Wednesday, March 31

Lace Up's and Polka Dots

Hi again! As promised, here are some pics of my new dress and boots. I bagged these this lot at YDE in the Pavilion. Whenever I get new stuff, I always feel I must justify the spending! So, you should know that as of a few days ago, I had no wearable boots in my cupboard. I've worn the three pairs I do have for three years straight! Their soles and heels are hanging on by bobs of glue so it really was time I got myself a new pair for our upcoming winter (which is more like London's Spring. Heh.) The dress was a bit more than I would normally spend on a dress but it is red, white and navy with polka dots! How could I not? I thought about getting it for two weeks, decided not to but when I went back the other day, someone was about to take the last one in my size so I grabbed it when she put it back. Ha! I would have always thought of 'what could have been' it if I didn't take it. There are no proper shots of me wearing it because I am looking minging at the moment. Too many late nights and marshmallow eggs. I VOW to start eating and living better. Yes, this is me, having one of my frequent Bridget Jones' moments. With that, it's time to bung on the kettle and watch some IT Crowd. Have a lovely night and let me know what you think of le outfit if you have a mo. *hugs* Me


The Roma and Blogger Awards

Hello you, how are you today? Me - I'm knackered. I can't wait for the long weekend when I'm going to read the new Marian Keyes, watch FlashForward and SLEEP. Last night, a bunch of us girls went to the Roma Revolving Restaurant. If you don't live in Durbs you've probably never heard of the Roma but it's literally a restaurant that revolves at the top of a tall building, giving you fantastic views of the twinkling city lights. The food was great, the service, slick and the dessert trolley - well, deadly. In a good way. The decor hasn't changed since the 70's which I love! Next time you're in Durbs, I suggest you drop by the Roma and have the Bar One Cake. YUM.

In other non-food related news, I recently received two lovely blog awards from two lovely bloggers. Thank you Jasna for the Fashion Blogger Award and thank you Retro Chick for the Sunshine Blog Award. I'm chuffed to bits! The Sunshine Award comes with the instruction to pass it on to ten others so here we go!

International Bloggers
Elsa BillgrenPink Bow

South African bloggers who often leave me sweet and sunny notes
Cupcake CoutureDinkum DesignEmmaJane NationMiss MollyLady TimezDirty UnknownMiss MossCoelho Culture

Later on, I'm going to show you my new dress and winter boots!

Tuesday, March 30

Where do you go for style tips and advice?

Hello! It's been a very busy past couple of days...weddings, parties and sleepovers! I hope you're having a good week so far. Have you guzzled loads of Easter Eggs or are you saving yourself for Sunday? I've been a marshmallow monster. Yesterday, Erin posted a 'Meet and Greet' with myself and a couple of other bloggers. She asked me a great question which I'd like to ask you...


You can read my answers here but I forgot to mention Lookbook. I also adore Rachel's style above. So which mags and blogs do you turn to for a blast of style inspiration? Or, are you inspired by what you see in the shops or on the street? Perhaps you have a friend you like to quizz about skinnies vs flares? Let us know in a comment below!

Monday, March 29

Bridgets sails us to the BVI's!


Hello! Please help yourself to a Long Island Iced Tea. *Shakes and pours cocktail* Today, we're chatting to one of my besties, Bridget whose engaged to Captain Barry of the Ad Astra! They're based in the sunny BVI's where they treat their guests to some serious R and R. If you've ever fancied holidaying or working in the Caribbean, I thought you might be interested to know a bit about their busy but beautiful island life.

Hi Bridge, how are you?

Hello Lasie!! Actually I have bad flu!! Crikey! And I pick up charter (guests) for a week tomorrow, so you caught me at an interesting time, generally the BVI's is good for my not this week! I am always telling people how great the sunshine, fresh air and ocean are for me....but I guess sometimes weeks on end of charter can run you down!

Sorry to hear that, friend. What time is it in the BVI’s?

It's 6:11 pm (I think we are 6 hours behind South Africa)

Ah. So you and Captain Barry have been sailing the seven seas and entertaining guests on your yacht, Ad Astra, for the past couple of years. How long as it been now?

5 and half years! Can you believe it? Every year I think it may be my last and then bam! I am back! We started it as a gap year!

The time has flown, wow. Please can you give us a tour of the boat!

Sure, if you visit, you can visit our gallery to see it in detail. But its basically its a 57ft Lagoon catamaran, french in design, with four guests cabins and one little crew cabin. We call the latter the hobbit We have to climb in and out of a large hatch to have access to our bed, shower and toilet ( a head in sailor terms!).

How many guests can you host at one time?

It can take 8 guests. Three cabins are queens and one is a twin bunk bed, so that tends to be filled with kiddies or singles.

