Sunday, January 31


Hello, hello. I hope you're having a super swell Sunday wherever you are. The weather has cooled down in Durbs which is such nice relief. Here are a few things that I am loving right now - marshmallow hearts from Woolies, pink teacups from my mum, retro flyers on the fridge and teensy bow earings from Mr P. Can you believe, tomorrow is the 1st of February already? 1 month down and 11 more to go till 2011. Wowzers. Chat soon, me. x

PS: Clever Craig fixed an HTML gremlin in my blog so now when you click 'older posts,' it doesn't open in a new tab - hurrah!

Tea Please
On my fridge
To wear bows on your ears

Saturday, January 30

Funny People

Tonight I watched a movie called 'Funny People' starring Adam Sandler and sweet Seth Rogan who can do no wrong if you ask me. It's brilliant and funny and the scene with the Peanut Butter Game - so adorably cute! But um, yeah, I wouldn't watch it with your granny unless of course, she's a big Adam Sandler fan in which case, good for granny. So here's a couple more pics and a scene from the film. Over and out!

I've seen you before sweets.

Friday, January 29

Brushes, books and thank you's

Good morning everyone. How are you today? I just wanted to say thank you for popping into Glossary and leaving such nice comments. It's so nice to meet new people at home and around the world. I've been taking lots more pictures this year and I'm really enjoying it. Here are two from my digital shoebox. Now I must find some breakfast. Have lovely days. Me x

Thursday, January 28

So long January.

January is nearly over with and the new year blues have been chased away by the world's sweetest chocolate bar. May you have a lovely Thursday night. Me. x

Amazing Elsa

Hello or 'Hej' to all my Swedish visitors! This is the comic strip I made for the lovely Elsa.
He en trevlig dag. x PS: 'The wolf' is Elsa's fiance - nicknamed after his surname.

Super Sandra

Yesterday I made comic strips for Sandra and Elsa. Sandra posted hers here - how lovely!
I'll show you Elsa's a little later. x

Wednesday, January 27

You can have the fizzers, if I can have the candy bracelets.

When I lived in London, I bought these awesome lucky packets from Topshop. Now I'm sad because I can't have suckers with crocodiles on anymore. Sniff!


Bows and Boots

It rained yesterday and it was so, so nice. At first the ground was steaming but then everything cooled down. Last night I had a scrummage through my winter stuff. It's not that I want to wish summer away, just a couple of degrees perhaps. Last year, I bought this bow blouse from Mr P but I haven't had a chance to wear it yet. I also need to get new boots. I walked mine to pieces in London and I'm hoping I can find some nice ankle boots this year. The one's below are from Foschini and they're actually my comfiest heels. So if you see any in the shops, please let me know. Merci!

Tuesday, January 26

In the Bag

Or perhaps a better title would be 'Attention Thieves!'
Oh aye, no one nick my nice clutch bag please. I love it lots. Ta.

So guys, I don't know about you but I just love 'What's in my bag' posts. I'm really fascinated by the everyday stuff people carry around with them. Do you empty and tidy your bag everyday like Amelie's mum or do you have 40 million receipts and old restaurant mints like me? Below is my Saturday night bag. It's a clutch from Mr P and I have to keep it neat 'cuz it's rather small. So let's take a peek inside...

I'm borrowing a mate's phone cuz mine is on the fritz.
Then we have some Mr P lipgloss, a prez from Nikki.
A pink moleskin and bic from mumsie.
Pink iPod shuffle. Starting to realise I might have a pink thing.
And Hoity Toity deo 'cuz the packaging is super.

Now, all you have to do is tell me what's in your bag! x

Flickr Faves

Morning everyone, fancy a little Tuesday flickr inspiration? Here are six pictures that made me smile. Don't you just want to squeeze Mr Neuman in the corner? x

Top Row: Sad Pug / Sleepy Sandra / Chunks / Polka
Bottom Row: Journals / Glitter / Stefany / Angie's Bambi

Monday, January 25

New Haircut. New Brolly. Happy Times

Hello guys. It's been said at least one trillion times in the last few days but let me say it again - cor blimey is it stonking hot in Durbs! Flip, we are cookin' in this little town. Bring back the rain and thunder I say so I can use my new polka dot brolly. Emma Jane has the same one so now we can start a brolly gang - yes!

