Thursday, December 31

Happy Birthday New Year Bridget

One of my besties is turning 27 at the stroke of midnight! Happy Birthday New Year Bridget! We've been buds since we were eleven. Back then we wore alot of flannel and made up dances to Offspring songs. Sad but true. We even did our Standard 7 oral on Beavis and Butthead which we thought was high-larious. Our teachers did not. These days, Bridge lives on a fancypants yacht in the Caribbean and I miss her heaps and stacks. Here are some pics of us from over the years. Having gone through these, I have decided that my Number One New Year's resolution is to stop sticking my tongue out in pics. Sies man Lauren.

Partaying at Phar Side at the end of Matric. The red hair and top. Yessshk. Bridget in very cool white spiderweb top.

New Year's Eve 2001. So smooth.

Bridget comes home to visit us in 2007. Nikki, I don't know.

My birthday in 2009. Bridget gets engaged a few days later. Nice one lady!

Hello little blog. Happy New Year everyone!

Dear Glossary,
I have not forgotten about you. I'm just taking a little break from blogging for a bit. You can blame Kiefer Sutherland. That dang 24 is just so good, I can't stop watching it. I'll write soon, promise.

Hello nice visitors,
Thanks for popping in. I can hardly believe 2010 is just a day away. That's a whole ten years since I finished highschool, blimey. I wish you a super New Year full of love, light, health and happiness. 'Clink Clink!'


Sunday, December 27

Chill Time

Holidays are the best. So far, I've spent the sunny days outdoors listening to Fleet Foxes (love, love!) and the rainy ones, watching Season 1 and 2 of The Office (thank you Santa!) I could quite happily spend the whole week doing just that. Hope you're having a nice break wherever you are.

Friday, December 25

Merry Merry

Hello guys,
Thank you for the popping in and posting such nice festive wishes. I hope you've had a lovely day filling up on the annual mountain of Quality Streets and roast spuds. I'm wrapping up the festivities with Freddie Prince Jnr and Julia Stiles, a Christmas prezzie from me to me. Here is a super close-up shot of my new DVD and my eye. Super stuff. Night night, x

Tuesday, December 22


I finally watched it and I loved it.

'So, little Amelie, your bones aren't made of glass. You can take life's knocks. If you let this chance go by, eventually your heart will become as dry and brittle as my skeleton. So... Go and get him, for pete's sake!'

Monday, December 21

London Snow

I've just heard it's falling again. It seems the Londoners may have themselves a white Christmas. How wonderful! And how cool is this? You can view live weather cams and see the snowy city. It's a little bit like being there. Sort of.

Pink Packages

Look what I got today! A package full of pink lovelies from my friend, Nadia. What a stellar mate, she even made me a bow hair slide ala Sandra. And see the heart paperweight? I've been eyeing these out for an age and now I have one. Hurrah! Thank you Nads. You made my day. x

5 Things

Just because:)

Sunday, December 20


Yesterday a whole bunch of us wandered the last I Heart Market of the year and watched our friends, Thomas Krane, play a lovely lunchtime set at Bean Bags. My point and shoot did it's best to capture the festivities indoors. This is how it looked.

Flags and dresses everywhere.

Three of the lads of Thomas Krane. So brilliant and sweet they are.

Taneal's hair was pinned all pretty.

A fine ceiling of umbrellas. Nikki says you can get these at Everlast. Yes!

Taneal and I toasted the holidays with pink drinks.

Nikki's little Hunter celebrated with some milk.

Then we took the kiddies outside. Nikki was wearing a fantastic coat. A mere 40 zars it was from the Hospice. Good job lady.

Hunter was rocking some seriously cool loafers.

Then it was time for Kaylen to have a swing in the park.

And take more photos.

Then the rain started to fall again so we all went home. I think it has rained more here in the past 2 months than it did for an entire year in London.

I bought a few lovelies from the Market.

Notecards from Cupcake Couture, gift tags from Lisa and Jo, a VW from Danka and a corsage from Mini Me. All in all a fine start to the holidays!

Friday, December 18

Elsa in Wonderland

The lovely Sandra has introduced us to her friend, Elsa. She has bright red hair and a wardrobe stuffed with dresses. Her beautiful blog is in Swedish but Google Translate will do it's best to turn it into English for you. If I had a gazillion zars, I would book a ticket to Sweden and take both Sandra and Elsa for tea. Hopefully they wouldn't think I was weird or anything. Ok, bye. x

Hello Angie, nice blog you have.

I was perusing the awesomeness of Nicole's blog, when I spotted a link to this here blog. It's called Lucky Pony and it belongs to one Angie Pants Batis. If you're not already following, pop your head in when you get a mo. There are little lambs wearing Nicole Richie's sunglasses and about 1 million bows. I'm coming for that jar of Nutella Angie. Not really. Maybe. Good stuff.

Thursday, December 17

Happy Thursday

Thanks to Mr Potta for telling us about this!
Funsies. Have lovely evenings. Mwah!

Analog Blogging?

I made a pinboard! My mum is the queen of these things so it was bound to catch on one day. Look closely and you might even spot something you've given me. Hee.

My clever mate, Matt, took these pics with a Canon 40D and the lens of my dreams - the Canon EF 50MM 1.8. Ah.

Wednesday, December 16


I believe it's falling in London today. Wish I was there. One of my friends is snuggled up beside the fireplace in her houseboat on the Thames. Ahhh.

Tuesday, December 15

Surprises in the airwaves

As I switched on the radio yesterday, a beautiful song started to play. At first I thought it was Placebo but it...this sounds like Death Cab for Cutie. DJ Fresh confirmed it. It's Death Cab with their new single, 'Meet me on the Equinox.' This band has to be one of our decade's finest. A modern Crowded House perhaps?
You can meet me here.

Meet me on the Equinox
Meet me half way
When the sun is perched at it's highest peek
In the middle of the day

Let me give my love to you
Let me take your hand
As we walk in the dimming light
Or darling understand

That everything, everything ends
That everything, everything ends

Meet me on your best behavior
Meet me at your worst
For there will be no stone unturned
Or bubble left to burst

Let me lay beside you, Darling
Let me be your man
And let our bodies intertwine
But always understand

That everything, everything ends
That everything, everything ends
That everything, everything, everything ends

A window
An opened tomb
The sun crawls
Across your bedroom
A halo
A waiting room
Your last breaths
Moving through you

As everything, everything ends
As everything, everything ends
As everything, everything, everything
Everything, everything, everything ends

Meet me on the Equinox
Meet me half way
When the sun is perched at it's highest peek
In the middle of the day

Let me give my love to you
Let me take your hand
As we walk in the dimming light
Or darling understand

That everything, everything ends