Saturday, February 27

Be inspired on Monday. Win on Wednesday!

Hello, I hope you are having a lovely Saturday. Hopefully Monday doesn't come too soon but when it does, pop in for a cuppa and a catch up with one of my new favourite bloggers! Her blog is beautiful and her photographs will have you lusting for pink macaroons and Polka Dot dresses. She's such a sweetheart and I know you're going to love her. And, don't forget you can still enter the first Glossary Giveaway! I've got a super SA cookbook just waiting to be parcelled up in pink paper and posted to one of you. All you need to do is comment on this post to stand  a chance of winning. Simple, non?! I also made a new set on Polyvore. How I wish I could wear short denim shorts. *Sigh* Are you playing on Polyvore as well? Isn't it just awesome!? Let me know if you are so I can add you as a friend. x


Friday, February 26

Hej Sweden, I ♥ you

Jag hade en titt på Ordlista's web stats och det verkar som efter Sydafrika, de flesta av er som droppe dagligen är från Sverige! Jag är helt glad över detta eftersom halva min familj härstammar från Sverige. Vi kan även bero! Jag älskar att läsa din blogg, ni alla ser så charmigt med rosetter i håret och stövlar på fötterna. Jag vill desperat att besöka Stockholm och gå din snötäckta gator. Kanske en dag kommer vi att träffas personligen. Tack så mycket för att besöka min blogg. Lots of love, Lauren x

Translation ♥ I had a look at Glossary's web stats and it appears that after South Africa, the majority of you who drop by daily are from Sweden! I am totally delighted by this as half my family descends from Sweden. We might even be related! I love reading your blogs, you all look so charming with bows in your hair and boots on your feet. I desperately want to visit Stockholm and walk your snow-covered streets. Perhaps one day, we will meet in person. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Lots of love, Lauren  x


Photo by Sandra Beijer

Thursday, February 25

A-Line Skirt + Body Suit = Wardrobe Sanity

Aloha! How are you today? I’m fine but I feel like I have nothing to wear. Ever. I do have clothes but hardly any of them can be pulled together in a coherent manner. Nightmare.

So I’ve been pouring over outfit posts by my favourite fashion bloggers to see if I can learn some lessons from what they’re wearing.  Having done that, I think I now know the cause of my wardrobe calamity – a mega lack of easy-to-wear essentials.

While I have the black pants, the denim jacket, white tee and boyfriend blazer, I remain in desperate need of skirts and duh, duh, duh – the body suit! Yes, that bizarre looking number from the 80’s should be my friend. Many of my best-loved bloggers pair A-Line skirts with body suits and it's such a cute look. In summer, you can wear it with bare legs and in winter, you can warm it up with tights. Plus, mixing and matching block colours with prints is probably something even I can manage. Nice!

The reason this combo appeals to me so much is because I really struggle to find clothes that flatter my shape which is of the dreaded pear variety. I seem to live in denim pencil skirts with tees and I’m SO bored of this. I think one of the reasons we had A-line skirts as part of our school uniform was because not only are they practical but flattering as well. Team one with a body suit that sucks you in and smoothes out any bumps and you’re good to go.

Alrighty, let’s get dressed already!  Well, not me I’m afraid. I can't find any cute A-line skirts or body suits in our local shops and yet the European chains are stocked to the brim with them. All the time. Tucking in a tightish tee is no good either. It wriggles up and who needs that. Not me, I tells ya.

So until I find some skirts, I think I’m going to ask my mom to sew me some. *Hi mom, please. Hee. I'll ring you later. Love you*  A friend of mine is coming down from the UK in March so perhaps I can ask her to bring me a body suit or two.*Hi Kath! I'll email you. Mwah.* Body suit is a funny name. It’s not much of a suit is it? If you see any in the shops, please let me know! Or if you can sew me a skirt, that would be awesome as well. You’ll bring order to my wardrobe and that is a truly noble deed. Here are some skirts and body suits I found on Polyvore. What do you think of this look? Would you wear any of these? x


Wednesday, February 24

Letters we passed between books in school

So I'm pretty sentimental. I have a great big box filled with every card I've ever been given. My mom started saving them for me when I was a kid and since then, I've kept 'em all. I can't imagine throwing a card away.  I also have boxes of letters from my school days. Remember how we used to sneak them to each other between books and pass them to each other in the hallway?  Ah yes, those were the days before Facebook and Twitter. Heck, we didn't even have cell phones until matric if I remember correctly? Most of my besties are scattered all around the world now and my heart pines for them. When we see each other, it's as if not a day has gone by and it truly is one of the best feelings in the world. Sometimes when I've had a bad day or I haven't been able to catch up with one of them, I dive into my box of letters and have a good laugh at our epic teenage dramas!

