Tuesday, January 31

New Work Space: Before Pictures

A bunch of white walls and open windows? This is what I'm living for at the moment. We move into our new office space on Friday and I beyond psyched. The timber floor is being laid down and soon the air will smell of hot coffee and freshly printed pages. I can't wait to unpack our books and set up our new trestle table desks. I'll bung up some of our look and feel inspiration next. And of course, the 'After' pics will follow when we're all settled in. That epic crate book display lives in the agency that will soon be our neighbour. Best part is? We're still close to my beloved deli. x


Monday, January 30

Terrible Blackberry pics - NOT Instagram

This is a ridic post I teed up the other day....actually have quite a few pics to blog but don't have my SD card on me...blah blah blah...let's look on at the randomness, shall we?

I keep going on about how badly I want an Iphone and when people ask why, I sheepishly reply, 'Erm, for Instagram.' Ha. I would freaking Instagram EVERYTHING if I had an Iphone. Would be seriously obnoxious. So as a crummy substitute and to take the mick a little, I downloaded my grainy BB pics and edited them ala Instagram. Haha, so lame.

If anyone is remotely interested, aka: bored to death, this is what we're looking at here: My granny hangers, Biscuits from my local deli - had had to WEAN myself off them, Easter Egg loot last year (shame, I did get more than two eggs), took the day off work and dressed my dog up for the Royal Wedding (I know, I know), epic Easter display at the mall, daisies on my desk, an exhibition I went to one morning when it empty (and epic), my dog wants her own blog, notebook from Nadia, a blogshop package I mailed off, my deskmate Cathy bought me Jelly Tots!, I bought Tracy candyhearts and a vintage kerchief for myself, Cathy bought me roses when I was in Marie Claire - bless, last year's pinboard, I got the kids combo when I went to watch Pearl Jam 20, Cathy got me cakepops for my 29th!, Saturday night skirt, new cushions in my flat, practicing my reading for Tracy's wedding - I shook so much, the pastor had to hold it for me!, an epic storm in PMB - I live for stormy nights, there is a beer called Laurentina! And that's that!

Thursday, January 26

View from a roof

On Saturday I went to a mini rooftop party and it was epic. Durban looks celestial at night.
I wish to spend many more nights on rooftops in 2012. x

Wednesday, January 25

60 Things

I nicked this list off Sandra's blog! Some of the questions have odd phrasing - think it's the translation from Swedish to English. Us girls love listing random things, don't we? x

