Thursday, February 28

Life Lately

Life lately through my phone. I'm on Instagram here. 
Sorry for being quiet friends, but aside from work, life is very quiet at the moment. x


Sunday, February 24

Sunday Shoot - my bestie is having a girl!

Friends, I have been a Panda down this weekend. Just felt completely knackered. Went for a beach walk on Saturday and felt like I was gonna faint so hot-tailed it home into bed! I did manage to crawl outta bed this morning to do a shoot with Tracy and Gordon. You can check it out on Smitten Pics.x


Friday, February 22

Dreaming up a Smitten studio

I'm dreaming up a studio for Smitten! Naturally, I had to start a Pinterest board! I want clients to feel free to curl up on the couch and flick through albums between sips of tea. The room will be filled with cheery sunlight and fresh flowers. We'll have prop boxes and pink rails of vintage dresses! My thrifted cameras will live on white shelves and there will be soft rugs for little ones to play on. Here's hoping we can bring it to life! Gotta believe and work hard! Will be snapping again this weekend. x

Tuesday, February 19

The Zombie Jol!

Monique turned thirty and threw a Zombie party! I didn't know most of the guests and behaved like the most socially awkward penguin for the first hour but after one Savanna Light, I was requesting Abba and dancing around like a nutter in the Steller Sports Club. It was surreal! We danced for hours to these hilarious covers between mouthfuls of graveyard cake. Monique - you have such rad friends, I'm just sorry I didn't get snaps of everyone's outfits. Thanks for an epic Saturday night! x


Taneal Candids

Taneal's candids are up on Smitten too. 
Gotta give this little biz a good deal of plugging to get going!
Gonna blog some Zombie Party pics on Gloss tomoz. x


Sunday, February 17

Shoot with Taneal

I snapped my beautiful friend, Taneal yesterday. Pics up on Smitten. x


Friday, February 15

Friday Night Surprises

Last Friday, I hopped in my car, popped in a sweet mix and headed off to Gen's. I arrived to hugs from little Olive and kisses from Mia, the new puppy! Visiting Gen is like going on a little vacay. Her house is so calm and beautiful, she always cooks the most amazing food and then we get to sip tea on the couch while watching 90s music videos. Ahhhh. Rocking out in our thirties, haha. Oh, and Gen surprised me with presents! I was like, "What are these for?" and she was like, "Just because." What a lucky Panda I am. Thank you so much Gen! I love them to bits. x


Wednesday, February 13

Panda Pancakes

How epic are these? I need to make some! 

Monday, February 11

Red cordial is the new wine

Bought these cute glasses from Mr Price home the other day.
For when I serve my friends the finest red juice that money can buy. x

Sunday, February 10

Saturday Thriftin'

It's Sunday morning. I'm snuggled up in bed with tea, and its raining outside :) How is your Sunday going? I decided to go on a little thrifting adventure yesterday. I don't thrift as much these days as I'm trying not to fritter my money away on random knick-knacks - I need to save for big, practical a stove, fridge and home of my own! But...who can say no to a R10 haul of goodies!? x


Wednesday, February 6

The Happy Jar

Who wants a cupcake? 
I'm keen to get my bake on this weekend. x

Tuesday, February 5

Nursery Love

I am not with child. I am, however, with love for fluffy blankets and all things miniature! Have you seen those mini appiances in Toys 'R Us? They have branded mini kettles and toasters - the epicness is off the charts!  My best is the trolleys though - trolleys with plastic groceries and mini boxes of cereals. Ahhhh. A friend of mine was saying that the two things moms miss the most are naps and wine, so, I am going to enjoy many naps and glasses of wine before I become a mom one day. In the meantime, sprogged-up friends, I am available for nursery decorating services! x

PS: You can follow my Baby Love board on Pinterest here with links to all these pics.