Friday, December 26

Too knackered to title this shiz!

Holla holla! I hope you had a good Crimbo? I went for boho vibes {I recently discovered the Rachel Zoe Project on Youtube and am now obsessed with all things boho again} but instantly switched to awkward swim shorts and cozzie vibes as it was like, forty degrees in Durban! So I feel like I should be scribbling a sentimental summary of the past year but I'm literally just sitting here going, "It's the end of the year? Christmas has come and GONE?" I feel like I'm still trying to catch my breath. So I'm just going to sit here, drinking champers and watching a Kardashian marathon while I numb the noggin for a while! I hope you're having a relaxing chill out wherever you are. Much love. x

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Wednesday, December 24

Merry merry!

Guys! Just wanted to say merry merry! I hope you all have a lovely day tomoz. Today was my first day of leave and it was heaven! I'm dying to catch up on blogging now that I have some spare time on my hands but soon, soon...right now, Tall One and I are all tucked in for our first Christmas eve in the cottage. The champers is chillin', the roast is cookin', the lights are twinklin' and Jurassic Park is playin'...ahhhh, total relaxation, just the two of us. Sending you all snugs and love. x

Monday, December 15

Portia and her littles

I just wanted to share a few snaps from a shoot I recently did with one of my colleagues and her 
beautiful kids. Our new hood is filled with epic spots that I need to explore and jot down for shoots. x

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Friday, December 12

Prom Night!

We rounded off a wild year at work with Prom Night yesterday! I don't own anything vaguely promesque {I went to my high school dance in a last-minute-store-bought dress} so Jennakins and I hired some full skirts and doused ourselves in glitter. There is literally glitter all over our homes, cars and desks and probably will be for the next six months. As for the hurrrr....I've always loved sixties hair do's so it was a great excuse to finally have my tresses teased to the heavens! Now, in other news, I am blogging this bad boy from our new COUCH! After living on a bed for three years, I can truthfully refer to Gloss as "scribbles from a sofa" again....{see blog header above}. x

 photo IMG_2449.jpg photo IMG_2415-1.jpg photo IMG_2457.jpg photo IMG_2472.jpg
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Tuesday, December 2

The Christmas Tree Farm

Holler! So we've been living in our little cottage for just over a month already and I'm happy to report that I am no longer bursting into tears! In the past two weeks, I have befriended some store assistants {see this post!}, figured out what shops live where and I freak out every time we go for a walk because our hood is just so ridiculously picturesque. I would instagram every postbox and flower bed if my phone camera wasn't bust! It still cracks us up that we found such a cheap and cheerful rental in well, such a larny part of the world! That said - we have had a few, er, challenges. Our geyser burst on Saturday and after doing everything we could to mop up the mess, Jon suggested we take a drive to the Christmas Tree Farm. That's right, people. There is a farm here dedicated to Christmas Trees! Having been a city girl for the past ten years, this sorta stuff gets me seriously psyched. So we drove through the drizzle to visit the trees and picked out the handsome chap below who is now twinkling in our lounge. I cannot wait to get my nest on in the holidays! 

In other news, I bought the necklace below from Checkers of all places {while spending a hideous amount of moolah on decorations}, and got a Shellac manicure which I was helluva skeptical about. Shellac is a hard-wearing nail polish which is meant to last two weeks and so far, it's survived me dealing with a drowned cottage and hours of typing. Let's see if we make to the end of week two. Now, have you been? x

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