Wednesday, November 30

Thrifty Christmas Prezzie Idea: Jar of Buttons

I'm definitely one of those people for whom giving is the fun part of Christmas! I love finding the perfect prezzie for someone. This year however, my family and I are giving the gift of presence rather than presents. Last year they suggested that and I was like, 'Lame! Presents are awesome!' but owing to my skinty state this year, presence it is! Here's a cheap and cheerful idea I assembled for a certain friend - I'm sure you can all guess who this is for! I think glass jars are great because they're practical and can be used forever, and jars of things are well, always just plain fun! I decorated mine with some ribbon, a playing card and a Scrabble letter. A few more thrifty gift ideas to follow soon. x


PS: Thanks for your comments yesterday! I think a few of you may have been a bit horrified at me dismantling a board game. Never fear - I am anti-board game cruelty! Just used that old set as it had pieces missing and it was a bit poked but I am framing and cherishing the surviving street cards. 

Tuesday, November 29

DIY: Monopoly Tags

My folks gave me their old Monopoly set a while ago and I've been dying to do something crafty with it. I was flicking through the Chance and Community Chest cards and I thought, hey I could attach some Monopoly money to these and turn 'em into fun gift tags. Some of the cards feature really cute wording as you'll see below. I'm giving Tracy R10 to go with a 'Drunken' fine for her hens party soon! The tags are also great for attaching rings and hair clips to - I've seen that on alot of crafty blogs and it always looks super cute.  I'm saving the Street cards to frame but those would also work a treat for tags. You can often find old board games at Thrift Stores. Hope you enjoyed this little DIY! 


Sunday, November 27

Happy Wedding Anni Nads

Nadia and Daniel celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary this weekend. 365 days of flaming hot love! Congrats you two - I wish you many more years filled with love and lols!
Here are some (re-edited) snaps I took at their gorgeous wedding last year. 
Some of the profesh pics are up on Nads' blog. x


Friday, November 25

Happy Birthday Kit Cat

It's my mama's birthday today. The fam has taken to calling her Mama Gloss - haha!
Mumsie, thank you for letting me pillage your nail polishes, your biscuit tin and your closet.
Thank you for teaching me how to make home-made gravy and letting me watch E-Channel marathons on Sunday nights. Thank you for letting the dogs come inside, for reading this blog everyday and  for going to the Electric Ballroom with me in London. I love you lots Cat. x


Badly edited pics from our London holiday in 2008!

Wednesday, November 23

Meet my Package Project Partner

I recently received an email from my Package Project partner, Hayley. My oh my, but did Nadia pair us up perfectly! We have soooo much in common. I absolutely adore Hayley's blog, Indie Thrifter. It's such a blast of colourful, thrifty inspiration! Hayley - I cannot wait to exchange parcels you! 
All these awesome pics are from Hayley's blog. x


Tuesday, November 22

A sunday afternoon

I've been a busy bee workwise lately so I haven't really had a chance to photograph anything pretty for the blog. Any spare time has been spent mooching about in my PJ's, eating roast dinners and watching E Channel marathons. Ha, that really is as good as it sounds! On Sunday I took a trip with my folks to see my grandparents - here's a little glimpse.

Blueberry snack on the way up. Gotta balance out of the roast spuds.
Opening up a birthday prezzie from Bobby. It's so cool - will show you soon!
And a pamper hamper from Laura - just what I need! Thanks Laura.
My gran has so many awesome tins and things. And literally everything is labelled!
EXCEPT the carton of milk which turned out to be red juice. That was nearly a cuppa ruined.
Nice cake plate gransie.
Obligatory, pointless mirror shot.
Which results in looks like this. My little lamb. Hope you had nice Sundays too. x

PS: Blog comments are working again - wooo! Cheers Disqus for sorting it so quick.

Monday, November 21

New in my Blog Shop

A few new bits in my blog shop including this dress, some skirts, two vintage bags and 
an awesome retro curtain which would be perfect for a DIY. x


Disqus Dramz!

Friends, it would appear that my Blog Comments are on the fritz.
I am receiving your comments and if you click on the comment link below each post, you will see them all there but for some reason every single post is displaying ‘0 comments.’ It’s quite comical really! To new readers, it must look like I’ve blogged for over two years with zilch replies! Ah bless, the loneliest blogger on the interwebs. I haven’t changed my HTML or Disqus settings in yonks so I can only imagine something has been updated on the Blogger or Disqus side. Is anyone else having this prob as well? I’ve tried fixing it but no luck. Hopefully Disqus can help me sort it soon.

Cute 'lil pic found here.

Thursday, November 17

Baby Eleanor (a lil' blogger in the making!)

I am utterly besotted with little Eleanor Davis. Isn't she just a treasure?
I can't get enough of her pics and the cute getups that Naomi and Josh dress her in. 
Dressing your kid must be one of the funnest things ever. 
I have a great weakness for teeny shoes and sweaters.  x