Tuesday, March 29

Win a £50 footwear voucher!

Uggs: Divine or Disastrous? 
That's what the fine folks at Daniel Footwear would like to know. 
(Their press release was hysterical!)
Whether you love 'em or loathe 'em, you stand a chance of winning a 50 quid gift voucher 
to spend on ANY shoes you like at Daniel Footwear. I know you're down with that, eh?


That's one big a$$ shoe.
Ugg Boots Now In The Women’s Designer Shoes section at Daniel Footwear!”

Anyone, anywhere can enter.
That includes you, my one reader in Korea. (Hai!)
To enter
Give me your take on Uggs in a comment. Divine or disastrous?
For extra entries
Follow Glossary with the Google Friend Gizmo.
Tweet about the giveaway. My Twitter handle is @GlossaryGirl
Let me know if you follow and/or tweet in separate comments: each comment = an entry.
The voucher excludes shipping.
I will draw the winner in a random fashion using random.org next Tuesday.
Good luck friends!

Monday, March 28

Colour me crazy


Not exactly a crazy post but a possible name for my dream art supplies line? I was obsessed with Crayola as a kid. Obsessed. I cringed the other day when an old school friend said I was loathe to share my three-tier koki pack. Sounds like I was a bit of a beast! In other non-related news, I finally got the latest issue of Lula and it is dreamy! Do all you other Lula lovers find yourself wanting to tear out every single page? I'm tempted to frame the lot but I also like the idea of building a complete collection. Also pictured above are my Polaroid, new 'granny hangers' and ducks from the SPCA. And wahey, I'm in the April Elle - pale legs and all. A few pics I snapped of other Durban gals also made it in so cheers for that Elle! (You can see the scan here.) Hope Monday goes easy on us all. x

Friday, March 25


This kitty lives at the SPCA. It was really hamming up for the camera that day! 
Hope you all have lush weekends x

Wednesday, March 23

Little Buddy (and a link)


I spotted this kiddies typewriter in the toys section at the SPCA on Saturday and proceeded to leap for it like a lunatic. When I asked the sweet lady (or old duck as THEY like to call themselves there! ) how much it was, she replied, 'Erm, you can have it for R25.' What a dealio! My future kids will  long for plastic iMacs no doubt, but shame, they will get plastic typewriters ala 1960's kids.


And in other news, my dear friend Nadia has compiled a brilliant list of blogging resources. Within the list, is a link to an excellent article about crediting blog images.  I know this is a topic which often gets us bloggers fired up but I think it's one worth discussing, no? And it's something that's been on my mind lately after some of my images journeyed around the web unlinked and uncredited.  Cheers for the reblogging button Tumblr! I'm guilty of not linking images properly in the early days because I simply didn't know there was an etiquette to these things (there is and it involves fine china) but the article Nads links to, clarifies any confusion new bloggers may have. I'll let you grab the link to the article on Nadia's blog. Three links to Nads - I think I've covered myself!

Tuesday, March 22

Happy Snappin'


Skirt Thrifted Bag Thrifted at the SPCA Top Ancient 'Country Road'  
Belt Primark (Thanks Pippa! Just saw Mr Price unpacking a bunch of these the other day.)  
Sunnies Mr Price Shoes Mr Price (And a gift from Nadia - cheers Nads!) Hat Old 'Primark'

'Sup guys! I was going to wear the new pink dress but it has longish sleeves and today was just too hot to even attempt it. Instead, I pinned on (yes, pinned) this skirt which I got for a bargainous R5 the other day. How hilar does that sound - a skirt for R5. I must sound like the most cheap-skate blogger ever! Anyway, it's rather big on the waist (hence the hidden pins) so my mom is gonna fix it up for me or shall I say, she's gonna 'upcycle' it! All this thrifting jargon I gotta get to grips with. x

Monday, March 21

Back in Time


On Saturday, I headed into the countryside with Craig and his mum. Along our way, we encountered the most wondrous antiques store in Howick called Back in Time. My word, they had THE MOST awesome furniture and knick-knacks. Can't wait to show you the pink vintage dress I snapped up. And you can't really see much of the dress I'm wearing above (I was having a hideous hair day) but I got it for R10 in The Thrift Collection sale - ridic! PS: Happy Human Rights Day fellow Saffers.

Friday, March 18

Cups of Cakes


I made cupcakes the other day. Then we chomped them. 
Speaking of sweet things, I wanted to link to two of the sweetest bloggers I know - Harriet and Miki.
They have faithfully read Gloss for ages and I'm grateful for their bloggy friendship.
Have wonderful weekends everyone!

Wednesday, March 16

I love me some old signs


I must thank Pip for reminding me about the derelict buildings of Point Road. The derelict the better hey fellow picture snappers? (Will forever think of Mugatu when saying the word 'derelict'.) You're probably thinking, 'Sheesh Lauren, blog much?' I know, I'm turning into a bit of a crazy blogger. But sharing is spamming, caring right? (I'm looking at you brother. You owe me a million Marie Biscuits for always scoffing the packs when we were kids.) Oh, and the dinky camera was the one I got from the SPCA for 5 Ronds. I seriously love that place!

Tuesday, March 15

Suck Uk Wish List

I had a nose around the SUCK UK site today. It's one of my fave design shops.
Wouldn't mind receiving these nifty gifties! (Ha, that's a Michael Scott reference.)