No names mentioned of course but here are some excerpts from the Exam Pad letters I will cherish forever:

LaLa, nothings wrong but I'm hot and bothered and worried 4 the 50000000 pages of BE we have to learn. This class sux. Thanks anyway Lala!

Lorr-in, D phoned me last night and he's going to give me one of his tapes that he's mixed himself.  I love D. I gotta go cuz Pieters is trying to read this.

2 Lala, Thanx for the letter. I agree that we need to sort our love lives out.

La, I'm in history with the yelling pyscho. geeeez! I'm glad you're going to gym today, I think I'm going to try the super circuit. It's been a while buddy.

Hi, I just want you to know that I am always here for you, if you need anything, call me, whenever.

I don't understand why everyone is so bitchy. I guess it happens in all girls' schools. But the thing that you have to remember is not to take any notice if it.

I have LOTS of scoops. Won't tell you the bell is going to go. I went to movies and coffee with was so great

I'm looking forward to tomorrow night but I am panicking. AHHHHH!!

J is so evil but I guess I still like him. This class is full of blairs. Well I have no scoops!

To Lorr-in, hey, guess what. I just got shat on by a teacher and it has ruined my whole day.

I'll give you more scoops later. I hate writing scoops.This woman is so irritating. But yes, we'll speak.

Well I'm in the crud. Speaking of which, you owe me some scoops. Hehe. Bye bye beavis.

L.O.L We sure were into 'the scoops' back then. Little terrors we all were. Haha. Love you guys. x

Tuesday, February 23

this town's a different town to what it was last night

I love the Arctic Monkeys and I have a stripy top. Yes! Last week I was nattering on about wanting a white stripy top with 3/4 length sleevs. Well, while I was rummaging through Nadia's stripy's on Saturday, she tells me that Pick and Pay have a whole bunch of 'em. Um, awesome. So Sunday saw me buying eggs, dip, cereal and a 1990's style top. At Pick 'n Pay. Cheers for the tip-off Nads!


WIN a book by commenting on this post!

I’m super excited to announce the first ever Glossary Giveaway! How do you fancy winning a fantastic SA cookbook called Life’s a Beach Cottage: Second Helping?

It’s packed with mouth-watering photographs and delicious recipes like ‘The Best T-Bone Steak in the World’ and ‘Brown Sugar Meringues with Lemon Curd and Cinnamon – nom! The clever chef behind the pages is Neil Roake, the Durban based food editor of House and Leisure Mag and Creative Director of Modern Museum ad agency.

To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post along with your email address so that I can contact you if you win. Tell me anything you like…why you want to win, what you ate for breakfast, how many times you really watched Twilight. The contest runs for a week & the winner will be chosen at random on the 3rd of March.

One little note - the giveaway is only open to those of you who live in South Africa. I just don’t have enough in my piggy bank to ship overseas. Sorry.

Now you local lads and lasses best get commenting. Good luck!

PS: Thanks to all you who left such interesting, lengthy comments on this post about South African Style. If you missed it, please feel free join the conversation. x


Monday, February 22

Catching up with Durban's own Carrie Bradshaw

Sometime in 2007, I was browsing through a Facebook photo album of an old school friend called Tammy. She had recently moved to London and was attending wonderful vintage fairs and fashion events with her new friend, Nadia. I remember being so inspired by their pics of cupcakes in Portobello and vintage bits and pieces. I didn't get a chance to see Tammy while I was in London but one day while walking around Durban's Market, a girl stopped me to ask about a bag I was carrying. It was Nadia! I instantly recognised her from Tammy's Facebook pics and we got chatting about blogging, fashion and friends. We are now bona fide besties!


Nadia is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She is always sending thoughtful texts and making goodie bags for her friends. She also happens to have an amazing sense of style and a great eye for interiors. On Saturday, I popped round to her charming flat for a catch up and a good old browse around. We spoke about her London job at Burberry, her current job as a Ladies Footwear Buyer at Mr Price, her Cupcake Couture collection and clothes, clothes, clothes. Join us as we go into girly overdrive!