1. How old are you in five years? 35 (gulp)
2. Who did you spend at least two hours with today? My desk mate.
3. How tall are you? I vaguely remember someone measuring me as 157cm.
4. What is the last movie you saw? 30 Minutes or Less. Had to pause it I was cracking up so much.
5. Who called you last? My boss
6. Who did you called last? My boss.
7. What was the last text message you received? “You are the best pre-paid deal at the moment.” Had previously texted my boss to say I’d got him the best pre-paid 3G data deal on the market and that was his reply. Ha. We kid!
8. Do you prefer calling or texting? I get so far with BBM and Whatsapp and then I end up calling people when it comes to plans!
9. Are your parents married or divorced? Married
10. When did you last see your mother? Last Friday
11. What color eyes do you have? Green
12. When did you wake up today? 7:07 and snoozed five times!
13. What is your favorite Christmas song? All I want for Christmas is you – from the Love Actually soundtrack.
14. What is your favorite place? Hmmmm, any leafy London park. Or my bed. Or my parents backyard with my dogs in my lap.
15. What place do you prefer the least? I used to panic in open spaces funnily enough. Couldn't bear to go to the country cuz I thought I would be bored senseless. My heart longs for big bustly cities but suddenly I’m craving trips in snowy mountains.
16. Where do you think you will find yourself in ten years? Hopefully living in a bright, lofty apartment with lots of natural night, a timber staircase and a tall library crammed with books. And hopefully a glossy white Labrador will follow me around between rooms and sit by my feet while I make tea.
17. What scared you about the night as a child? Geckos falling me and bad guys coming into attack me. Think life in South Africa will do that to you.
18. What made you really laugh last? Anslyn bemoaning his pizza delivery guy. Haha.
19. How big is your bed? Queen
20. Do you have desktop or laptop computer? Laptop at home.
21. Do you sleep with or without clothes on you? TMI – ha.
22. How many pillows do you have in bed? Three but only sleep with one beaten down relic which I whip out the cupboard every night.
23. How many provinces have you lived in? Two in South Africa.
24. Which cities have you lived in? Durban and London.
25. Do you prefer shoes, socks or bare feet? Socks
26. Are you social? Mostly but can also be shy and awkward on occasion
27. What is your favorite ice cream? Wakaberry is the new ice-cream!
28. What is your favorite dessert? Erm, wakaberry these days.
29. Do you like Chinese food? Sweet and sour prawns!
30. Do you like coffee? Occasionally, the good stuff we have at the office.
31. What do you have for breakfast? Fruit/muesli/toast.
32. Do you sleep on a particular side? Mostly on my back.
33. Can you play poker? I’m actually terrible at all card games including drinking games! Get alotta eye-ball rolling from my mates. But give me a game of 30 Seconds and I’m a happy camper.
34. Do you like to cuddle / snuggle? Who doesn’t?
35. Are you a dependent person? Much more independent these days.
36. Do you know anyone with the same birthday as you? Not off the top of my head
37. Do you have children? No
38. Do you know any other languages than English? A bit of Afrikaans. A smidgen of French and Zulu.
39. Have you ever driven an ambulance? Ha. No.
40. Do you prefer the ocean or a pool? I’m pathetic in the ocean! Just scream the whole time and embarrass everyone around me. So probably better at lazing in a lilo in the pool.
41. What do you spend any money on? Hair, deli lunches and clothes.
42. Do you have precious jewelry? A beautiful celtic-inspired engagement/wedding ring which is sitting in a special box. Sad.
43. What are your favorite shows on TV? Always Sunny in Philly, South Park, Mad Men….was literally obsessed with Lost for years. Joined forums and everything.
44. Can you roll your tongue? No idea. Ha.
45. Who is the funniest person you know? All my friends slay me.
46. Do you sleep with stuffed animals: Not anymore. Occasionally Hamish the stuffed dog. Ha.
47. What is your ringtone? Crazy for You by Best Coast. Used to be the Office theme song.
48. Do you still have clothes from when you were little? Yup, thanks for keeping ‘em mama.
49. What are you closest to you right now that is red? Ha. I’m eating raspberries.
50. Do you flirt much? I think us girls are often just being friendly but it translates as flirty. Been rapped on the knuckles for that before.
51. Can you change the oil on the car: Nope
52. Have you received speeding ticket ever: Yup
53. What was the last book you read? Busy reading a book on digital media.
54. Do you read a newspaper? I skim the front pages every morning and read more of the detail while waiting at the deli most days. Also tend to read the Yahoo homepage.
55. Subscribe to a magazine: No
56. Are you dancing in the car: Dancing and driving? What? Lols. No, but always singing.
57. Which radio station did you listen to you last? Can’t stand the local radio stations but loved the rock ones in the UK.
58. What was the last thing you scribbled down on paper? Some 3G details.
59. When were you at church last? Last Sunday
60. Are you happy? In some areas of my life, very - yes. Long to be happier. It’s a work-in-progress.

Monday, January 23

I Heart Market Street Style for Glamour

Howdy guys. These are a couple of shots I snapped for Glamour. Had the fun task of wandering around the Market and snapping some pics. They're by no means profesh but I had fun. Thanks to Casey and Nicola for juggling my Pimms and Lemonde while I was grappling with the cam! (After this, I realised how to set my camera to focus on people's eyes. But only after - le sigh! PS: Turns out it's a simple setting. Ha.) The rest live here. How adorable and smiley is everyone? Bless 'em.


