Wednesday, June 30

Antique camera collection

Eeeeep! I'm so excited about this! Ok, so when I was younger, my mom was really into vintage and antiques. She collected things like old suitcases and ornate frames and of course, I didn't appreciate any of this at the time. I thought it was très lame that our videos were stored in old suitcases. Her style must have filtered into my brain anyway because now I am mad for all things vintage. Getting to the point - mom built up a collection of cameras used by other family members and has passed it onto me! Thanks mom! I had forgotten about these old relics and am SUPER chuffed to look after 'em now. I don't know what's what in the zoo so I need to do some research. Are any of you Antiques Roadshow enthusiasts? Not that I am ever parting with them :D


What I wore: a summer dress in the middle of winter

I had forgotten how warm Durban winters are! I just loving sitting outside and drinking tea in the winter sun. This is another dress I found tucked away in the back of Mr Price. It has a bit of a 90's vibe to it. I'd actually like to dress it up with a loose leather jacket, combats and wayfarers but because I don't have all those items, I wore this instead. I threw in the pic of the Woolies' cranberry juice because I was drinking it at the time and the bottle is so pretty. Sometimes I wish I lived in a time when everyone drank 'pop' and ate peach pie. Oh, a quick FYI - I've updated my 'Advertise' page to include all the important info it was missing. Thanks for your feedback!


Dress, ring and belt Mr Price Hat Primark Shoes Country Road Jacket Edgars

Tuesday, June 29

I'm in love with this book!

The other day I saw the most amazing book in Exclusive Books. Now when I say it's by Tim Walker, you'll probably go, 'Ah, of course, the genius that is Tim Walker!' but I was not familiar with the man's work until seeing this book. I don't have the words to describe how gorgeous it is. The only thing coming to mind is a rainbow explosion of cats, balloons, pretty girls and fairy tales. I have since learned that Tim shot the My Cherie ads which I absolutely loved. I'm only featuring one image from the publisher's website as his work is naturally copyrighted but if you see this book in the shops, you must have a page through. In South Africa, it has the whopping price tag of R1800 so unfortunately, I can only dream of owning it for now. Gah, if only money grew on trees, eh?


Also, I just wanted to say thanks for your kind feedback about the new labels down the side of the blog. I hope they'll make it easier for you to dig through the content. I'm still a bit on the fence about them because I quite liked the neatness of the simple grey, black and white text before. Maybe I'll make my email, twitter, and flickr links simpler - oh the decisions of blogging! Also, I didn't realise till yesterday that my blog was looking a bit bonkers in IE. Strange things going on with the nav bar etc. If you're an IE reader, I do apologise. It seems to be ok now after some tweaking. Coolio!

Discount for Glossary Readers

Hello gang. As promised, I have a discount for you today. Bianca Pulvirenti is a local Durban lass who designs a range of jewellery called Embellish Me. As you can see, it's really lovely and every piece is a one-off. Prices range between R100 and R300 and she is offering Glossary Readers a 15% discount on all items. You can view more on her Facebook Page and become a fan if it takes your fancy. Bianca updates her collection weekly so she suggests you contact her directly to arrange to see more pieces. To claim your discount, email Bianca or call her on 084 5823841 with the Discount Code Gloss201007. She posts nationwide. Let me know if you snap something up!


If you're interested in offering a discount or sponsoring a giveaway, please email me here. Thanks!

Monday, June 28

South African Fashion Design Spotlight: Margot Molyneux

Good morning gang, welcome to today's interview! About a week ago, I received an email from a reader who said she enjoyed my blog and wanted to say hi. It's always lovely to receive mails like that and I can usually tell me when someone is being genuine and when they're being spammy ie: "Hi, nice blog, check out my range of XXX." I clicked the link on said reader's signature (who was of the genuine type) which took me to her website. Well, what a tremendous surprise! The reader was Margot Molyneux who happens to be a talented young fashion designer from Cape Town. Now, at the risk of showing my ignorance, when I think of South African fashion design, I tend to think of traditional African colours, bright beading, long skirts and sun motifs. And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it's just not a style that resonates with me. So when I looked through Margot's website and saw loads of calm neutrals, clean lines and pretty colours, i just about jumped for joy. Everything in her Winter 2010 lookbook is something I'd love to add to my closet. I have a feeling she's going to be dressing lots of famous ladies soon and I'm thrilled to have had the chance to chat to her.