Can couples book to have the boat to themselves or do you have to have a minimum number of guests?

Our minimum number is four, but I suppose two people could pay the four pack rate and have the boat. We mainly have four to six guests.

What’s a typical day like for you and a typical day for Barry?

Busy...he he. We wake up, generally barry lets me sleep a little since I tend to be clinging to my blankie. Mind you thats if we run the AC. If not then heat wakes you up! He sets the table, makes coffee and then checks the weather out on the computer, while the guests get up. I make breakfast and then during breakie, we do "beds and Heads". Barry makes the beds and I clean the bathrooms. During this we check on guests and then clear up and wash up! After this we may take divers for a dive or do some water sports or sail to another destination. Barry sails the boat and I help as a first mate, so there is a lot of role changing in our job. One minute we are chef's, the next cleaners and dive masters, the next barman, the next taxi drivers, tour guides and sailors. Whew! Its a busy day! After sailing, we drop anchor at some gorgeous spot and I make lunch. During that time the guests will play, relax or check out the shore.

After lunch, we sail to another destination. All sailing is a few hours and we try sail everyday unless there is no wind! The when we arrive, the guests either play, go ashore or chill. And we get snacks and cocktails ready, followed by dinner and dessert and perhaps tea, coffee and Bailey's! So from around 4:30 till 9 sometimes 10pm, I am in the Galley. Barry chats to the guests during cocktail hour and shows them on a chart how far we have come. I take pictures during the week and make them a CD when they leave! It's a great vacation for people, because they don't have to cook, clean or organise anything, they can relax and be taken to all these fab spots and do as much or as little as they like! LOL, Sorry for the essay there, you know moi!

Hitting those decks hard, eh! What do guests enjoy most about their experience on Ad Astra?

Relaxing! They also enjoy getting to know us and a lot of them consider us friends when they leave and some visit us every year on the yacht as repeat clients, which is great! The islands are so beautiful and close, so the trip itself is very flexible! You can hit the busy spots, the quiet spots or have a mix of both! Some anchorages you will be the only person there and that's fantastic!

How do you and Barry manage to live in such a small place without forcing the other to walk the plank?

I wonder that everyday!! It's so weird how I have gotten used it! It's hard for Barry as he is 6 ft 4. Only one of us can stand up at a time and when we sleep on our triangular bed, we are always touching the walls!

Yeeshk! What are the best bits and not so good bits about life in the Caribbean?

The not so good bits are missing friends and family and being so busy that a whole year flies by. You don't have much personal time and you are constantly entertaining strangers and sometimes its not easy, but you cannot afford to be grouchy! So you have to get used to people in your space and if your not little miss sunshine, then forget it!

The good bits, are meeting interesting people. We have some lovely friends on other boats and have had some fabulous guests!! Sometimes even though you are tired, you find yourself sitting on a little beach right on the waters edge, having lobster with your guests ( who have taken you out to dinner) and you think life is great! Living on the yacht year round means living with no expenses and saving all your money! We have wicked long holidays!!! So I can see all you nutters! And I have also been able to have friends and family out on the yacht, which has been a dream come true!! So hopefully you will make it someday soon! xox

I do hope so, sweet. What do you get up to in your time off?

If there is a short turn around time (i.e you pick up guests two days after you drop off, then its hectic!) You go to the dock, fuel up, get the yacht cleaned and get food on! If we have more time off, we head to a great anchorage called little harbour in Peter island. All the crewed yachts hang out there on their time off, so its called unemployment cove!

Hehe. What have been the highlights of your BVI experience so far?

I have got to travel quite a bit of the caribbean. I have met some wonderful people and have lived on a gorgeous yacht rent free! I have been able to share this experience with family and friends. Also I was never a diver back home, so this job has exposed me to some new things. I now go on a diving trip ever year! A big highlight is also having money saved, so the two of us can travel so much every year! This is my favourite part and because our holidays are long, I have been able to still see friends and family without years going by.

That's awesome. You must have some crazy island stories to share with us? Spill the coconuts!

aha! I think I should write a book. Yes, its all very Bridget Jone's sometimes! I have had some crazy party guests, but one of my favourite stories involves a stupid thing I did on Valentines day for my guests this year. I bought some cheesy fake roses and some nice chocs from a local supermarket. We had a lovely family on board, two mom's and two dads and their kids, including a teen daughter and two young sons. As we cleaned the cabins that morning I laid everything out on their beds. Later that evening they thanked me for the thongs and laughed nervously! I didn't know what they were talking about. Turns out there were lacy red thongs stuffed in the roses!! I also put roses on the two 10 year old boys beds! Can you believe it? They must of thought I was so inappropriate! It was hysterical, I am so glad they said something, they made fun of me for hours!

