Sunday, December 20


Yesterday a whole bunch of us wandered the last I Heart Market of the year and watched our friends, Thomas Krane, play a lovely lunchtime set at Bean Bags. My point and shoot did it's best to capture the festivities indoors. This is how it looked.

Flags and dresses everywhere.

Three of the lads of Thomas Krane. So brilliant and sweet they are.

Taneal's hair was pinned all pretty.

A fine ceiling of umbrellas. Nikki says you can get these at Everlast. Yes!

Taneal and I toasted the holidays with pink drinks.

Nikki's little Hunter celebrated with some milk.

Then we took the kiddies outside. Nikki was wearing a fantastic coat. A mere 40 zars it was from the Hospice. Good job lady.

Hunter was rocking some seriously cool loafers.

Then it was time for Kaylen to have a swing in the park.

And take more photos.

Then the rain started to fall again so we all went home. I think it has rained more here in the past 2 months than it did for an entire year in London.

I bought a few lovelies from the Market.

Notecards from Cupcake Couture, gift tags from Lisa and Jo, a VW from Danka and a corsage from Mini Me. All in all a fine start to the holidays!