Cupcake Couture 1

What was it like working at Burberry in London?

♥ It was an amazing learning experience. Don't imagine The Devil Wears Prada, although my manager had certain ideals and personality traits that made Anna Wintour seem tame. There were truly inspirational days...for example when we got to send luggage and shoes to the Sex & the City Movie set (Miranda wears a pair of silver Prorsum heels to Carrie's wedding). However, like any job there were exceptionally tough days too. The majority of people that I worked with were Italian and I was a young Afrikaans girl in the big city. Another highlight was that I was the same shoe size as the models! As shoes returned from Fashion Week, I usually managed to score a pair. Imagining that I was walking a mile in the same shoes as Agnes Dean made the days seem manageable. I miss Burbs a great deal and value the days that I spent there. It opened many a door for me plus I met my fiancé Daniel there. What more could a girl want from a and a dream man! Oh yes...101 tips on negotiating with Italian men...priceless!

What's a typical day as a 'Ladies Footwear Buyer' like? I'm picturing high heels piled high around your desk!

♥ There are days when shoes are piled high...just about everywhere. We joke that we shovel shoes more than we buy them! Our business runs in seasons and currently we are reviewing products for Spring 2010 so there is a shift in routine as we work on building a range that includes all the right shoes. When my days return to normal I start my mornings by being at the office by 7:30am and wishing for Starbucks! I check various sites like Vogue, Elle UK and Who What Wear for some daily inspiration as well as Drapers for the latest fashion news. I also check what the dollar price is a the moment. Most days are spent answering mails, checking on new samples, writing orders, approving styling on future orders and working with our suppliers to get the best possible products. Just because our products are cheap doesn't mean we don't put a great deal of effort into making them exceptional. At some point in the day we also prepare samples to send to various magazines as per our great marketing team's briefs. We usually have a couple of meetings in the afternoon and I always ensure I have some lunch.

Your Cupcake Couture accessories are tres manigifique! What inspired you to start making accessories?

♥ Before heading to London in 2006 I owned my own accessory brand called Glam Accessories. On returning, I wondered if I wanted to build it again but was looking for the right mix. It wasn't until I made a tape measure corsage as a gift for a fashion friend's birthday that I found the right elements. It was an instant hit and within the week I had orders. A dear friend...Kelli urged me on to take a stall at I heart Market. I decided to take the bold step armed with a head full of ideas. Cupcake Couture was so well received at the market and has continued to grow. My inspiration comes from far and wide and sometimes the oddest things spark an idea.

You're a very busy gal between working full time, creating Cupcake Couture and blogging. How do balance it all so stylishly!?

♥ It ain't always so stylish when you are living it! Late nights, mega applying of eye cream and positive thinking to get through the days are the less glamorous elements. I make sure I write down what I have to do like lists and goals for the week. I also have a really supportive fiance who always assists me in achieving my dreams. My family are also super helpful and my Mom sometimes runs Cupcake Couture's errands when I am shuffling those shoes at the office. I am to invest in a Blackberry this year to deal with the ever growing Cupcake Couture to do list. The CC supporters, blog readers and their comments remind me that it is always worth it. So...keep up those comments as they make my days bright and joyful!

You have a very enviable wardrobe my friend! Good organisination seems to be the key to the order. How often do you take stock of it all?

♥ I was the in the habit of doing it almost once a week, but I am too busy now. I do try to just be neat as a way of life which makes the "stock taking" a great deal easier. The aim is at least once a assess what I need and don't.

What is your philosophy when it comes to buying clothes?

♥ Quality versus quantity. I love interesting accessories and add these to staple pieces to keep them current and interesting. Comfort is also a factor whilst still filtering style into it all. Basics and staples are essential as well as a couple of seasonal, cheaper pieces to add variation. I would love to wear vertiginous heels every day, but neither one of my jobs allows for teetering around. I love pumps and brogues!

If you could only save two items in a fire, which would you choose and why?

♥ Only two! Is that possible! Karen Millen blazer and my Topshop jeans. I would love to say something a little more exciting, but practicality is the ingredient to eternal style and those two pieces transcend seasons.

You always look amazing, hun. How would you describe your personal style?

