Monday, January 30

Terrible Blackberry pics - NOT Instagram

This is a ridic post I teed up the other day....actually have quite a few pics to blog but don't have my SD card on me...blah blah blah...let's look on at the randomness, shall we?

I keep going on about how badly I want an Iphone and when people ask why, I sheepishly reply, 'Erm, for Instagram.' Ha. I would freaking Instagram EVERYTHING if I had an Iphone. Would be seriously obnoxious. So as a crummy substitute and to take the mick a little, I downloaded my grainy BB pics and edited them ala Instagram. Haha, so lame.

If anyone is remotely interested, aka: bored to death, this is what we're looking at here: My granny hangers, Biscuits from my local deli - had had to WEAN myself off them, Easter Egg loot last year (shame, I did get more than two eggs), took the day off work and dressed my dog up for the Royal Wedding (I know, I know), epic Easter display at the mall, daisies on my desk, an exhibition I went to one morning when it empty (and epic), my dog wants her own blog, notebook from Nadia, a blogshop package I mailed off, my deskmate Cathy bought me Jelly Tots!, I bought Tracy candyhearts and a vintage kerchief for myself, Cathy bought me roses when I was in Marie Claire - bless, last year's pinboard, I got the kids combo when I went to watch Pearl Jam 20, Cathy got me cakepops for my 29th!, Saturday night skirt, new cushions in my flat, practicing my reading for Tracy's wedding - I shook so much, the pastor had to hold it for me!, an epic storm in PMB - I live for stormy nights, there is a beer called Laurentina! And that's that!
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