Wednesday, March 23

Little Buddy (and a link)


I spotted this kiddies typewriter in the toys section at the SPCA on Saturday and proceeded to leap for it like a lunatic. When I asked the sweet lady (or old duck as THEY like to call themselves there! ) how much it was, she replied, 'Erm, you can have it for R25.' What a dealio! My future kids will  long for plastic iMacs no doubt, but shame, they will get plastic typewriters ala 1960's kids.


And in other news, my dear friend Nadia has compiled a brilliant list of blogging resources. Within the list, is a link to an excellent article about crediting blog images.  I know this is a topic which often gets us bloggers fired up but I think it's one worth discussing, no? And it's something that's been on my mind lately after some of my images journeyed around the web unlinked and uncredited.  Cheers for the reblogging button Tumblr! I'm guilty of not linking images properly in the early days because I simply didn't know there was an etiquette to these things (there is and it involves fine china) but the article Nads links to, clarifies any confusion new bloggers may have. I'll let you grab the link to the article on Nadia's blog. Three links to Nads - I think I've covered myself!

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