Monday, October 14

Five Things

  1. My brother will board a plane today and fly to Oz. I'm not gonna go all emo on myself. Rather, I am getting excited, thinking of the mega adventure that lies ahead for him! Travel safe, brother bear. I'm gonna miss ya.
  2. I am however, bummed about him leaving after he's just gotten into photography! He's pretty darn good and we could have gone on a million photo missions together. Arrrhhhh!
  3. I got my ombre on this weekend! I always like to dip into the trends three thousand years after they've passed. It's a work in progress. My hairdresser wants to work on 'the blend and fade.' Also, it turns out after dying my hair for fifty million years, I actually do like my natural colour. Bonus.
  4. Sunday naps with Tall One have become the highlight of my week. 
  5. I can sort of strum Young Pilgrims on guitar now! 
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