Monday, December 31

Ribbons, Roses and a Birthday Wish

It's New Years Eve. Has this year flown by for you too? I remember last year's summer like it was yesterday. I can give or take New Year's Eve but this year, I'm taking it with some my best friends from highschool. We're off to a house party and I'm hoping to give the 60D video setting a bash! This is probably the last time I'll see these girls for a long while so I am going to cherish every second with them. I also want to wish Bridget a very happy birthday! She turns thirty at the stroke of midnight! I wish you could be with us Braja but we'll be toasting you and hopefully Skyping with you later. I'm sending you great big hugs from South Africa. And to you guys...may love and laughter chase you down in the new year. These pics are from my market outing with Cath the other day. x

Saturday, December 29

The past 6 months in scribbles and pictures

We left off here in July, friends. Here's what the rest of the year looked like in pictures. 


I made Panda earrings, redecorated my desk, went on a walk in the gorge and headed out to find snow in the middle of the night with LJ. That pic made the front page of the paper!


LJ and I spent the holiday playing in the snow and I was one happy Panda. Tracy celebrated her birthday and I went to an Art Therapy class.


Candi took me down the South Coast for the weekend, Nikki and I celebrated Spring in the flowers, Nads and I went abseiling and rap-jumping and Eddie and I fed dassies down the coast.


I missed my snow sidekick and watched Hope Floats with my mom. Gen opened her pretty shop, I did a little blog tour of my home and turned thirty on the 7th of October.


My family and I spent a morning out at sea with the dolphins and later, my lovely friends celebrated my birthday with me. I got some amazing prezzies including a special bunch of Polaroids from Nikki. Later in the month, my brother I and went thrifting and I found an "L" swinging in the tree.


Willie and I spent a day at the dam and visited a haunted hotel. Tarryn and I found a waterfall and an exhibition of teeny things. Matt came to visit and gave me a photography lesson.


My mom celebrated her birthday, I threw a Christmas party and Nikki and I celebrated summer with a visit to the donkeys and daisies in the country.


I got a new camera and lens (!!), visited Andy and Candi's studio, went on a nature walk and spent the summer solstice at Shongweni with Tarryn.

There were other posts in between as ya know :) Thanks so much for reading along friends.
May 2013 bring us all fun and adventure. x

Friday, December 28

Tammy in the trees!

Sorry it's a bit quiet around here. My highschool besties are in town for the holidays!
Tammy I spent the day petting baby goats and wandering through woodlands.
 Hope you guys are all having a brilliant break. x

Sunday, December 23

Little Olive

Look who was jolling in the park on Saturday!
This is little Olive who belongs to sweet Gen. She is a treasure! x


Saturday, December 22

The Summer Solstice

Yesterday was our Summer Solstice. Tarryn and I spent the afternoon sipping homemade lemonade under the Pine Trees at the Meeting Tree Market. It was pretty darn magical. We had an epic view of Shongweni Dam and there was a great big pig to pet! After watching the bands and catching up with friends, we headed to Bellevue for risotto and pasta. A good start to the holidays :)


Wednesday, December 19

Secret Pathways

On Monday, I took the 60D for it's first walk in the bush.
This is what it looked like. x