Tuesday, March 23

10 Reasons why I love Grace Coddington

I’ve watched The September Issue at least three times in the past week! I’m not going to review it on Glossary but rather tell you why I’m completely enamored with the Vogue visionary who stole the show – Creative Director, Grace Coddington.

Firstly, a bit about Grace…She was born in Wales where she attended a convent. At 17 she won a Vogue modeling contest and moved to London where she worked as a model. After a car crash cut her modeling career short, Grace joined British Vogue as a Junior Editor and in July 1988, she began her career at U.S. Vogue. Now in her late sixties, Grace is as cutting-edge as she was in the sixties.

Until The September Issue, I had no idea who Grace was but now I am besotted with her!
Here are ten reasons why she inspires me.

1. Grace proves you can be brilliant and relatable.
2. She still catches the subway - the subway!
3. She knows how to bring a vision to life.
4. Her no-nonsense uniform of black dresses, black trousers and white shirts.
5. She inspires confidence and respect.
6. Grace isn’t just out to flog stuff. She tells stories of beauty.
7. She cares about her work and the people she works with.
8. She doesn’t slag off designers and collections.
9. She’s unabashedly passionate about her work.
10. She appreciates the beauty in every day life.

Pic courtesy of Hanneli.com

You can read a wonderful interview with her here. x


Anonymous said...

I love Grace too! I was lucky enough to meet her at a signing for her book, Catwalk Cats. She was ridiculously nice. Funny, I just saw her again last night--she was at model Karen Elson's debut concert here in NYC. Great to know she supports her fashion friends!

Lauren Setterberg said...

Oh my goodness, that is too cool for words!!! YOU MET HER. AHHH!!!! So lovely to hear that she really is as nice as she is on screen. Love you Grace!

Nadia Jonker said...

She really is such an inspiration. Working with Anna Wintour for so many years reminds you that you can cope in almost any job. I love the 20's inspired shoot in the movie. Great post. x

Lauren Setterberg said...

Too true, Nads!

Infamous said...

Darn I still havent seen this movie!! :(

Miss Molly said...

she is soo awesome! love her too - great post

Lauren Setterberg said...

Thanks Molly! We're Grace Groupies. Hee!

Ine said...

Did you hear that there's a rumor going around saying that Grace might get the sack from Vogue??? I sure hope THAT doesn't happen!

Lauren Setterberg said...

What? No! Why? They wouldn't do that, surely? She's such a legend.

Polly Rowan said...

I love her too! She has so much more passion than Anna and her collegues. She really cares about styling and she is so talented!x