Sunday, April 27

An Autumn Date

Tall One and I went on a leaf-crunching date to the Animal Yard today! Also, Saffers, isn't this just the best year for public holidays? I am loving these long weekends. x
PS: 'Scuse the dress wrinkles. Ironing is not my strong point. 
  photo IMG_7758.jpg photo IMG_7780.jpg photo IMG_7865.jpg photo IMG_7792.jpg photo IMG_7807.jpg photo IMG_7722.jpg photo IMG_7786.jpg photo IMG_7743.jpg photo IMG_7820.jpg photo IMG_7728-1.jpg photo IMG_7842.jpg photo IMG_7857.jpg photo IMG_7846.jpg photo IMG_7840.jpg photo IMG_7867.jpg photo IMG_7878.jpg photo IMG_7870.jpg photo IMG_7767-1.jpg

Friday, April 25

Just a couple 'o crazy cats

 photo 1-13.jpg

So, this guy and I celebrated our one year Pandaversary month ago! We actually had a few false starts (which we won't get into - here or ever!) so it feels alot longer than a year to me. We commemorated the occasion by watching a Bryan Adams DVD - sounds pretty tame I know but the night ended with a neighbour knocking on the door telling us to turn the ruckus down! Who can resist a little "Summer of 69!?" I was singing into a hairbrush at this point - stone sober I might add. I have already wished this cat but I decided this milestone had to live on the blog as well. So happy happy to us! We are off to the Midlands next weekend to get our leaf-crunching romance on. x

Thursday, April 24

The Car Boot Market!

Tall One and I recently flogged some old stuff at the Greyville Car Boot Market! This was not pretty, vintage stuff, my friends. This was RANDOM old cr@p. I'm talking toilet brushes, half bottles of moisturizer, burnt candles and my brother's old shark posters. Believe it or not, we pretty much sold it all! Over the years, my bro and I have been storing stuff at my parent's house and it was getting a bit ridiculous. There was so much old junk that we weren't using and it was time to just get rid of it all! We did donate loads of it to charity but we also decided to sell some for the experience. Ok, and also for a little extra loot! This market is CRAY CRAY. The first time we did it, we were SWARMED with crowds and it was actually a little frightening to be honest. Ours was by far the cheapest erm, boot! We decided to try and beat the crowds the second time and rocked up in the dark at 5am but again, people rushed up to our car with torches asking, "Have you got pots, pans, shoes????!!" Once we'd calmed those folks down, we unpacked our wares and got to selling and had a great day of sales. The whole experience is so hilarious, we may just do it again! So if you have any junk you wanna offload, call us! We will take it away and flog it. These are just a few snaps of some of the things I spotted there. x

 photo IMG_7467.jpg photo IMG_7510.jpg photo IMG_7463.jpg photo IMG_7496.jpg photo IMG_7499.jpg photo IMG_7460.jpg photo IMG_7477.jpg photo IMG_7482.jpg photo IMG_7483.jpg photo IMG_7508.jpg photo IMG_7501.jpg photo IMG_7464.jpg

Wednesday, April 23

New desk cheer!

Word! I just wanted to show you guys a few cute things that are cheering up my desk. Most of it is thrifted and a few bits are from Typo. I printed the polaroids with 250 Gram and I'm in LOVE with them! These guys will print your instagrams for four Ronds a print so it's an affordable treatski. Oh, I also printed a book with Printstagram but I wasn't wild about the quality. The 250s are the way to go. Make your own book! Last but not least, the yellow bunnies were a gift from Candi. Jon is convinced I'm gonna contract some horrible disease from the phone but I'll disinfect that sucker! 
   photo IMG_7703-2.jpg photo IMG_7584.jpg photo IMG_7615.jpg photo IMG_7634.jpg photo IMG_7645.jpg photo IMG_7638.jpg photo 2-13.jpg photo IMG_7619.jpg photo IMG_7586.jpg photo 1-12.jpg photo IMG_7658.jpg photo IMG_7683.jpg photo IMG_7622.jpg photo IMG_7665.jpg photo IMG_7693.jpg

Tuesday, April 22

Caryn and Tiffany's romp through the reeds!

Holla! I am ALIIIVEEEE! But you will know that if you follow on me on Instagram where I obnoxiously enthusiastically "post" a lot there these days! I swear my iPhone takes better pics than my friggen Canon sometimes. There has been a fair bit I've wanted to blog lately but time, it runneth away from me. Anyhow, let's catch up starting with these happy snaps! My second to last post was a "Trash the Dress" shoot I did with Jon's sister, Caryn. Well, her daughter, Tiffany, has just returned to South Africa after six years in Scotland. The four of us went camping this weekend and on a whim, I decided a little Mother-Daughter shoot was in order! This was a totes spontaneous ramble through the reeds but I think the pics are so sweet. And don't you love that the Black Labels made the cut! I can't tell you how much I lucked out with his fam - they are the nicest people ever and I am not just saying that to clock up brownie points! After this, I'll share some snaps of some recently thrifted bits and pieces - stay tuned. x

 photo IMG_7183.jpg photo IMG_7216.jpg photo IMG_7250.jpg photo IMG_7210.jpg photo IMG_7263.jpg photo IMG_7429.jpg photo IMG_7279.jpg photo IMG_7351.jpg photo IMG_7275.jpg photo IMG_7445.jpg photo IMG_7317.jpg photo IMG_7266.jpg photo IMG_7249.jpg photo IMG_7188.jpg photo IMG_7420.jpg photo IMG_7434.jpg photo IMG_7215.jpg photo IMG_7252.jpg