♥ I do? Well thank you! I am always torn between quirky styles and more fashion forward pieces. I would say that my style is a mix of brilliant basics with fun pops and hints of individual and unique elements.

You're getting married this year! How do you want your special day to look and feel?

♥ I would like the day to be a relaxed one. Friends and family must mingle, enjoy delicious food and drink plenty of wine...oh and don't forget the cake! I want to be myself with just slight air of feminine beauty and elegance. No strict traditions, just love and joy!

You've got a couple of exciting new projects on the go. Can you tell us a bit about them?

♥ Well...this week I am launching The Package Project so watch the Cupcake Couture blog for more details. It promises to be a fun initiative to make new friends and the aim is to grow the South African blogging community. I am also working on a top secret business plan that focuses on style. Hush...hush. This year will also see Cupcake Couture expanding and growing its icing covered wings and hopefully soaring to new heights.

If I could send you to London for the day, how would you spend it?

♥ I would stop for a Starbucks for a hot choc to fuel my day. I don't do coffee. I would meet up with my best friend Ruby who lives in London to hit all our favourite haunts starting with Liberty for buttons and ribbon and Waterstones in Piccadilly for some magazines and books. Kingly Court for some vintage treats, Nottinghill for a Bloody Mary at Twelfth House and a long chat. Golders Hill park for a picnic with Pimms and Fruli - this place will take your breath away. Assuming this would all be possible we would then head to Frock Me Vintage Fair for Biba dresses and lacy glove shopping. Belgo in Chalk Farm for dinner and coconut beer or Holly Bush in Hampstead for gourmet pie and prawns. Last, but not least late night dancing at Koko in Mornington Crescent followed by a cab ride to dreamland. It sound like there is a lot of alcohol involved in the trip...oh well. might as well make the trip as fun as it can be. Ha Ha. Oh and to really push the limit...I would need an extra day to go and shop the lanes in Brighton!

Your flat is blissfully calm, chic and characterful. How did you go about creating such a lovely space?

♥ Daniel, my fiance, is a furniture designer and carpenter for Woodnewz so we designed some pieces together to work with the space. We always feel that our flat is a work in progress so we don't buy anything for the sake of filling an empty space instead we shop around and reinvent items. For example an old Polaroid camera becomes an ornament. Retro pieces incorporated with antiques makes for a diverse look which mirrors both our styles. Find what works for you and don't conform to decor norms.

♥ Nadia's Durban Faves ♥

Cafe: Vanille Cafe for pomme frites and hot choc.
Interiors Shop: I like shopping at markets for interiors or I look at sites and then recreate items. For inspiration I head to a shop in the Midlands, but the name has left me.
Clothing Shop: Mr Price of course! Besides Mr P, I find that Woolworths does quality staples. I also love Kloof SPCA for their amazing vintage collection and ridiculously cheap prices. Oh and for brilliant basics like Breton tops or plain longer length tees I always go to Pick & Pay Clothing. The majority of the basics are 100% cotton and the fits are perfect. My friend Danka from Black Butterfly is my favourite local designer and she can sew beautifully.
Restaurant: The Shamrock Inn in Durban North. You have not lived until you have eaten at this dilapidated pub. The service is amazing and the food beats any gourmet spot in town. Think floral wallpaper!

♥ Nadia's Dressing Table ♥

Blusher: Elizabeth Arden Bronze Beauty
Perfume: Tom Ford Black Orchid
Lipstick: A slick of MAC gloss or Eight Hour Cream lip balm in the colour Blush
Mascara: Rimmel Lash Flirt
Nail Polish: Revlon Vixen so classic and just perfect
Eye Shadow: MAC in Shale Satin

Where can we find your Cupcake Couture goodies?

♥ At Fat Tuesday in Kloof, Mooi in Glenwood Durban and at Carol Clark in Durban North. Also there is a For Sale link on the blog so you can shop it up there too.

