Wednesday, November 30

Thrifty Christmas Prezzie Idea: Jar of Buttons

I'm definitely one of those people for whom giving is the fun part of Christmas! I love finding the perfect prezzie for someone. This year however, my family and I are giving the gift of presence rather than presents. Last year they suggested that and I was like, 'Lame! Presents are awesome!' but owing to my skinty state this year, presence it is! Here's a cheap and cheerful idea I assembled for a certain friend - I'm sure you can all guess who this is for! I think glass jars are great because they're practical and can be used forever, and jars of things are well, always just plain fun! I decorated mine with some ribbon, a playing card and a Scrabble letter. A few more thrifty gift ideas to follow soon. x


PS: Thanks for your comments yesterday! I think a few of you may have been a bit horrified at me dismantling a board game. Never fear - I am anti-board game cruelty! Just used that old set as it had pieces missing and it was a bit poked but I am framing and cherishing the surviving street cards. 
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