This crazy heat also made me do a crazy thing - I cut my hair much shorter than I had planned to, although I would like to cut my bangs a little shorter. I can still get it into a pony but for me, it's super short. I know what you're thinking - that is super crazy! Not. So here's my new brolly guys. x

Saturday, January 23


Thank you mum for these strange but yummy fruit candies. x


The other day I picked up a copy of Q magazine. I haven't flicked through one of these in an age but December's issue had some great bands on the cover - Arctic Monkeys, Sonic Youth, Lilly Allen as well as Foo Fighters and Oasis inside. And so, Thursday night was spent, curled up on the couch with coffee and the world's best bands. Fine!

Thursday, January 21

Thurston Moore on being a husband and a dad

Tonight, I read an interview that Spin magazine did with Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore. Kim and him are just the coolest couple ever. He said some real sweet things about being a husband and a dad. I dunno, maybe another Sonic Youth fan out there might find this interesting.

You have a famously great marriage, which is virtually unheard of for a rock star, particularly when the spouse is also a bandmate. What's your secret?
There's no secret. We've never sold each other out on anything. I can easily follow the allure of wanting to go out and be with the boys, and play industrial noise and smoke pot and drink, but nothing replaces the reality of our relationship. I can't trade that for anything. I can't think of how or where I'd be without Kim's influence. And we're like any couple that's been together for close to 30 years. There's a genuine psychophysical connection. Sometimes I feel things happening in me, and I know that something's going on with her. When you're married and you have that kind of connection, you become really spiritually, psychologically connected. We grew up together, in a way.

You're also a father to 13-year-old Coco. How do you juggle all of that?

Well the husband/father thing is primary. And it gets problematic, because I get asked to do a lot [outside the band]: "Will you play with me at the Hook?" "Can you fly to this little experimental music festival in Europe and play with these guys?" And it's these guys that I would love to spend the weekend playing with -- "Yeah, I'll do it!" And before I know it, every weekend for two months is me bouncing around -- and that's not cool. I'm not a traveling salesman. I can't do this, I'm not a single man. So in the last couple years, I've really put the kibosh on that, because I saw it really interfering with my home relationship. I'm not gonna walk away from that just to play noise with a bunch of dudes in Belgium.


Hello guys. How have you been?
Yesterday I had the day off and it was awesome. It gave me a chance to do all those important things you can never find time for like eating popcorn in bed, reading Heat magazine and catching up on the latest episodes of South Park. Between all that strenuous activity, I also updated my new flickr account. Speaking of, Flickr turns your sets of photos into these neat thumbnails and I don't know, I'm thinking maybe photos look even better shrunk down to miniature squares. I may even make miniature frames for them. Perhaps not but this year I want to take lots more pictures. My brain usually tunes out when people start talking about aperture and shutter speed but from now on, I will remain tuned in. I was also thinking it might fun to ask a few of my favourite photo bloggers to tell us about their gear and share a few tips and tricks if we're lucky. We shall see. Have lovely Thursdays!

Tuesday, January 19


Hi guys, have you seen this new retro-lookin' range of bath goodies at Woolies? They arrived at Christmas and they are diiiivine. I'm addicted to the Body Polish. Scrub a dub dub!

Sunday, January 17

Paris J’Taime

Tonight I watched a film called 'Paris J’Taime.' If you've seen Amelie, you've probably seen this movie but if you haven't, I suggest you give it a watch for it is quite fantastic. Basically, it's a string of 18 stories by 18 different directors, each set in a different district of Paris. Love is what glues the pieces together but not always in the way you'd expect.

Here's an excerpt of a review which I think sums the film up nicely.

''The tourist experience of Paris is unlike anywhere else. It is an intimidating place, especially for a lingually challenged dolt like me and there is so much going on it's difficult to focus and you're inevitably not going to see all of the things you’d want to. But it’s also a dream-like, intoxicating place and the emotions you experience as you stroll along its long boulevards, through its ancient buildings and attempt to get service in its restaurants is like nowhere else. It can also be depressing, particularly if like me you've visited alone, and there isn’t anyone with whom you can share the romance (except, perhaps, total strangers). I’ve yet to see a film which entirely captures the experience of an outsider visiting the place that manages to highlight the magic with the tragic but the new anthology film Paris J’Taime comes very close, particularly in the segment by Alexander Payne about a woman who visits the city alone but still somehow manages to fall in love with the place despite that. Payne’s section of the film manages to combine some of the funniest material with the saddest as she notices that you can both love and hate the city in equal measure. Best moment? When she says in the voice over that asking for directions gives her a chance to try out her French, only to be answered in perfect English by the Parisian shop keeper -- something which has happened to us all probably.''

