering up.) / Peaches Geldof's Instagram / I have a small Easter break coming up! Hope you all have a wonderful Friday. x

Pics from my Pinterest Boards.

Wednesday, February 12

If he makes you mash when you're a mess, he's a keeper

The past few days have not been pretty. Two words - Gastro Flu. Throw in a cough that I've had since Christmas and you have one very wary Panda. 

On the plus side, I've been able to resume my 2010 diet of tea and toast.

Also, Tall One knocked it out of the park.

He is not one to talk a lot. 
(Unless I trick him into talking by asking him lots of questions about science and nutrition.) 
He is not one to buy flowers. 
(Although he did buy me a million hair elastics one time. )
And I'm pretty sure he'd burst every balloon in Cardies if he could.


He hugged me while I sobbed into a stuffed Panda.
Cooked me mash from scratch.
And listened to Metallica loudly on my headphones because I didn't 
want him to hear me getting sick in the bathroom.

If I have a problem, yo, he'll solve it.
(Then I check out the hook while my DJ revolves it) #sorrynotsorry

Tall One, I don't even know what to do with you, you're so awesome.
Thank you for looking after me. 
Expect pizza and beer on Friday which I'd give you everyday if it wouldn't kill you. x

Monday, February 10

Becoming Zen Dog: How I got organised!

Morning, friends. I thought I'd blog my new little organisational system seeing as this is as riveting as life gets at the mo! Also, I LOVE seeing how other people organise their stuff. I tend to channel all my organisational energy into work stuff and abandon after-hours to-do's that are kinda dull like "call the fridge guy." Or, when I do make a personal to-do list, it ends up lost on a post-it or muddled up with my work to-do's. The other day I wondered into Typo and decided "I WILL BECOME ORGANISED IN ALL SPHERES OF LIFE." Read: This is a great excuse to buy some more stationery! Now, I don't have the four million responsibilities that go along with having kids and a household to run so my system is pretty basic.

1 / The first book you see below? That's a thick bad boy! I write all my work to-do's in there along with my creative briefs. The pages have sections for dates so I can record what was briefed when!
2 / I write all my copy ideas (I scribble ads and web stuff for a living) in my A4 notebooks. Those are literally just a mess of thoughts and ideas.
3 / I got an A5 diary which lays out a week at a glance. I prefer that because I can quickly see what I need to do from Monday to Sunday without flipping through pages. There's just enough space to record my daily personal to-do's like "Get groceries," and "Fix the freezer" - funsies!
4 / I use those pretty tabbed folders at home and at work. My work ones store my current creative briefs and work in progress while my home ones store bills that need to be paid etc
5 / Not pictured but equally awesome - I got a cute little magnetised shopping list for my fridge and now the system is complete!

It's as simple as that - but it's working! Hope that was of some vague interest to someone! x

 photo IMG_5318-1.jpg photo IMG_5329.jpg photo IMG_5394.jpg photo IMG_5360.jpg photo IMG_5321.jpg photo IMG_5340.jpg photo IMG_5351.jpg photo IMG_5335-1.jpg photo IMG_5331.jpg photo IMG_5370.jpg photo IMG_5384.jpg photo IMG_5355.jpg photo IMG_5367.jpg photo IMG_5404.jpg

Sunday, February 2

Midlands Mission!

My dad treated Jon and I to a hotel stay with his frequent traveler points! Thanks Papa Panda. We're so used to camping and eating chicken off the grid, we weren't quite sure what to do with ourselves. Buuuut it didn't take us long to get used to fluffy towels, killer air-con (Jon set it to 5 degrees) and blackout curtains! When we woke at 8:30, I was convinced it was the middle of the night. I think it was my best sleep in months! These are a couple of snaps from our drive up the hill. We saw such beautiful scenery and I was in thrifting heaven! A lady in one of the shops overheard Jon saying, "Laurs, what are you gonna do with that?" to which she replied, "Only a woman will understand." Truth! But he did earn one hundred Panda points for looking at ten thousand old tins with me. PS: I've started watching Dontown Abbey - addicted! Maggie Smith destroys me. Who else is a fan?

 photo IMG_5182.jpg photo IMG_5224.jpg photo IMG_5193.jpg photo IMG_5249.jpg photo IMG_5196.jpg photo IMG_5152.jpg photo IMG_5215.jpg photo IMG_5192.jpg photo IMG_5147.jpg photo IMG_5198.jpg photo IMG_5225.jpg photo IMG_5264.jpg photo IMG_5179.jpg photo IMG_5212.jpg photo IMG_5247.jpg photo IMG_5218.jpg photo IMG_5217.jpg photo IMG_5259.jpg