Wednesday, October 9

Gen's "I Love" Wedding Fair

Gen hosted a beautiful alternative wedding fair this weekend. If you're planning on getting hitched, chat to Gen - she knows the coolest cats around who will help make your day super special. x

 photo IMG_1362.jpg photo IMG_1451.jpg photo IMG_1353-1.jpg photo IMG_1372.jpg photo IMG_1504.jpg photo IMG_1323-1.jpg photo IMG_1211.jpg photo IMG_1408.jpg photo IMG_1366-1.jpg photo IMG_1234.jpg photo IMG_1271.jpg photo IMG_1498.jpg photo IMG_1488.jpg photo IMG_1397.jpg photo IMG_1418-1.jpg photo IMG_1479.jpg photo IMG_1341-1.jpg photo IMG_1370-1.jpg photo IMG_1496.jpg photo IMG_1327.jpg photo IMG_1553.jpg photo IMG_1181.jpg photo IMG_1201.jpg photo IMG_1470.jpg photo IMG_1294.jpg
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