1. Carve a postcard 2. Homemade Cookie Stamp 3. Noodle Cup
4. Mix Tape USB 5. LP Dividers 6. Pantone Mug

I may gift myself the pink Pantone Mug. I've always wanted one.
Dang you internet and your awesome wares.

Smitten Sneak Peak


Snapped this cute couple on Sunday. Will bung the rest on Smitten soon!
PS: I've added a category for 'Photography' on Gloss so you can find all the camera/shoot posts etc

And THANKS for all your super sweet comments on the new 'do!
You guys are awesome. You know that right? You do. (You're awesome.)

Monday, March 14

Sunny Sundays


Aloha gang, hope you had fun/restful weekends? We hit up some derelict buildings for a bit of outfit postery. Gotta love them derelict backgrounds! I bagged this kitschy parasol for a bargainous 30 zars at the party shop last week. I can't really be trusted in party shops. It's guaranteed that I'll walk out with some ridiculous dress-up paraphernalia, a bulk pack of Hundreds & Thousands and a gigantic dummy in case I ever need to plan a baby shower for someone. On an awkward note, I apologise for the half-smiles of late. I'm trying to see if I can get my chompers straightened (again) and I can't wait to bust out a big old toothy grin. While we're on body issues (!), I'm also a semi red-head now! I wanted to go for an all over fiery mane but my hair just can't take the pre-bleaching. So it was 'random patch of red' or full tilt and effectively go bald before August. I chose 'random patch of red.' I think I look like one of those goth kids from South Park now. I'm kind of OK with that.

Sporting a Miss Moneypenny 'dress', Mr Price Sunnies and hideously old wedges from Aldo.
Sorry for rabbiting on - it's been very, me - me - me!

Friday, March 11

Macaroons come to Durbs - bloggers go nuts.


I know macaroons (I feel weird calling 'em Macarons. I'm sure it sounds well classy in French!) have been blogged to death, but when a Macaroon Cafe opens up in Durbs, gals like me are gonna get excited. Thanks to Miss Molly and Nadja for the tip off! (The cafe is below Mo's Noodles in Florida Rd.) I got a box of every flavour but I thought it was a bit pricey at R60 - just call me a frugal miser Durbanite! Think I'm more of a choccie girl at heart but I can't deny they're pretty as heck.

Thursday, March 10

We Love Pictures - still being awesome

Crikey Mother, how pretty are these wedding snaps by We Love Pictures? More on their blog here!


Wednesday, March 9

Three bloggers. Three photography tutorials!


Carrie (WishWishWish), Sandra (Niotillfem) and Sydney (The Daybook) are mega inspiring picture-takers and bloggers. They get loads of questions about photography and thankfully, they've each blogged their tips and tricks! I've linked to their tutorials in separate posts before but I thought I'd bung 'em together for your picture-taking pleasure. Here is Carrie's, Sandra's and Sydney's - enjoy!

Tuesday, March 8


I love Nadia's 'Cupcake Couture' button scoop. Makes me wanna dive into a pool of buttons!


Monday, March 7

Oh snap, I love my Polaroid!

Craig bought me this puppy for our anniversary! It's been on my wish-list for years and I love it so much. Just gotta get me some film now. Anyone know anyone in Durbs who has some to sell? Thanks as always for your tips and suggestions. x

Friday, March 4

Primarni bag from Pip!

Hey hey! Happy Friday guys. So this is what I chucked on for the blogger's get-together. It's a bit embarrassing posting an outfit pic knowing that some of you saw me wearing this in real life. While out and about, I didn't have any golden afternoon light to soften the crows feet and pasty legs! *cringe* And double cringe, someone asked me why I always tilt my head in pics. It's quite simple really. One full frontal pic and the camera lens cracks. I'm not kidding. Alright, I am but I just think it's a better angle for me. And that's about as much awkwardness as I can handle today!


The top and skirt is JayJays (Ha, wrote that as if it is designer) and the satchel is Primarni (Which I wish was a sister label to Armani but it's really just Primark.) Pippa kindly bought it back for me from Londres - thanks Pip!!

Thursday, March 3

Crafty Saturdays

 So guys, have you bookmarked me as spam yet? I know I've been blogging like a maniac. Truth is I prepared a whole bunch of posts while I was watching Mad Men on Sunday. I find editing pics to be quite a relaxing experience! So these are some brooches, and one pair of earrings, that I made on the weekend. I've been so inspired by Elsie's blog, I wanted to make something crafty for a change. My mom had a box of old buttons so I used some of those and I'm gonna check with Mama if I can donate the rest to Nadia's button scoop at the market. Speaking of Nadia (She’s a regular around here!), I won the red pencil with the little aeroplane brooch in one of her giveaways. I do love it lots. x


Wednesday, March 2

New Cardi

This is my new cardi from Mr Price. The candy heart brooch is from Hey Cherry, the poor old Snow White one is 'handmade' by me and the hanger was a gift from Nadia. And that's that for today. x


Tuesday, March 1

"Just pretend I'm not here. Be natural!"

That's the ridiculous nonsense Nadia and Pippa had to put up with but aren't they just the cutest!?
I do love a spontaneous Saturday photo shoot!