Oh my word, haha! Classic! What kind of qualifications and visas do you need to sail yachts in the BVI’s?

The Captain has to have a sailing course. To work on private charter yachts, like we do, the higher the qualification the better. Barry has an MCA 200 ton license. If you have cooking experience and dive thats a bonus! Basically we worked our way up with our first company job working on a smaller cat. There we did our dive masters, and honed our cooking and chartering skills for two and a half years. We then interviewed for Ad Astra and have been with her for nearly three years. We also require a BVI work permit, so the company you work for sponsors you.

If I were to join you for a holiday, what would you suggest I pack?

Bathing suits, sunscreen, flip flops and some gossip mags for the crew...well me....ha ha! You use so little during the trip, everyone is in swim suits all day! The worst part is when all the mom's walk around with ripping bods and you're half their age and not so ripped! ha ha!

Haha! Right, I'll pack a couple of Heats if I head your way. Now what should I definitely not bother packing?

Girls leave the heels, sparkly tops and make-up behind!

No make-up, crumbs. You’re getting married next year in South Africa! Please tell us how your special day is going to look!

Oh La's heard a lot about this one! lol!! Hopefully it will be at Tala Game reserve and the theme is chocolate, because my diamond is a chocolate diamond! How fab! Hope I don't try eat it! You are one of the bridesmaids and will look mega hot in your choc frock! Looking forward to having a big party, me thinks there will a box of dress up goodies for dance time!! If only I could stop obsessing over the expensive Vera Wang dresses!

We want to come for a BVI holiday now! How do we book?

A lot of people book through brokers, so you can google Ad Astra and their links will pop up or you can book with us and email

You’ve become quite the cook haven’t you, Brij. Do you have a favourite recipe you could share with us?

lol... sometimes I am amazed by how far I have come and other days I think someone might say " the gigs up, you're food stinks" ! haha!

Okay a recipe!!

BBQ beef tenderloin steaks served with asparagus, potato rosti's and pepper sauce.

For a fancy meal, thats quite simple but looks great, try getting your hands on some beef tenderloin steaks or a rounded steak, some asparagus and potatoes! Marinade the beef in olive oil, balsamic, honey, mustard and your favourtie herbs! I use Mama Africa from the South African shop here! Yes, we have one in the Virgin islands!! Let the steaks marinade in the fridge all day and in the afternoon boil a potatoes ( one bag makes about 10-12 rosti's, ) . Before they are too soft, drain them and let them cool. Once they are cool, grate them in the now empty pot you boiled them in, to save on dishes! Heat up just under a block of butter and two finely chopped onions in another pot. You can add chives if you like. Then add the butter and onion mix to the potatoes. Mix it up and add salt and pepper etc Get out some muffins tins and spray them with non stick. Roll the potato mix in your hands into medium sized balls and place them in the muffin holes. Preheat the oven to 180 and bake for anywhere between 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours. Once you start to see the balls browning throw the steaks on the bbq and boil some water for the asparagus. The potato balls should be ready when the steak is done. Let the steaks rest under foil and throw the asparagus in the boiling water ( add salt if you like). They will cook in few minutes and when they are crunchy and bright, drain them. Take a nice funky place and place a steak in the centre, put some asparagus spears over the steak, then using a table spoon, take out the potato ball or rosti and place it over the asparagus. It should be sitting on top, creating a stack, so that the green spears stick out from under the potato ball which balances on the veg and steak. Drizzle the plate with herbs, balsamic reduction or pepper sauce ( cheat and use Inna Parman's!).

YUM! Thanks for this wonderful taste of island life, Bridge! Hopefully, I can join you for a dip in the Caribbean one of these days. x

Fancy a holiday aboard the Ad Astra? Visit Barry and Bridget, here! If you've ever been to the BVI's, I'd love to hear about your experience. Was there anything you're super glad you packed and anything you wish you'd packed? Let us know in a comment below. x


Things you said that made me smile

I feel so lucky to have the chance to chat to you about white tights and things that make me smile. Sometimes, when I'm out and about and feeling a bit shy or like I don't fit in, I think about your sweet comments and it's like I've taken a spoonful of confidence. I read and adore every note you leave on the blog but these are a few I wanted to reply to in a post.

From Amanda James
great interview. i was "send" here through carries blog. i didn't had such taste in fashion when i was 19. and i am still struggeling with it...

Thanks Amanda. I didn't have such taste either at 19 and it's something I still struggle with too. I don't have one of those figures where you can just throw anything on. Perhaps we can work on it together? x

From Marcee
Hey! I'm not a makeupy kind of girl but I'm getting into it. My skin acts up from time to time so I dont like applying weird stuff on my face BUT alas I needed concealer and went to Clinique counter and they told me to try "All about eyes.." You are right it is amazing!!! I have it in my bag too :)Marcee

Hi Marcee. I have pretty sensitive skin too. I'm so glad you love 'All About Eyes!' When I use mine, I will think of you now.

