Sunday, May 17

Autumn at Aldora Stud

Jon and I spent the weekend at Kerry and Andy's farm and it heaven! 
We went for walks, drank wine, made pizza and caught up by candlelight thanks to load-shedding! 
Thanks so much for having us Kez, we had the best time. x

 photo IMG_6852.jpg photo IMG_6725_1.jpg photo IMG_6546.jpg photo IMG_6878.jpg photo IMG_6897.jpg photo IMG_6553.jpg photo IMG_6711_1.jpg photo IMG_6681.jpg photo IMG_6827.jpg photo IMG_6561.jpg photo IMG_6795.jpg photo IMG_7019.jpg photo IMG_6686.jpg
 photo IMG_6911.jpg photo IMG_6965.jpg photo IMG_6951.jpg photo IMG_7043.jpg photo IMG_6988.jpg photo IMG_6569.jpg photo IMG_6717-2.jpg photo IMG_6996.jpg photo IMG_6770_1.jpg photo IMG_6661_1.jpg photo IMG_6835.jpg photo IMG_7027.jpg photo IMG_6514_1.jpg

Sunday, May 10

Autumn in Winston Park

Hello, hello and happy Mama's Day to all the mamas out there including my mama bear. Hope you've all had a great day! Secondly, I've been told I can only write one sentence as Jon wants to watch the S3 Vikings finale! We've been in Vikings withdrawal. I have watched just about every behind-the-scenes docco and Comicon inty that I can find on Youtube. But in other news, it is autumn, there are leaves, I am loving it! This is one of the main reasons why we moved here so yeah, all is good in the hood. In 18 sleeps time, my mom and I head to Cape Town for a whirlwind four-day girls trip and I'm so excited, I can't stand it. Brace yourself - the picture posts are coming! x

 photo IMG_6432.jpg photo IMG_6228.jpg photo IMG_6191.jpg photo IMG_6271.jpg photo IMG_6383.jpg photo IMG_6311.jpg photo IMG_6352.jpg photo IMG_6376.jpg photo IMG_6201.jpg photo IMG_6452.jpg photo IMG_6247.jpg photo IMG_6273.jpg photo IMG_6216.jpg photo IMG_6233.jpg photo IMG_6236.jpg photo IMG_6439.jpg photo IMG_6277.jpg photo IMG_6419.jpg photo IMG_6254.jpg photo IMG_6393.jpg photo IMG_6297.jpg