Here are some of the photographs I took at Nad's home. If you're hungry for more, please feel free to browse the Flickr set. You can say hi to Nads here and stock up on Cupcake Couture while you're there. Enjoy! x

Sunday, February 21

London Mementos

Just before I moved to London, my mum and I went on a little holiday there. (Thank you Dad for the Voyager Miles!) We collected all sorts of bits and pieces as you do on holiday and ever since, they've been sitting in a plastic packet in the cupboard. I usually scrapbook all my trips but I just haven't got around to doing these so I thought I'd at least photograph them and they could live on the blog! This was such a fun trip. If you ever have the opportunity to go travellin' with your mom, I say, do it! It was also a little emotional because I when we arrived, I suddenly got so scared at the thought of starting all over that I proceeded to burst into tears in the first Starbucks we visited, haha! One night, when I was feeling a bit down about it all, my mom did the coolest thing ever - she dragged me off to the Notting Hill Arts Club for a night of indie! The bouncers loved her, gosh. Haha. So there you go, a little trip down memory lane for you. Oh yes, my mom saw George Clooney at the Leatherheads premier but I of course, was too short to see a thing. Check out that headline on the Metro. The Credit Crunch begins!


Friday, February 19

What are your thoughts on South African style?

When I was 15 (That makes me sound ancient, I’m 27) we didn’t have blogs to read for fashion inspiration. Heck we didn’t even have dial up Internet. In fact, when I was an eight grader (or ‘Standard Six’er as it was then) clothes were the last thing on my mind. All I really cared about was beating my Mario Top Score and making mix tapes. We lived in slops and tops and life was sweet.

Now, teenagers - nay tweens - have front row seats at Haute Couture shows. The blogosphere is bouncing with seriously stylish under 21’s. When I got to London and saw all these young girls rocking boyfriend blazers and brogues down Oxford Street, I felt ridiculously uncool and stupendously inspired. It’s like a city of Olsen Twins and mini Alexa Chungs. But how did they all become so stylish?

Well, for one, they live in a great big city of creativity. And while Londoners set some of the world's biggest trends, they're not necessarily trend-led. Rather, they handpick the trends that take their fancy and work them into their individual styles. I think we’re a bit more trend-focused in SA, or Durban at least (I’ve never lived in Jozi or Cape Town so I can't really comment on the whole country) Remember when peasant skirts were big news in 2003? Everyone was wearing them! (Not you? Ok, nearly everyone) And who can forget the ¾ length black skirt and Kangol platforms of the 90's. Or the pedal pusher of 2000? When a trend hits home, it seems to hit hard and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, I guess. But it is nice to see that some looks live on past their heyday in the UK... boys in bow ties and tweed jackets, girls in tea dresses and fifties flicked lashes. Wouldn't it be lovely if you could bundle some of that up and bring it back to SA?

Of course we have our share of amazing designers and stylish folk who wave our fashion flag high but wouldn't it be nice to throw in more international inspiration to the mix? It must be easier to find your own style when you're exposed to so many others. But why am I making such a big deal out of clothes? They are just clothes after all. True, true but London was a lesson in a number of fashiony things for me. The biggie was that fashion is for everyone regardless of your shape or size. And secondly, fashion is fun! London reminded me that I can wear Star Wars T-Shirts and ridiculous bows in my hair till I'm chilling in Shady Pines. Like the music we listen to and the movies we watch, our clothes can be a wonderful extension of who we are. So are we having enough fun with them in South Africa? Do we dress for the sake of dressing, to 'fit in' or feel fabulous? How free to do you feel to experiment with new looks? I think the confidence to express yourself comes with numbers and Durbs for one, is a fairly small city. It's not always easy to try something new, is it? Or is that just me?

I'd love to hear your views on fashion in SA. What motivates you to buy the clothes that you do? Do you you turn to local fashion mags for monthly blasts of inspiration? Or do you prefer the imported editions and if so, why? I sometimes feel the British mags do a better job of demonstrating how to put clothes together. The outfits seem more wearable yet they still have an element of edginess to them. How often does a window display influence your purchases? Or do you just do you own thing and if so, what inspires your choices? I'm super curious to hear your thoughts! My friend Taryn, feels we're more influenced by US looks as seen in our gossip mags and I think she's got a point there. I find street style blogs or personal blogs with outfit posts way more inspiring than runway snaps. It's great to see girls of all shapes, skintones and hair colours pairing Primark heels with Mui Mui bags!

So tell me girls and guys, what are your thoughts and views on local fashion? And if you live over sees, I'd love to hear what you've seen, heard and read about South African style. Over to you!