From Lady Times
WEAR THEM! No one is gonna look at you funny, they will look at you with sweet little red hearts of admiration in their eyes! Promise! ♥ Those tights are to cool just to be kept for a dress up party! makes me uber sad.

Thanks Lady! You always leave the sweetest notes. Perhaps I will give them a spin and someone a story to tell. 'I saw some bonkers girl in white tights at Spar today'

From Anonymous
hilarious.. ha ha... esp the ones about chain letters and scrapbooking induced poverty!! Love, Cat x

Thanks Mom! AKA, Anonymous. Haha. Love you, mama. x

From Windsoul
Yeey I feel like going right now,and you know what? I think I will go.
Tnx. Love :)

So wonderful! You will have a lovely time. Take a million pics.

From Shrimp Salad Circus
You are too freaking adorable, and the 'moth' looks great on you! I'm off to check out your blog recommendations now!

I think 'adorable' is the most wonderful compliment! Thanks Shrimp, I just adore your blog.

From Misha
I love these interviews you do. It really feels like you just wrote down a phone conversation or something. Look forward to more of these, you should really keep it up!

Misha, thanks so much. I do these inty's 'cuz I just love to do them but a comment like yours really does make the late night photo editing and posting feel worthwhile. I'm so chuffed it feels like a phone conversation. x

Thanks to all of you who follow the blog and pop in to say hi, I really appreciate it. And to all of my friends, thank you for your emails, texts and late night conversations. I feel blessed, I do. I wish you a wonderful week filled with delicious Easter Eggs. x


Sunday, March 28

Magazines: Highlights & Inspiration

I've been paging through a stack of mags over the past few days. My mom dropped off a bunch and my friend, Kathleen, brought me some from London. I love being able to flip open a mag and not even know where to begin because it all looks so great. These are my favourite bits and pieces!

Tatler US February '10
Feature: Britpack in NYC

There seems to be a focus on the new Britpack across the mags at the mo. Tatler have done a wonderfully colourful round up of the 50 most powerful Brits in the city. Love the pinks, reds and yellows!


Elle UK March '10
Interview: Liv Tyler

I fancied Liv as an elf in Lord of the Rings and as a 90's hipster in Empire Records but other than that, I don't really know her all that well. Having read this, I want to buy her shots at a dive bar and ask her a million more questions. She's awesome!


Elle UK March '10
Advertising: Mui Mui

This is the first time I've seen the new Mui Mui campaign in print. Please excuse this horrible pic I took but the ad really does look amazing! If I were in school, I'd stick these ads on my files and cover 'em with contact paper. Yup.


Cosmopolitan UK April '10
Fashion: Dreamy Prints

Cosmo UK has done a lovely, Lula-esque shoot with cute, dreamy prints. When I think of Comso (or at least the SA version), I picture toned bods in short, tight dresses but this issue feels softer and more feminine. Lovely.


Tatler US March '10
Fashion: Pollock-esque Prints

I'm not wild about all these tees in the shops that look like they've been through a round of paint ball. However, I do LOVE a double page spread of splatters!


Look 22nd March '10
Make-Up: Blue Eye Shadow and Red Lips!

Wahey, now we can all look like 80's pop stars!
This is a bit bonkers but I love it when fash mags bust out and break a rule or two. Somehow I don't think this will fly at the Pavilion on a Saturday morning but I might give it a go for a laugh.


Elle South Africa March '10
Shoes: Mr Price

Chris Viljoen has written a piece about the perfect shoe. In it, he credits Mr Price with their range of affordable, well-designed shoes. This is fantastic coup for the Mr P team and I'd like to give a special shout out to my friend, Nadia, who does a brilliant job sourcing shoes for Mr Price.


Derby Spring Summer 2010
Easy, breezy, fresh and pretty!


And that's the round up! Now, I'd love to know what you've been reading lately. Which are your favourite SA and international mags? Where do you go for style tips and advice? Fill us in a comment below:)

PS: Tomorrow, we'll be chatting with one of my besties about island life in the Caribbean. Bring your bikini and I'll pour the cocktails!

Friday, March 26

A list of links to YOUR blogs

Hello and Happy Friday!
Thanks so much for your wonderful replies to this post! As promised, here are the links to your blogs and the reasons why we should visit 'em. I tweaked a few of them ever so slightly because I thought it would be nice if they all began with 'My blog is' and 'Visit my blog because.' I'm sure you'll find some wonderful new places to visit among this lot. Please let me know if this proved to be a useful exercise and then maybe we can do it again sometime. Alrighty, here we go in order of submissions!

