Thursday, September 30

SA Fashion Week Wednesday: Day Time

Hi guys! Casey and I are back from our foray into fashion week and what a crazy thing it was! From lights falling on the runway to fashionista's scrapping over seating, it was quite the erm, eye opener for a rookie like myself! I thought I'd blog our daytime adventures and follow up with an evening post later. If you follow Case on Twitter, you would have heard the day kicked off with a comedy of errors or 'fashion fails' as Casey called 'em - the story of my life really! From my blue cheese spill in the Slow Lounge (cheese, of course) to putting the plane 'in jeopardy' with my Essie Grey nail polish (who knew nail polish was flammable? Probably everyone except me) to almost being fined R700 for sipping water in the Gautrain (ridiculous!) - it was one drama after the next. We finally arrived in Sandton and Casey's bestie, Nicole, scooped us up and took us to Wolves where we met all sorts of nice people including Emma Jane, Angie and Brett. After erm, 'wolfing down' the last of the cake crumbs (har har!) we headed to Nicole's amazing flat to get changed. I wanted to attempt a wittier and longer account of this all but I feel it's already a marathon of a post. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this glimpse into our day. Thanks for all the well wishes on Gloss and Twitter!


Everyone was just lovely, Wolves is amazing and I'll blog the shows when I've caught up my sleep. x

Tuesday, September 28

We're off on a fashion adventure!

Hi guys. Thanks again for the lovely bloggiversary wishes. In keeping with the festive vibes, I have a spot of exciting news to report. On Wednesday, Casey and I are flying to Jozi to attend the shows at SA Fashion Week. Or erm, Fashion Wednesday in our case. We're flying back early Thursday morning as we both have day jobs to get back to. I never would have thought I'd be attending a fashion week of sorts but if the likes of Kim Gordon can dip their toes in the fashiony river, then so can I! I'm actually going to cover the event for Gloss. A few months ago, I took a bit of a chance and applied for Media Accreditation and last week I received an email saying I'd been allocated an official pass. (I always say 'it never hurts to ask' although sometimes this results in mega cringey 'no's.') Having snagged a 'yes' in this instance, Casey and I booked a cheapish flight and on Wednesday we'll touch down in Jozi and catch the Gautrain into the city. I'm about as excited about the train ride as I am about the shows! It's so first-world - a speedy train in Africa! I've been trying to remain relaxed about the fashiony side of things but in all honesty, I've had a complete panic about what to wear. My wardrobe is a shambles of cheap chain buys - I must carve out some time to trawl Durban's (virtually hidden) vintage gems. Getting-ready theatrics are sure to ensue! While searching for a spark of outfit inspiration, I decided to do what zillions of bloggers have done before - make a collage of Alexa Chung! I can't help myself, she is the Yoda of clothes. My goal is to try and inject a little Alexa into whatever I wear. A bit tricky considering her legs alone are the height of me but anyway! Hopefully I'll see some of you there and when I return, I'll blog our trip in pics. x


Monday, September 27

Happy 1st Birthday Blog!

Glossary turned 1 years old yesterday! Thanks so much for the lovely bloggiversary wishes on Twitter! I can't believe it's been a year already. I don't know if I would have kept it up without you guys! I really appreciate you taking the time to pop in and write back or just read quietly from your desks/beds/sofas. Whether you drop by once in a while or every day, your support and encouragement means the world. To mark this bloggy milestone, I have two more giveaways coming up which are open to everyone so keep your peepers peeled for those. And, did you see Friday's giveaway? There's a Softlips and Bio Oil hamper up for grabs! But first, please help yourself to some digital cake from Bakerella. ( And I didn't mean to look so sneaky below!)


In a happy co-incidence, Glossary is this month's 'Hot Blog' in the October issue of Cosmo. October is my birthday month so it feels like the blog and I got an early birthday present. Thank you Cosmo for the lovely write up and welcome to those of you who have hopped across from the mag. x

Friday, September 24

Win a Softlips & Bio Oil Hamper!

'Sup friends! This week's giveaway is a Hamper of Softlips and Bio Oil goodies - just the stuff we need for buffing up this Spring! Bio Oil does wonders for getting rid of dreaded stretch marks and Soft Lips are the ticket to erm, soft and dewy smackers! To enter, simply leave a comment telling me what you'd pack in a spring picnic. The winner will be chosen at random next week Friday. This giveaway is only open to SA readers but please don't desert me yet readers abroad - the next two giveaways including clothing and lingerie - are open to everyone, everywhere. Good luck!


