Monday, November 30

Hello nice person

This is my friend Nikki. Isn't she lovely?

We've been friends since playschool. Back then we used to rock some awesome luminous t-shirts with rolled up socks. I love her to bits because she's a cracking good mate and a little bit bonkers. For instance, she only has eight grains of coffee in her morning cuppa (???), she took a days leave just so she could finish the fourth Twilight book and, half way though Saturday's NONONO party, she insited we cab it home, swop our highheels for flip-flops and head back to dance in more sensible shoeware. Between cups of hot milky water, she takes wonderful photographs and emails me things she knows I'll love. Here are some my favourite Nikki pics. x

Frock and Roll

On Mondays, I have to shake myself awake with loud, noisy music. Working, driving, cooking and cleaning must all be done to songs like this. A little bit of cheese didn't hurt anyone eh. Hee!

Image 1 / Image 2 / Image 3

Comment Box Gremlins

Hello there, I've been having a bit of trouble commenting on blogs that have an embedded comment box below the post. I select Google profile but still no luck. Is it just me? Am I having a bit of a blonde moment? Is this a job for the IT crowd?

Movie Sunday

Sundays can be terribly depressing. This is why we must find lovely ways to spend the day. Because the rain was falling and my feet were perished from Saturday dancing, we spent the whole day watching movies and it was fantastic.

First we played the The Boat That Rocked by the brilliant Richard Curtis. It is the most wonderful film about pirate radio in the 1960's. Now I want to listen to Jimmy Hendrix records in dark, smoky corners.

Second, was Dan in Real Life starring one of my favourite actors, Steve Carrel. Dan takes his three daughters to spend Thanksgiving with his massive family at his parents' house in Rhode Island. Shortly after their arrival, Dan heads into town alone where he meets the beautiful Marie. They form an instant connection but Marie tells him Dan she has a boyfriend. When Dan returns to his parents house, he discovers that Marie is in fact his brother's new girlfriend. Perhaps it is a plot we've seen before but it's awfully sweet and touching.

And finally, a film I've been wanting to watch for so long now, the crazy cute Little Miss Sunshine. This is the story about a dysfunctional family who travel to California in a beaten up VW bug to enter their daughter in the Little Miss Sunshine beauty pageant. It's dark and funny and I am absolutely in love with little Olive.

Saturday, November 28

Saturday Night We Love You

Hurrah for new tops! Nikki and I wish you wonderful Saturday nights.
Brunette on a Budget ~ Blue Top, Mr Price, R69.00
Blonde on a Budget ~ Stripy Top, Edgars, R59.00

Friday, November 27

Today I wish

I was here

drinking this...

then meeting here...

to watch these guys

and I'd be wearing a heart-shaped purse

Thursday, November 26

Lunchtime Sunshine

Today was the first time I've sunk my feet into the Indian Ocean since getting back from London in May. The weather was lovely but the beachfront is in pieces. Bulldozers are digging and developing the walkways into a super seaside for 2010. The sea and sand is still there though!


Matt and I are going to the beach at lunch with his bright orange Fisheye and my borrowed Holga. Hopefully the sun stays shiny so I can shoot my second roll of film. Here's some candy floss for you and a little Thursday inspiration. x

Wednesday, November 25

40 Minutes

Niotillfem's, Sandra Beijer, is holding a wonderful competition on her blog. The other day, she invited her visitors to send in a picture that makes them truly happy and a brief explanation why. Now, she's chosen her top twenty pictures and the voting for a winner begins. All the submissions are so very special but my favourite is Linnsejj's. Google has done it's best to translate her Swedish into English which makes for an even more endearing read.

''In 40 minutes. In 40 minutes he lay on the floor, I sat next to. He played for me, songs he knew that I liked. We did not say much. Just "I do not tend to play to others, except you" and "You are playing unbelievable fine". It was the best night I have experienced. And the picture makes me smile wide every time, when I think about the 40 minutes he played and I listened, the moment that made my heart started beating properly again.''

We'll make it to the weekend together

These guys are great friends.

Happy Birthday Mum

Rainbows and fluffy puppies and carrot cake for you. x

All these pretty pictures found here.

Tuesday, November 24


Today I found a wonderful home for pictures and polaroids. These sweet storage boxes are from Fat Tuesday in Kloof. You can sit them beside your sofa and when your friends come round for tea, you can flick through all your photographs together. So cheerful and cheap at only R25 a box.


A big thank you to Emma Jane for featuring Glossary on her very fine blog. I feel so special. YAY. x

Emma + Diana Camera = Very happy lady


A sweet thing about summer is the arrival of sparkling scents in beautiful bottles. Today we play in the fragrance counter and choose our favourites for the season. I wish for Miss Dior Cherie, a delicious blend of green tangerine, strawberry leaf and caramelized popcorn. As the notes of summer's scents play on your skin, let me share with you three fine fragrance tips I recently discovered...

It's best to avoid dabbing your wrists together after applying perfume as this can alter the scent significantly. For a subtle alternative, dab some perfume on the back of your knees - the scent will drift upwards over the course of the day. Also, try putting on your perfume right after a shower, your pores will soak up the scent, keeping you smelling gorgeous for longer. Happy spritzing!

These eau so lovely pictures were found on

Monday, November 23

Three Stories

Images courtesy of We Heart It.

To Live and Love in Paris

I went to school with a girl called Lauren. She had long brown hair and big blue eyes, made for magazines and movies. We lost touch for many years but now we are reacquainted through Facebook. Today, she lives in Paris where she works as a model and actress. How lovely when dreams do come true. Here, she kisses her love, Zag, in the city of lights and macaroons.