My blog is
Visit my blog because why? Not sure, no croissant or stew recipes (yet!!) but a couple involving chocolate.

My blog is
Visit my blog because I'm one of SA's biggest Design Nerds, and I write about many nerdy, designy, sciency, bizarre things.

My blog is
Visit my blog because I take photos every single day of very random things, and also do photoshoots for people

My blog is
Visit my blog because i've got really yummy photos of cupcakes, interior design, illustrations of birds and little houses, polaroids in dreamy colors etc! though, might mention my blog is in swedish. but still. you can enjoy the pictures

My blog is
Visit my blog because it's still all sparkly and new! It's a space for me to vent my random (apparently quirky) thoughts, and also to showcase my published work.

My blog is
Visit my blog because you will find anything that inspires a girl obsessed with fashion.. you will find my online clothing and accessories store here too!

My blog is
Visit my blog because it's all about allsorts, discoveries & adventures. Colour and good design feed my eyes, and I love visitors. So pop over and say hi.

My blog is
Visit my blog because it's little bits that inspire me, as well as photos and words about my life as a musician, being in a band and freelancing in the classical world. I also have a large collection of balloon (bloon) photos that I update regularly. 

My blog is
Visit my blog because in June I might start posting properly again! It's a bit sparse at the moment as far as posting originality and frequency are concerned, as my life has taken a turn for the reallyreallybusy, but I still update it.

My blog is
Visit my blog because i post pretty pictures (Most of which I take) and blog about photography, fashion and design.

My blog is
Visit my blog because it's life from a perspective not the same as yours.

My blog is
Visit my blog because it is full of beautiful photographs by talented people

My blog is
Visit my blog because i am interviewing some amazing photographers - some you might know and some new finds.

My blog is
Visit my blog because it´s totally creative and gives normal people a chance to be inspired and be creative to.

My blog is
Visit my blog because I post lots of fashion/makeup photos, yummy recipes and I have a really cute puppy!

My blog is
Visit my blog because you totally just looked at the URL and were like "SWEET MOTHER of PEARL! that's on helluva name there lady" and yes it is. nice. So visit my blog if you're nosy and like pretty things, bands, cupcakes, art, design, books. It's really a mishmash of my life and what inspires me.

My blog is
Visit my blog because I have lots of quirky stories about me and pictures of my adventures and strange fashion choices :-)

My blog is
Visit my blog because you like vintage and retro style with a modern twist, and also because it makes me happy.

My blog is
Visit my blog because there is beautiful photography, styling, makeup and general rants...

My blog is
Visit my blog because it's full of creative eye-candy, links, inspiration and also - if you check the sidebar - lots of articles for a brilliant life on the cheap!

My blog is
Visit my blog because it's part personal diary, part pictures of things that make me happy, part photographs I've taken (I just got a new camera) part humour and part 'look at the pretty things, I want them!' xx

My blog is

Visit my blog because what I write is raw, anything and everything, whenever wherever. It's my closure. It's the closest you can get to me.  

My blog is
Visit my blog because I'm proud if it and I work really hard to make it interesting and visually pleasing! I've designed the entire thing myself.

My blog is
Visit my blog because I have great advice articles on how to make your life lovely, and I share lots of lomography photos! :)

My blog is
Visit my blog because it's about experiences .. from lives of different people n my own people too .. they've helped me not make mistakes of my own .. suggestions are most welcome.

My blog is
Visit my blog because it's where I get to escape from advertising and into a world of art and movies and travel and food and music and hopefully you'll like photos I post of my friends, my house and nice things happening around Johannesburg.

My blog is
Visit my blog because I've just started it and I would love to get some more followers! Also because I post about anything and everything, so there's gotta be something for everyone! xoxo

My blog is
Visit my blog because there is lovelee fashion, lovelee girls, lovelee things. x

My blog is
Visit my blog because there are interesting, quirky, inspiring bits & pieces for the creative soul.

My blog is
Visit my blog because it offers a new perspective on a varied life in South Africa. Oh and I post about pretty things. x

My blog is if you say it really fast you get 'imagination' :)
Visit my blog because its really just an archive of awesome! ;) whatever I find that i like whether it be beautiful secret coffee shops, to umbrellas, to new music/movies to fashion.. nice things for nice people. xx

And while we're on the topic of links, I'd like to thank Women's Health SA for adding Glossary as a 'Hot Blogger.' I'm chuffed to bits and very flattered!

Enjoy this stack of reading material and have a wonderful weekend. x

UPDATE: Thanks to those of you who added your links late last night and this morning. I'm afraid this version of 'Tell us about your blog' is closed but I will add your links to the next list I publish.

