Tuesday, April 22

Caryn and Tiffany's romp through the reeds!

Holla! I am ALIIIVEEEE! But you will know that if you follow on me on Instagram where I obnoxiously enthusiastically "post" a lot there these days! I swear my iPhone takes better pics than my friggen Canon sometimes. There has been a fair bit I've wanted to blog lately but time, it runneth away from me. Anyhow, let's catch up starting with these happy snaps! My second to last post was a "Trash the Dress" shoot I did with Jon's sister, Caryn. Well, her daughter, Tiffany, has just returned to South Africa after six years in Scotland. The four of us went camping this weekend and on a whim, I decided a little Mother-Daughter shoot was in order! This was a totes spontaneous ramble through the reeds but I think the pics are so sweet. And don't you love that the Black Labels made the cut! I can't tell you how much I lucked out with his fam - they are the nicest people ever and I am not just saying that to clock up brownie points! After this, I'll share some snaps of some recently thrifted bits and pieces - stay tuned. x

 photo IMG_7183.jpg photo IMG_7216.jpg photo IMG_7250.jpg photo IMG_7210.jpg photo IMG_7263.jpg photo IMG_7429.jpg photo IMG_7279.jpg photo IMG_7351.jpg photo IMG_7275.jpg photo IMG_7445.jpg photo IMG_7317.jpg photo IMG_7266.jpg photo IMG_7249.jpg photo IMG_7188.jpg photo IMG_7420.jpg photo IMG_7434.jpg photo IMG_7215.jpg photo IMG_7252.jpg
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