Hi Margot, when did you start your fashion line?
I started making clothes last year, after I finished my diploma from DAF. It wasn't something I necessarily intended on doing straight out of college, however some things fell into place that allowed this process to start.

That's brilliant. How would you characterize your designs?
I try to produce clothing which is comfortable for everyday wear. I hope girls feel like they are wearing something unique while still looking good in it.

Please walk us through a typical day.
There is no typical day in my life at the moment. I find no week looks the same, but somewhere fabric shopping, pattern making, researching, cutting and deliveries will happen.

What has been the highlight of your career to date?
I must say the whole experience has been great, difficult at times but people have been really responsive to helping me, something nobody seems to expect from this industry. I was lucky enough to have Brett Rubin shoot my stuff as well as participate in Cape Town Fashion Week last year.

What are your feelings about the South African fashion industry? What areas are thriving and which areas can be improved?
I think it is great that it is expanding and growing into it's own. I believe that the the younger market is lacking in locally produced and designed items which are affordable for them. We become too accustomed to wanting what is available overseas but not necessarily aware of what is possible here.


Who are your favourite designers and why?
Ooh thats tough. Too many.

I'm going to have to press you for names one day! If you could dress anyone in the world, who would you choose and why?
I would dress anyone who wanted to wear my clothes. No matter who they are thats a compliment.

Ah, so modest. Where do you hope to see your brand a year from now?
I would love to own a store, however I think that may be jumping the gun a little. In a year I would just hope it to be more widely known and available to people. I am very interested in different kinds of retail, such as online or pop up stores etc so hopefully be involved more in those areas.

What advice would you give to budding fashion designers?
I am budding fashion designer myself :) But to the newly budding designers, I would say work very hard. The industry sounds a lot more glamorous than it is. It is loads of fun but you are never going to be able to start a business with a few designs, you need to think of the whole business package.

How would you describe your personal style? What's a typical daily outfit?
Often nothing too exciting! I dress fairly simply but I do often wear my own designs.

And finally, where can find your designs in store?
Mungo and Jemima in Long Street, Cape Town, Spoon in the Old Biscuit Mill or directly from me.
You can visit Margot's website here!


Thanks Margot. I wish you loads of success and fashion fun! In other news, I have a jewellery discount for ya'll tomorrow. Be sure to pop in and grab the discount code. I'm also nattering about lingerie on the Women's Health Mag site - see "Hot Tips" - oh yeah! You may have also noticed I've added a page about blog sponsorship. If you have a business that you think is right up my alley and relevant to Glossary readers, email me here  for rates and info about sponsorship opportunities on this blog. At the mo', I need to offset some of the costs of keeping ye old blog going. The freelance gig is tough on the wallet!

Friday, June 25

Packages in the post!

Today I received the most wonderful package in the post from Kerry, my Package Project partner. I just LOVE getting stuff in the post, especially in this day of email and twitter etc. 'This day,' - I sound like an old bat already. Anyway Kerry really spoilt me. Inside, was this amazing black corset that she had sewn - oh gosh Kerry! I opened the parcel up in the middle of the Mug&Bean! I think the folk around were thinking, 'Crumbs, what does this bird buy online?' Haha! It's very swish and rather on the erm, skimpy side so there will be no 'What I wore' posts in this bad girl but it is quite fabulous! There were also hair clips and bows and a beautiful retro journal - we've never even met but this girl knows me. Thank you so much friend, I love it all! If you live in Port Elizabeth and you'd like something sewn, chat to Kerry, she's studying fashion design and she's obviously AWESOME.


