Sunday, May 17

Autumn at Aldora Stud

Jon and I spent the weekend at Kerry and Andy's farm and it heaven! 
We went for walks, drank wine, made pizza and caught up by candlelight thanks to load-shedding! 
Thanks so much for having us Kez, we had the best time. x

 photo IMG_6852.jpg photo IMG_6725_1.jpg photo IMG_6546.jpg photo IMG_6878.jpg photo IMG_6897.jpg photo IMG_6553.jpg photo IMG_6711_1.jpg photo IMG_6681.jpg photo IMG_6827.jpg photo IMG_6561.jpg photo IMG_6795.jpg photo IMG_7019.jpg photo IMG_6686.jpg
 photo IMG_6911.jpg photo IMG_6965.jpg photo IMG_6951.jpg photo IMG_7043.jpg photo IMG_6988.jpg photo IMG_6569.jpg photo IMG_6717-2.jpg photo IMG_6996.jpg photo IMG_6770_1.jpg photo IMG_6661_1.jpg photo IMG_6835.jpg photo IMG_7027.jpg photo IMG_6514_1.jpg
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