Payne's segment really resonated with me as well. I've been fortunate to visit Paris twice but even on the second occasion, I found the city hard to relax into for all the reasons mentioned above. And like the woman in Payne's story, I fell in love with the city despite eating cheap Chinese for dinner and buggering up all my attempts at French. The moment I fell? Sitting in a park, watching softly spoken French children sliding and swinging in the morning sun.

Co-incidentally, the film also references a book called Sputnik Sweetheart which Sandra recently blogged about. So that's my next read sorted:)

PS: Unfortunately I couldn't find any decent screen shots to post so you'll just have to watch the movie! Durbanite's can rent it from Video Mogul in Musgrave Rd.

Saturday, January 16


Hello there in the middle of this Friday night. Are you up too? Do you live over the seas? Yes, yes? Well, how about some music. I just made a Spotify playlist! It's quite shoegazerish but anyway. You can have a listen here.

Rather annoyingly, Spotify isn't available in the R S of A yet ( I just have access to a UK server. Handy that.)

Well, if you do have a listen, I hope you like.
Night night

For those that don't have Spotify, this was the list.
Lazy Eye - Silversun Pickups
In my Head - Queens of the Stoneage
Coffee and TV - Blur
Fortunately Gone - The Breeders
I got you - Stone Temple Piolts
No Sunlight - Death Cab for Cutie
A'rebours - Babyshambles
Send him away - Franz Ferdinand
Waking Up - Elastica
Sugar Kane - Sonic Youth
Oh my God - Kaiser Chiefs
Across the Sea - Weezer
Santa Monica - Everclear
Never let you go - Third Eye Blind
Shimmer - Throwing Muses
Lovely Day - Pixies
80 - Green Day
You know you're right - Nirvana
Heaven Beside You - Alice in Chains
Paranoid Android - Radiohead
Fall at your Feet - Crowded House
In the Arms of Sleep - Smashing Pumpkins

Thursday, January 14

That's what she said

For the Michael Scott fans. Haha, this just made my week. Lol.

Wednesday, January 13

To wear candy on your wrist

I don't know about you but I always feel a bit down in January. It takes me a little while to fall into the new year rhythmn. Fortunately, candy bracelets and new episodes of The Office are here to save the day. What do you do when you need a pick-me-up?

Tuesday, January 12

Docklands Twister

I'm feeling very nostalgic for London at the moment. Durban is a lovely, sunny, friendly town but it can feel very small sometimes. And then when you're in London, you have to find your favourite places to make the city seem smaller. Funny, life is.

Top pic by Stef. Bottom pic by me.

Monday, January 11

Seaside Bsides

Hello, I hope you survived the Monday. I've been going through a bunch of my pics from the past year and adding them to my new flickr account. The top one was taken in Brighton and the bag below is from Dorothy Perkins in Londres. Easy now crazy looking horses.

Monday Morning

Jeans and tea.

Sunday, January 10


Hi guys. I've given the blog a bit of a makeover. It's made my previous posts look a bit bonkers so for now, it's just this one post on the landing page. As I add more images that are the new size, I'll continue with about 5 posts a page. Apologies if that made no sense at all, I don't even understand it myself. Alright, enough technical jabber, I hope you like the new look!

Image: Me, Inspiration: The very clever Stefant Alves

12:00pm Durban

Hello. It's so hot in Durbs today. I want the rain and thunder back. Going to have pumpkin ravioli on rocket now. Yum.

Saturday, January 9

Flickr Funsies

Hello guys. I've just made a flickr account. It's mostly full of touristy stuff at the mo' but I'm gonna try keep it going with everyday pictures. You can have a looksie here.

Friday, January 8

Raspberries and Music

Hello. I took these pics when I got home today. Now it's time to get ready because I'm off to watch Thomas Krane at Market tonight. Should be good. I hope you have a nice night whatever you are doing. Bye x

Tea and Carrot Juice

Good morning guys. I was having a look through a bunch of images I've hearted here. And so, a bit of Friday inspiration perhaps?