Tuesday, March 25

Catch Up!

Hello guys! I can't tell ya how much I miss blogging here! Anyhow...I know the day will come when I'll have more time to play on Gloss again. Here are some snaps from Saturday's thrifting sesh and a bit of random news....

- Tall One has been staying with me while his place is being renovated. It's been the best! He's soooo easy and he steel-wools my pots CLEAN.
- He's also gotten me into the habit of getting up early. I HATE it for the first five minutes but then I'm ok. Guess this means I'm finally growing up!
- We've just had a long weekend in South Africa and it was utterly dreamy. I did a mega flat sort out and Instagrammed everything!
- Photography is a never-ending education. I am trying to learn about the printing side of things at the moment and that shiz is technical. Anyway, I really wanna keep learning so I can do something with this hobby one day.
- Autumn has arrived! It's my fave time of the year. Tall One and I are planning a trip to the Midlands to crunch through the colourful leaves.
- We are going to the car boot market soon to flog a bunch of stuff which I'm dead excited for.

And that's all I can think of. Chat soon. x

 photo IMG_7083.jpg photo IMG_7102.jpg photo IMG_7108-1.jpg photo IMG_7089.jpg photo IMG_7125.jpg photo IMG_7058-1.jpg

Wednesday, March 19

In the forest with Caryn

Guys - I want you to meet Jon's step-sister Caryn.
I met her last year at a family wedding and I loved her immediately! 
As ya can see, she's a bit of a free-spirit with a rock and roll edge! Caryn wanted to say goodbye to her wedding dress as she is beginning a new chapter in her life. So we took her through the forest and then dunked her in the dam! These are just a few shots out of 700 (!!!) x
   photo IMG_6725.jpg photo IMG_6402.jpg photo IMG_6555.jpg photo IMG_6678.jpg photo IMG_6783.jpg photo IMG_6559.jpg photo IMG_6930.jpg photo IMG_6948.jpg photo IMG_6515-2.jpg photo IMG_6702-2.jpg photo IMG_6540.jpg photo IMG_6403-2.jpg photo IMG_6669.jpg photo IMG_7008.jpg photo IMG_6863.jpg photo IMG_6721-1.jpg photo IMG_7013.jpg photo IMG_6932.jpg

Monday, March 10

My Gran's Birthday Outing!

My mom, aunt and I took my gran to Rosehurst for her birthday! It's become a bit of a tradition for us to go there for birthdays now. We just lose our minds over all the prettiness!   
Hope you all had lush weekends? x
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Sunday, March 2

Maternity Shoot with Jess & Ross

I've had to set Smitten aside over the last six months while I've been channeling all my energy into my day job - but - I got an email from Jess that I just couldn't say no to. She asked if I'd be keen to do a maternity shoot for her and her husband, Ross. She just sounded so darn sweet that it made me go, "Ah heck, let's give this a bash!" We had such a great afternoon running around a Nature Reserve in Hillcrest. You can just sense how in love these cats are. Jess and Ross - I wish you all the best with your little bundle of joy. Thanks for letting me be a part of this special time. x
 photo IMG_6109.jpg
 photo IMG_5906.jpg photo IMG_6017.jpg photo IMG_5918.jpg photo IMG_6090-1.jpg photo IMG_5988.jpg photo IMG_6137.jpg photo IMG_6037.jpg photo IMG_5764.jpg photo IMG_5895.jpg photo IMG_5926.jpg photo IMG_6170.jpg photo IMG_5867.jpg photo IMG_6095-1.jpg photo IMG_6048-1.jpg photo IMG_6085-1.jpg photo IMG_6010.jpg photo IMG_5954.jpg photo IMG_6162.jpg