Tuesday, October 29

The giveaway winner is....

 Gaelyn! Congrats sweets, you have won the Printwild giveaway!

 photo gae.jpg

Sorry for the tumbleweeds around here. I am unplugging for the week to finish off a couple of projects and spend time with my bestie who is down from the BVIs. We'll chat soon though! x

Wednesday, October 23

Kitchen Keepsakes

We all know about my kitchen trinket obsession, ahem, ahem. I picked up this cute teacup at Rosehurst the other day and Giselle treated me to the pyrex bowl and retro scale. 
Thank you friend, I love them! x

 photo IMG_2471.jpg photo IMG_2523-2.jpg photo IMG_2500.jpg photo IMG_2455.jpg photo IMG_2496.jpg photo IMG_2517.jpg

Tuesday, October 22

Under the lemon tree

I went round to visit Jennakins the other day. She shrieked when she saw my new hair colour (bless her cotton socks), ran out the door and BAM - it slammed shut behind her, officially locking us outside! I had planned to snap some shots of Jenna but all her bits and pieces were locked inside so she snapped a few of yours truly, posing awkwardly with the lemons. I am totally killing the floral crown trend but I'm ok with it - I've been waiting for it to be socially acceptable to wear these things in public since I was five years old. Also, I haven't quite outgrown my goth phase. x

 photo IMG_2202.jpg photo IMG_2254.jpg photo IMG_2245.jpg photo IMG_2290-1.jpg photo IMG_2302.jpg photo IMG_2414.jpg photo IMG_2250.jpg photo IMG_2291.jpg photo IMG_2301.jpg photo IMG_2211.jpg photo IMG_2306.jpg photo IMG_2255.jpg photo IMG_2223.jpg

Monday, October 21

GIVEAWAY! One of your fave photos, printed and framed

Word up!! Who wants to win this epic A3 frame from Printwild? (Well, it won't have me in it!) They'll pop a photo of your choice into this badboy. The printing and frame is worth 684 Ronds! (The kind folks at Printwild treated me to one a while ago and I love it.) All ya gotta do is tell me about your favourite photo - why is it special to you? The winner will be drawn at random a week from now. 

This giveaway is only open to South African readers.
If the prize isn't claimed within two weeks, I shall redraw :)

 photo IMG_2440.jpg

Stationery Surprise!

On Monday, I arrived at work to find a box of stamps and a pack of stationery on my desk! Thank you so much Lisa! I love it all to bits. The pack also included some hot pink tickets and a silver pencil which live on my desk at work. Imagine kicking off every Monday with new stationery!? You'll also spot a few bits from Typo and tape from Washibug which I bagged the other day.  x  PS: Check back here later today for a giveaway!

 photo IMG_2547.jpg photo IMG_2648-2.jpg photo IMG_2597.jpg photo IMG_2626.jpg photo IMG_2608.jpg photo IMG_2651.jpg photo IMG_2536.jpg photo IMG_2558.jpg photo IMG_2611.jpg photo IMG_2622.jpg

Tuesday, October 15

Pretty Things

Just a few pretties keeping me company at my desk.
 Need to snap some of the other birthday goodies I treated myself to! 
Was a fairly thrifty haul. x

 photo IMG_1665.jpg photo IMG_1685.jpg photo IMG_1679.jpg photo IMG_1729-1.jpg photo IMG_1728.jpg

Monday, October 14

Five Things

  1. My brother will board a plane today and fly to Oz. I'm not gonna go all emo on myself. Rather, I am getting excited, thinking of the mega adventure that lies ahead for him! Travel safe, brother bear. I'm gonna miss ya.
  2. I am however, bummed about him leaving after he's just gotten into photography! He's pretty darn good and we could have gone on a million photo missions together. Arrrhhhh!
  3. I got my ombre on this weekend! I always like to dip into the trends three thousand years after they've passed. It's a work in progress. My hairdresser wants to work on 'the blend and fade.' Also, it turns out after dying my hair for fifty million years, I actually do like my natural colour. Bonus.
  4. Sunday naps with Tall One have become the highlight of my week. 
  5. I can sort of strum Young Pilgrims on guitar now! 
 photo IMG_1594.jpg photo IMG_1631-2.jpg photo IMG_1573.jpg photo IMG_1614.jpg photo IMG_1589.jpg photo IMG_1624.jpg

Wednesday, October 9

Gen's "I Love" Wedding Fair

Gen hosted a beautiful alternative wedding fair this weekend. If you're planning on getting hitched, chat to Gen - she knows the coolest cats around who will help make your day super special. x

 photo IMG_1362.jpg photo IMG_1451.jpg photo IMG_1353-1.jpg photo IMG_1372.jpg photo IMG_1504.jpg photo IMG_1323-1.jpg photo IMG_1211.jpg photo IMG_1408.jpg photo IMG_1366-1.jpg photo IMG_1234.jpg photo IMG_1271.jpg photo IMG_1498.jpg photo IMG_1488.jpg photo IMG_1397.jpg photo IMG_1418-1.jpg photo IMG_1479.jpg photo IMG_1341-1.jpg photo IMG_1370-1.jpg photo IMG_1496.jpg photo IMG_1327.jpg photo IMG_1553.jpg photo IMG_1181.jpg photo IMG_1201.jpg photo IMG_1470.jpg photo IMG_1294.jpg