Thursday, March 25

Clinique All About Eyes: A winning concealer!

Today, I found one of my favourite make up products in an old handbag! I can't believe I'd completely forgotten about this concealer. On New Years Eve '09, my friend Jess and I were getting ready for a night out on London Town. We were having one of those sessions where you try on 40 million outfits and have a good dig through each other's make up bags. Inside hers, was a tube of Clinique Concealer called All About Eyes. Jess's skin always looks amazing so I dabbed a bit on. Oh my goodness, it was like photoshopping my face! I was broke as a joke at the time, but the next week I took my temps wages and popped into Selfridges to get myself some. I ended up having a full-on makeover which was fantastic and they gave me a few freebies to boot! (Clinique is awesome when it comes to value-added lippies and make up bags etc) So, yeah, if you haven't tried this concealer, give it a go. It's thick and creamy yet it blends in smoothly. My beloved tube from London is just about finished so I'll definitely get a new one soon.

Have you used this concealer before? If so, let me know how you found it. Or, tell me what some of your faves are! I also want to say a special hello to all of you who have popped over from Carrie's blog. Thanks for sharing your links with me, I look forward to reading all of your blogs! Also, tomorrow, I will be posting the the list of links that were added to this post. I've so enjoyed reading your replies! You can still add yours tonight. x


Wednesday, March 24

Hearts and Bows

I'm off to Spar wearing these! No, not really. A while ago I went to the dress-up store to buy some nude fishnets to wear to the March weddings. They didn't have any in stock so instead I bought these! (Which are not to be worn to said weddings. Ahem) I love these tights but there is no way I could ever venture out in Durbs wearing them. Can you imagine the looks in the Wild Bean Café after a night on the town? Blimey. Well, I hope you're having a lovely week and don't forget to tell me about your blog in the post below!


Tell us about your blog!

Us bloggers love it when new people visit our blog.
If you have a blog, here’s a chance to tell some more folk about it!

All you have to do is add a comment to this post, telling us the name of your blog and why we should check it out in a sentence!

For example:
My blog is
Visit my blog because there are pictures of cats making coffee.

Please include the bits in bold! 

Once, I’ve collected all the comments, I’ll publish them in a post! Even if I’ve linked to you before, please feel free to give your blog a plug. I think it'll be a fun way to discover some new blogs and be reminded of some we haven't visited in a while. Anyone from anywhere can comment. Go on then, fill us in!

Tuesday, March 23

New Shoes! New Shoes!

Yesterday, I took a wander 'round the mall on our national day off. I wasn't planning on buying anything but then I spotted these black patent wedges! Hello! They were a steal at Legit. I don't usually shop in Legit but I popped in because they were one of the few shops that still had colour in the window. I can't bare it when the shops lose all their colour in winter - especially as we don't even have a proper winter in Durbs. I don't want to dress in brown, black and grey for the next 4 months just because it's a few degrees cooler - so says the girl who just bought black shoes. But I had to get these wedges because flats don't really suit me and heels often feel too dressy for Durbs. Plus, I'm making up for the past 26 years when I didn't really get the whole 'shoes' and 'bag' thing. A girl can't live in slops forever! But enough about me, tell me about you! What did you get up to on your Monday off? Did you have a good lie-in? I fear a lot of us were catching up on housework but hopefully you had some time to chill as well? X


10 Reasons why I love Grace Coddington

I’ve watched The September Issue at least three times in the past week! I’m not going to review it on Glossary but rather tell you why I’m completely enamored with the Vogue visionary who stole the show – Creative Director, Grace Coddington.

Firstly, a bit about Grace…She was born in Wales where she attended a convent. At 17 she won a Vogue modeling contest and moved to London where she worked as a model. After a car crash cut her modeling career short, Grace joined British Vogue as a Junior Editor and in July 1988, she began her career at U.S. Vogue. Now in her late sixties, Grace is as cutting-edge as she was in the sixties.

Until The September Issue, I had no idea who Grace was but now I am besotted with her!
Here are ten reasons why she inspires me.

1. Grace proves you can be brilliant and relatable.
2. She still catches the subway - the subway!
3. She knows how to bring a vision to life.
4. Her no-nonsense uniform of black dresses, black trousers and white shirts.
5. She inspires confidence and respect.
6. Grace isn’t just out to flog stuff. She tells stories of beauty.
7. She cares about her work and the people she works with.
8. She doesn’t slag off designers and collections.
9. She’s unabashedly passionate about her work.
10. She appreciates the beauty in every day life.

Pic courtesy of

You can read a wonderful interview with her here. x

Monday, March 22

Make a wish with Carrie!