Thursday, February 18

♥♥♥3 Hearts♥♥♥

Just three things that make me happy.
♥ My Cupcake Couture Vanity Case ♥ Nerd Mug ♥ Elvis Matches and Mini KitKats

TrinketsFave Mug (I'm a nerd)Kit Kat

What are three of your favourite things?

Wednesday, February 17

Tick Tock, Alice

My lovely friend Lauren emailed me this morning to tell me about this pretty necklace she thought I'd like. As soon as she said 'Pearls', 'Silver Watch' and 'Mr Price', I was there like a necklace wearing bear. What a sweet thing it is!  Just like the denim jacket, I've been on the lookout for a necklace like this for ages. If I find a 3/4 sleeve white top with thin black stripes this week, I might just cartwheel down the N3. No I will not. Anyway, I love my necklace, thanks for the tip-off La. x

Tick TockTick TockTick Tock Tick Tock

Tuesday, February 16

Little anchors behind the ear

It seems I'm having a bit of an anchor moment. My friend Matt was telling me he's always fancied a good old anchor tattoo on the inside of his arm. I don't think I'll actually ever get a tattoo but if I were to, I think a teeny little anchor would be wonderful! Perhaps behind the ear or on the inside of my forearm. I wander if I can ask the people who make those wash-off tattoos you get inside sweet wrappers to make me some little anchors and bows. How excellent would that be! In case you're curious, the scarf I'm wearing is a relic from my mom's cupboard. It's a good thing to have a mom that was a trendy teenager in the seventies.

AnchorBags Rings

Those are some of my bags in the middle pic and speaking of bags, I nearly photoshopped the ones under my eyes away, but then I thought 'sod it,' the internet has enough photoshopped pictures floating around. Hello late twenties. Hello expensive moisturizer that I now need to budget for. Hello bed, good night. x

Wishwishwish and Bloglovin'

Hi guys, if you haven’t heard about Bloglovin’ yet, let me tell you a bit about it. Bloglovin’ is a website that helps you follow all your favorite blogs in one place. If you’d like to add your blog to the Bloglovin’ library, all you have to is register and add one of their widgets to your blog. When your readers click the widget, they’ll be invited to follow your blog anonymously. I’ve been following my fave fashion blogs there for a while now and have recently updated my link list to include some of them.

One of my favourites is WishWishWish, an adorable blog with a very strong following. It’s written by a 19-year-old girl called Carrie who lives in London where she studies Fashion Design, Styling & Promotion. If you’re a fan of Sandra’s,  you’ll love Carrie too I'm sure as they both adore cute sailor tops, puff skirts and grey tights.

Yesterday I popped into Carrie’s blog and my heart just about stopped beating. She’s posted the most beautiful pictures of her bedroom details…dainty forks in ribbons, floral jars of paintbrushes, shiny antique watches…I wish, wish, wish for it all!

Here are some of her gorgeous photographs and if you’re hungry for more, you can visit her here.  Enjoy x

Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket

Monday, February 15

A spot of housekeeping

Hi guys, you've probably noticed I keep tweaking this place and changing the header etc. I guess the blog still feels like a new flat and I haven’t quite decided how I want to decorate it yet. So apologies for the DIY craziness but I'll probably settle into this new look for a bit. Those of you who are also using Blogspot have probably noticed the new 'Pages' gadget that lets you add...surprise, surprise... pages to your blog. I'm really chuffed with this because I no longer have to try and stuff all my info into the sidebar. I've created a page that lists the links of websites I regularly pop into so if you have a link you'd like to share, please send it my way. I'm also tweeting on twitter now so you can follow me there if you'd like. And that's about all the housekeeping for the time being, have a great night:)

Found! The 3/4 sleeve denim jacket


Guys and girls, do a little dance of joy with me in front of your computer... I have finally found the 3/4 sleeve denim jacket that I have been looking for, for years! That's right folks, this whole post is dedicated to a denim jacket. Hee! Up until now, all the jackets I've seen in the shops have been either too small, too big or just too expensive. But now the shops are full of denim and on a whim, I wandered into Edgars and found this bad girl! Of course it would have been lovely to have thrifted some worn-in wander at a cool little vintage store but we're a bit short of those in Durbs I'm afraid. To be honest, it's not 100% what I was looking for but it's pretty damn close and it's made me very happy indeed. Now hurry up March, so I can wear it when the weather cools down. Oh and incase you're wandering, the dress I'm wearing is from Mr Price. Of course!