Prezzies & Visits

One of my school besties is down from the BVI's and last night we relived our youth by skulking around the local mall, bowling gutterballs (cringefest!), playing arcade games and quaffing milkshakes. We refrained from a doing a terrible rendition of Green Day Karaoke in public. Below are two lovely things she bought me - a floral purse and a pretty brooch. I was due for a new purse so that was a super surprise. Thanks Bridget aka Beavis! (Yup, we were kids of the 90's.)


Thursday, September 23

An outfit post - circa 1986!

Hi gang! Friday is Heritage Day in South Africa and a bunch of us bloggers are celebratin' with a post about SA history our  fave toys and outfits as kids - ha! I was sure I had a bunch of old pics (including a cracker of me in a lumo tiered frock) as scanned digitals but I could only find these pre-school pics which someone had put on Facebook. You think you've hidden the evidence of your youth away and then it surfaces on FB twenty years later! I'm guilty of doing this to my mates as well but I've since pulled those relics down. (Tracy, are we cool after the 'cheese curl stuffing' pic?)


My style definitely peaked in pre-school - it's been downhill since my mother stopped dressing me! Although to my credit, I apparently wouldn't leave the house unless I was 'matcha' ie: matched to the extreme! See exhibit A in the first pic. That was probably the last time I could ever pull of tartan slacks. Looks like I was going for 'T-Shirt Tassle Chic' in the second one. Loving the red and white dress on the gal beside me - can someone make these outfits in adult sizes!? Moving onto toys now. I have vivid memories of popping plastic toast out my mini-toaster (not much changed there except I've upgraded to Albany!) and wheeling a Fisher Price phone behind me (old habits die hard) but if forced to choose, I think my favourite toy was probably my Fisher Price record player which still miraculously works. Do they still make toys as hardy as that? My mom has saved it for me so that I can give it to my nippers one day. They'll probably be like, 'What the heck is a record?' Fisher Price will probably be making mini plastic iPods if they're not already. Actually, I think I just described iPods as they already are. Anyway, I'll also be celebrating by sleeping in and watching The Office heading out into the scenic country and soaking up some of that sunny SA weather!

I wish my fellow Saffers a Happy Heritage Day in advance! Check out the other blog posts on this theme on these great blogs: Fable Fairy, Bobbylicious , Gorilla is my friend , Kiss This Twice , Lucky Pony, Embracing Style, Cookie Jar, Farm Girl.Thanks to Fable Fairy for cooking up such a fun idea!

Wednesday, September 22

Nose-liner: A Spring 2010 Must-Have

Hey hey! Here are the (bigger) snaps from the shoot for Circus. A bunch of us bloggers were invited to ask a child to do our make up - funsies! I asked my God Daughter, Kaylynn and her talented mum, Nikki, snapped the pics. Please excuse my ridic expression in the second pic. Kaylynn on the other hand is a complete natural - watch your back Grace Coddington, there's a new stylist in town and she's pioneering the blue nose for Spring 2010. Totally rocking this look to work tomorrow!


They went with the top two pics. Personally I thought the freaky white eye one was the clear winner!

The winner of the Malée Beauty Hamper is....

Heidi aka Farm Girl! selected you as the winner of the Malée Beauty Hamper. Soon you will be zenning out like this dog below! Please email me your postal addy so that I can send you, your prize. I so enjoyed reading your entries to this giveaway guys. You all described such lush nights in! One thing is for sure - we all love blissing out in the bath with chocs and tea vino!

(Googled 'bubble bath' and this gem poppped up here.)

Stay tuned because coming up is another chance to win more beauty goodies. Also, I've been meaning to ask you - if you've linked to Glossary and I've absent-mindedly not linked back, please let me know. (Don't be shy!) I'd love to reciprocate with a link on my Lovely Links pages. Thanks:)

Tuesday, September 21

Cape Town Pastels

Hi guys! Thanks for indulging me with these Cape Town posts. If you live in CT or have visited before, then I know I'm preaching to the converted but if you haven't (and at the risk of sounding like a travel agent!) I highly recommend you consider CT  for a future holiday. The city has so much to offer from leafy suburbs and magical forests to sparkly beaches and a bustly city. There are cute cafes, snazzy cocktail bars and vintage-a-plenty. All this nestles below Table Mountain which is just beautiful! I'm amazed that Capetownians get to wake up to that mountain every day. It is so special, especially when there's a misty blanket on top! Fortunately CT is only a two hour flight from Durbs. Thanks again for sharing in the Cape memories with me and for posting such kind comments. x


Monday, September 20

Vintage Cape Town

This is the penultimate Cape Town post! I know I've stretched 'em out but it's made me realise we sure did see a lot in just two days - including lovely Anthea below. Onwards down memory lane...