Thursday, September 30

SA Fashion Week Wednesday: Day Time

Hi guys! Casey and I are back from our foray into fashion week and what a crazy thing it was! From lights falling on the runway to fashionista's scrapping over seating, it was quite the erm, eye opener for a rookie like myself! I thought I'd blog our daytime adventures and follow up with an evening post later. If you follow Case on Twitter, you would have heard the day kicked off with a comedy of errors or 'fashion fails' as Casey called 'em - the story of my life really! From my blue cheese spill in the Slow Lounge (cheese, of course) to putting the plane 'in jeopardy' with my Essie Grey nail polish (who knew nail polish was flammable? Probably everyone except me) to almost being fined R700 for sipping water in the Gautrain (ridiculous!) - it was one drama after the next. We finally arrived in Sandton and Casey's bestie, Nicole, scooped us up and took us to Wolves where we met all sorts of nice people including Emma Jane, Angie and Brett. After erm, 'wolfing down' the last of the cake crumbs (har har!) we headed to Nicole's amazing flat to get changed. I wanted to attempt a wittier and longer account of this all but I feel it's already a marathon of a post. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this glimpse into our day. Thanks for all the well wishes on Gloss and Twitter!


Everyone was just lovely, Wolves is amazing and I'll blog the shows when I've caught up my sleep. x
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