19-year-old Carrie lives in London with her boyfriend, Miguel. Here, she studies fashion and writes the wonderful wishwishwish! Visiting her blog is like opening an antique wardrobe, filled with beautiful clothes and vintage suitcases. You'll always leave feeling happy and inspired! Join us as we chat over email and cupcakes...

Hi Carrie, how are you?
I'm great, thanks for asking!

What did you get up to today?
Well, i've only just woken up so my day has just begun, but I can tell you my plans instead! I'm going to have a shower, then make my way into town to post some items I sold on eBay and if all goes well, take some pictures for my blog and come home and upload them! Nothing too exciting i'm afraid, i'm looking forward to relaxing a bit. 

You're studying Fashion Design, Styling & Promotion. How's that going?
It's great fun, but far more work than i'm used to. It's a shame as it means that my blog takes a backseat as on average I have around 3-4 assignments on the go at any one time. Despite the tight deadlines, I have a good time - we do things like creating magazine pages, styling photoshoots and producing fashion shows.

What do you want to do when your studies wrap?

I'm still unsure. My course gives huge scope for working in different areas of fashion, so i'm just experimenting at the moment and seeing what I like and what I don't (for example, styling is a definate no-no!). I think i'd enjoy something online based, i'm a geek at heart!

You're as cute as a button, sweet. How would you describe your personal style?
I always find it so difficult answering this question - my personal style is changing all the time, believe it or not. I suppose everyone would assume I love polkadots and peter pan collars, which is true, but i'm trying to experiment a little more - i'm only 19, so I have a lifetime to perfect it!

Have you always had a flair for fashion?
It has only been over the past few years that i've really been interested in what is happening on the catwalks, but I suppose i've always been conscious of what I wore. Even if that meant band t-shirts, ripped jeans and studs (yes! I went through that phase!), I still wanted to look good. So, the interest has always been there, but perhaps I just had to practice getting it right!

Your blog is such a lovely, cosy spot on the web. How has it evolved since it's beginning in May '08?
Wow, I can't believe it was that long ago! When I started the blog, I never imagined the opportunities it would bring me, or the praise I would receive from my readers. It started out as a personal diary, I didn't know much about fashion in the truest sense of the word, but writing about what I liked was very important to me - and it still is!

Once a blog reaches a certain level of success, it is very easy for the writer to get caught up in the PR emails and events tailored towards them writing about it afterwards, but then you get a series of blogs that are writing about the same things and perhaps only because they got something for free - and that's such a shame because you lose the reason you were writing the blog in the first place. In my case, my blog is a diary of my personal style and taste, with a bit of "what I got up to today" thrown in for good measure, and I want it to stay that way!

Is there anything you wish you'd known about blogging then that you know now?
About how much time it takes! At college it was far easier for me to scour the internet for inspiration or go out and take pictures, but now I have less time it's proving difficult to write regular posts, which really upsets me as my blog is one of my most prized possessions and i'd hate to think i'm neglecting it! Readers can come to rely on your posts and i'm not a huge fan of negative comments.

You're a marvellous photographer, Carrie! How do you go about shooting your pics? Any tips or tricks you wouldn't mind sharing?
Thank you! I have never had any sort of training in photography, the secret is in my camera and lens, and perhaps a good eye! I take lots and lots of photos and only the best get put on my blog, of course, a little bit of editing never goes amiss - it can turn a dull image into something more exciting. It's all about practise!

You recently moved into a new home with your boyfriend, Miguel. Can you describe it for us please!
I'm still in the process of making the new house my own, only yesterday I put up an "inspiration line" in the office for me to hang up my favourite pictures. It's in the early stages but it's fabulous to be living somewhere as a student that has plenty of room - I even get half of our large office space and my own bathroom - it's a luxury! Of course, i'll post lots and lots of pictures as soon as it's looking beautiful.

If I could build you a walk-in wardrobe, how would you like it to look and feel?
Well, i'm a Virgo so I like to be organised, but at the same time a bit of familiar old clutter puts a smile on my face - I love having my little trinkets everywhere I go to spend time. So, my walk-in wardrobe would perhaps have the look and feel of a small vintage boutique, with rails for all of my clothes and inventive ways to store my shoes, there would be old pictures to inspire my outfits all over the walls. Of course, I would need special hangers just for all of my berets! And i've always fancied a chaise longue...

How long have and Miguel been together? Is he as passionate about aesthetics as you are?
Myself and Miguel have been together 4 years in July. Such a long time! We got together when I was 15, so i've nearly been with him a quarter of my life..that's so strange! He's very passionate about aesthetics, as he is studying Digital Animation, and is a keen photographer too. We're very well matched!

That's lovely! Now, back to clothes. What are the absolute cant-do-without pieces in your wardrobe?
This is another toughie! I'm just taking a peek now at my clothing rail, and my favourite pieces have to be my APC Playsuit (it's so comfy!), my velvet dress with a peter pan collar, my new denim dungarees and my never ending supply of striped t-shirts.