Friday, January 20

Twenty things I’m grateful for today

An oldie but happy pic of me in Cambridge.
  1. This morning I awoke from a 12 hour sleep. 7 till 7 people! 7 till 7. Feel somewhat reborn today!
  2. I fell asleep to the sounds of trees rustling outside my little flat.
  3. Since, November, I've been living in a road I’ve always wanted to live in.
  4. I always said, if I ever lived there, I would walk the tree-lined streets of the neighbourhood and now I get to do that and it’s awesome.
  5. I'm blessed to work with a wonderful group of creative people who are not only exceptionally talented but down-to-earth as well.
  6. We’re moving our agency to new premises and I cannot wait to dig in with the decorating!
  7. My friends and I are turning 30 this year and I hope this means the gals abroad come to visit and throw some beeeeg parties.
  8. Winter is coming (Ok, it’s about 4 months away) but I’m amped!
  9. So far, I've stuck to all the resolutions I could stick to! Been walking, been more punctual, been eating better, spent more time outdoors and have thrown myself happily into work.
  10. BBM and Whatsapp has changed my life. I love being able to hear from my friends at all hours of the day. And I'm very grateful for Tammy’s calls from Oz and Bridget’s ‘Cartman’ impersonation sound clips from the BVIs!
  11. Every morning, I wake up to the gentle sounds of kids being dropped off at the church playschool next door and their little morning chatterings make me smile.
  12. I had always hoped I’d make it to New York by the time I was 30 but due to living a zillion miles away on a copywriter’s salary, it looks more likely that I’ll be lucky to make it to Cape Town. None the less, I’m psyched!
  13. Nadia and I have some exciting freelance projects planned. It’s just a matter of finding the precious time to do ‘em. Yoh, wouldn’t we all love more time.
  14. I’m grateful for my blog readers! I feel like such a one-sided blogger these days but you guys still check in on me and I really appreciate it.
  15. In 2011, I was reminded that people are truly awesome. My friends and family have played such an important role in my life over the past year and I love ‘em to bits.
  16. There is a cranberry Brutal Fruit waiting in my fridge. Ha.
  17.  I learnt to make a bad-ass Thai curry this year and it was epic.
  18. There are always people walking their dogs around my block. I am getting to know them quite well. Particularly fond of the brother and sister Jack Russel pair!
  19. I hauled out my electric guitar! Just gotta find some loot for an amp but I'm keen to start twanging again.
  20. My sweet mother re-strung my classical guitar. What a dahl.

And that’s my little list of happiness. How is 2012 treating you guys? Very well indeed I hope.

Tuesday, January 17

One of those (annoying?) 'sorry for not blogging' posts


Oi vey. Sorry for the lack of updates. Living and breathing work at the moment. In the throws of some epic projects. May have to start blogging about the adrenaline-filled world of advertising! If there's ever a reality show for the ad biz, I am signing up for that puppy. I live for nailing deadlines! x

PS: Ah ya hadn't noticed Gloss had simmered down? Ha. That's cool too.

Thursday, January 12

The Mama and Papa to be.

Here are some more pics from the Maternity shoot I did with Giselle and her hubby, Stu. I don't have alot of experience snapping people and it's not something I often dabble in because my lens isn't really up for it but Giselle asked so sweetly, I said I would give it a bash. Her and Stu are one truly, blissed-out couple! It's been a joy getting to know these guys. Thanks for the epic afternoon my lovely new friends. A few more coming soon. x


Tuesday, January 10

Yummy Mummy


Just a little peek at a maternity shoot I've been editing. Snapped sweet Giselle and her hubby on Sunday. Once I've given her the disc, I'll post some more. x

Thursday, January 5

'So little time to get the right words out'


Lols at the dinosaur!

There are no words to describe how much I love this song! Saffers, I know I am late to Aking but man, I am catching up quick I hope. I always thought Aking were a South African hip-hop band - I dunno - something about the name! Haha, sorry Aking. But then Bobby declared her undying love for them on her blog and seeing as her and I have identical taste in so many things, I thought, 'must make an effort to hear this band.' Then they came to Durbs the other day and the gig was rad but I was too pre-occupied with getting gum off my dress - maddening and embarrassing! Then a mate of mine gave me their first album and I've fallen head over heels completely in love with it. It feels so good to just LOVE a local band again. Ah, this song is so lovely. Give it a spin if you fancy! x

PS: The lyrics are "I'm in love and I'm tamed" - not, "I'm in love with duct tape" ala Lauren version!

Wednesday, January 4

A special Christmas box

The last of the prezzie posts! I don't mean to be all like, 'Check out my awesome gifts guys!' I just know you love pics of pretty things as much as I do! Nads and I did thrifty gifts for each other this year and this is what she gave me. Totally adorable! Excited to get my bake on. x


Tuesday, January 3

New Year's Eve

I used to LOVE New Year's Eve when I was younger. My friends and I would traditionally jump in my parent's pool at the stroke of midnight while blasting the Macarena. Eeesh! But since everyone has been scattered around the world over the past few years, I've tended to do low-key NY's. I found out that Nads usually also does something chilled but she suggested we just lower our grand NYE expectations and go out for drinks like we would any other night. After I had repackaged my thinking, I was like, 'Yes, let's do this!' So we went to a bar called Amsterdam and it was the most loltastic night ever. We had bought glitter canons and sparklers which I think the crowd appreciated! Trust us bloggers to bring props to the bar. Nadia - thank you for encouraging me to go out and an extra special thanks for bouncing about to Audioslave and Metallica with me - was totally epic!