Friday, December 12

Prom Night!

We rounded off a wild year at work with Prom Night yesterday! I don't own anything vaguely promesque {I went to my high school dance in a last-minute-store-bought dress} so Jennakins and I hired some full skirts and doused ourselves in glitter. There is literally glitter all over our homes, cars and desks and probably will be for the next six months. As for the hurrrr....I've always loved sixties hair do's so it was a great excuse to finally have my tresses teased to the heavens! Now, in other news, I am blogging this bad boy from our new COUCH! After living on a bed for three years, I can truthfully refer to Gloss as "scribbles from a sofa" again....{see blog header above}. x

 photo IMG_2449.jpg photo IMG_2415-1.jpg photo IMG_2457.jpg photo IMG_2472.jpg
 photo IMG_2450.jpg
 photo IMG_2419-1.jpg
 photo IMG_2487.jpg photo IMG_2479.jpg
 photo IMG_2456.jpg photo IMG_2413-1.jpg photo IMG_2446.jpg
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