What will we never see you wearing?
I know it's the most obvious answer...but Ugg boots. I STILL see them everywhere when I go out and I just don't understand the obsession! Also, leggings, i'm not a big fan!

If I had one day to cram in some London shopping, where would you suggest I go?
Spend your morning on Columbia Road and take a look inside the design shops and vintage boutiques, stop off for a cake at Treacle, and don't forget to buy some flowers from the market before you leave! Now, take a walk along to Brick Lane and scour all the vintage shops, don't miss Luna and Curious either. See if you can find anything interesting amongst the clothing people are selling along the pavements, but before you catch the tube take a look inside Shelf on Cheshire Street and buy some stationary!
Now we're going to head into central London to grab a few last minute purchases - spend an hour or so in the independant boutiques around carnaby street, for example, Dahlia, and make your way to Libertys, the most beautiful department store, where you'll find yourself coveting designer pieces..but of course, you've already spent all of your money..!

What would you pack for a Safari Holiday?
First and foremost, lots and lots of books! No doubt i'd have plenty of other things to see, but I never find the time to read anymore so i'd make full use of the opportunity. As for clothing, I tend to struggle in a warmer climate, but lots of floaty summer dresses and shorts to pair with my striped t-shirts! And i'd need a beautiful vintage suitcase to fit it all in, too!

Alrighty, I'll let you go now but before I do, just one last question. What are you wishwishwishing for right now!?
That's easy, plain and simple - the summer!

I hope summer hurries on up, Carrie! Thanks so much for popping into Glossary. If you're a fan of Carrie's, I'd love to meet you too! Please feel free to say hi in a comment below and tell me about your blog if you have one. If you'd like to carrie on, you can visit her here! x


Sunday, March 21

Prezzies from London!

Hello! I hope you're having a lovely weekend. Yesterday, my oldest friend flew in from London! We've been buds since we were seven! Back then, we used to collect those diaper baby toys. Remember those? You dunk them in water and their nappies (or diapers) turn pink or blue and then you know if you've got a boy or girl on your hands. Fantastic stuff. Anyway, Kathy landed with lovely prezzies from Londres! I LOVE getting gifts from abroad - you feel as if you've gained a little piece of the city. Inside my goodie bag was a stash of British mags (awesome) some bows for my hair (you know me so well, Kath), some clips from DIVA which I've been eyeing out and hadn't even told Kath about (psychic woman!) AND a black bodysuit which I desperately needed and am so happy to have now. Thanks friend, I love it all! x


Friday, March 19

Facebook Groups

You can tell alot about a person by the groups they've joined on Facebook.
In my time, I've joined some corkers. Let's take a look...

Roller Coaster Tycoon is the Best Game Ever
River Cottage appreciation
Cesar Millan - "the Dog Whisperer"
Dr. Elliot Reid is HOT!!
Dwight K. Schrute ( and Rainn Wilson) is my hero
I'll force-feed Gillian McKeith a Mars bar if I see her in the street
The Girls Next Door Is My Guilty Pleasure
I hate comic sans
No, I Don't Care If I Die At 12AM, I Refuse To Pass On Your Chain Letter.
Adrian "Brains" Mole
I aint fussed about Heather Mills but shes got a point about the press
I ate pies and super moo's at BP after a night at old burn
Jim Halpert
bung the ketl on n lets all appreciate Stewie, Dr cox & peanutbutterkitkats
Everything I Need to Know About Life I Learned From Scrubs
Nigella Bites....I bet she does, the saucy minx...
Franz Ferdinand Makes Me Want To Dance!
I have no money because I scrapbook
There would be no problems in the world if Det. John McLane was real
'Aye Brother' Desmond from Lost appreciation society
Psyduck is basically the best pokemon
Eagles of Death Metal, Why Must You Rock So Hard?
I Lost At Least 3 Years Of My Childhood to Pokemon
Bring Back Fraggle Rock

And that's just some of them. Ridonculous. I'm not gonna bother linking these suckers.
Have a great Friday night!

PS: Carrie of WISHWISHWISH is joining us on Monday!
There will be a cup of tea waiting for you:)

Thursday, March 18

An Education

When speaking about the Orla Kiely SS10 collection, Paula of Pink Bow said, 'I know it's been covered to death already. But I couldn't help but include it here as well as my blog is, if nothing else, my on-line scrapbook.' And that's exactly how I feel about An Education. I have to heap even more praise upon it! It's the most beautiful film I've seen since Amelie. I won't give away the plot except to say it's set in London during the early 60's and it's absolutely breathtaking. I want to live in this film. You must watch it! x