Tuesday, September 28

We're off on a fashion adventure!

Hi guys. Thanks again for the lovely bloggiversary wishes. In keeping with the festive vibes, I have a spot of exciting news to report. On Wednesday, Casey and I are flying to Jozi to attend the shows at SA Fashion Week. Or erm, Fashion Wednesday in our case. We're flying back early Thursday morning as we both have day jobs to get back to. I never would have thought I'd be attending a fashion week of sorts but if the likes of Kim Gordon can dip their toes in the fashiony river, then so can I! I'm actually going to cover the event for Gloss. A few months ago, I took a bit of a chance and applied for Media Accreditation and last week I received an email saying I'd been allocated an official pass. (I always say 'it never hurts to ask' although sometimes this results in mega cringey 'no's.') Having snagged a 'yes' in this instance, Casey and I booked a cheapish flight and on Wednesday we'll touch down in Jozi and catch the Gautrain into the city. I'm about as excited about the train ride as I am about the shows! It's so first-world - a speedy train in Africa! I've been trying to remain relaxed about the fashiony side of things but in all honesty, I've had a complete panic about what to wear. My wardrobe is a shambles of cheap chain buys - I must carve out some time to trawl Durban's (virtually hidden) vintage gems. Getting-ready theatrics are sure to ensue! While searching for a spark of outfit inspiration, I decided to do what zillions of bloggers have done before - make a collage of Alexa Chung! I can't help myself, she is the Yoda of clothes. My goal is to try and inject a little Alexa into whatever I wear. A bit tricky considering her legs alone are the height of me but anyway! Hopefully I'll see some of you there and when I return, I'll blog our trip in pics. x

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