Thursday, June 24

Sewing Bits and Bobbins

Hello everyone! I am in a super mood today because I won the Miss Molly Fashions giveaway on Being Brazen's blog! Winning stuff is just the best feeling, it's as if the universe has thrown you a bone or a skirt in this case. Not that I eat bones. Ridiculous ramblings. Anyway. Thanks Molly, thanks Brazen, I am chuffed to bits. Speaking of fashiony things, below are some goodies from my mom's sewing collection. I have always loved rummaging around in her sewing stuff even though I can't sew for toffee. I don't know why I had such a disdain for home-ec in highschool. I scraped a pass with this hideous bottle-green corduroy satchel that I made. The green glitter buttons were the pièce de résistance. I have since decided that sewing is in fact, super cool and I would quite like to do some myself one day. My mom has this relic of a Singer and I'm a bit scared of learning on it. One day, I will get one of those Elna jobs. Back to the sewing stuff, well, it had been an age since I had a dig through all the goodies and when I saw these anchor buttons I freaked out Martha Stewart style. We're going to use those bad girls to customize a skirt mom's making for me. It's going to be a simple A-Line affair because I cannot find any in the shops. Although I do have a new tulip one from Miss Molly which rocks! If the A-Line skirt works out, I'll post the pattern or send you in the direction of the store we bought it from. If it doesn't, I'll go on the Beyonce cayenne pepper and honey diet and see if I can get back in my old school uniform skirt. Right, I am starting to babble more nonsense so let me shut up and show you some pictures!


Wednesday, June 23

Style Crush: Michelle (and Mathilde!) Williams

I love Michelle Williams' style. She makes walking around New York with a latte in one hand a kid on the hip look like the coolest thing in the world. I've always felt a bit of an affinity with her ever since she played the angsty Jen in Dawson's Creek. Crumbs, remember those dramas? Have you seen her in Shutter Island? What a movie, eh! Freaky stuff. The other night, I rewatched the Dark Knight and felt so sad all over again about Heath's passing and the effect it must have had on Michelle and Mathilde. Anyways, I won't dwell on that. Instead, we'll high five the Williams girls and see how to get Michelle's look. I wander if celebs ever google themselves and think, 'Whatever, I would never wear that!' Apologies if I'm way off the mark Michelle. As if she would read this blog!





I sourced these items on Polyvore. We have: Black Wayfarers by Rayban from, straw trilby from, cotton tote from, Flex Icon skinny jeans from, Old Navy Converse from, bird necklace from, leather belt from and silk organza blouse from All that linkage was tough-going, I'm going to rest my fingers now:)

Tuesday, June 22

A day in Durban ♥ Animals & Antiques

Today, my mom and I went to Mitchell's Park and then for lunch at Antiques House. I am not in the habit of flitting around parks in the middle of the day but because I recently entered the erm, wonderful world of freelancing, I am able to nip out for a spot of winter sun. I posted the rest of the photos on flickr if you'd like to see more our little adventure. Man, I wish I could just take pictures every day, it is my favourite thing in the world. That, and hopping on a plane!


Monday, June 21

Q&A with Kim Gray: How to become a stylist


I've been having a long, hard think about what I'd like to do career-wise going forward and now it's decided. I'd love to be a stylist. (Although 'Travel Writer' and 'Kit-Kat Quality Assurance' still rank highly on the list.) Styling is something I've dipped my toe in before and thoroughly enjoyed although I've never known how to progress from there. I was deeply grateful when Kim Gray, one of South Africa's most well-known fashion, lifestyle and decor stylists kindly replied at length when I popped her an email, asking for some advice. I thought I'd publish our chat here as interview for those of you who may also be considering styling as a career. Get ready to be inspired!

Hi Kim, how are you today?
Just back from a walk along Table Mountain Rd and excited to be a South African!

Super stuff! Congratulations on your blogging and styling success. What has been the highlight of your career? 
It's been really awesome having my blog which started as a hobby , blogging about my shoots, turn into a part time job! I love it so much, so it's been awesome to be mentioned in mags like Marie Claire. I sometimes have to pinch myself and I am so grateful and humbled by the support I've received!

Can you kindly walk us through a typical day.
There is no same day. Each project is different! But it usually consists of briefing suppliers, sourcing from shop to shop, shopping center to center and blogging in the evenings or shooting all day on set and then blogging in the evenings :) On none shoots days, I blog... Surprise.

Which is your must-have item in your stylists kit?
Pins to make sure clothing fits and looks perfect on the model.


Please can you tell us about your background and how you 'broke' into the industry? 
I interned at Marie Claire Magazine for just over a year. I have no formal study or degree. From there I slowly started showing my portfolio around and knocking on agency doors.

What are the attributes that you would look for in a stylist?
Good organizational skills and an eye for style.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to become a stylist?
I get e-mails almost every day from girls wanting to become a stylist. Its like any job, you need passion and you need to make a lot of coffee if you want to get anywhere. I've had girls assist me that give up after 2 weeks because they get bored of returning merchandise to stores - but that is where you form some of your best relationships (contacts) - that will help you in the future! Persistence and hard work! And then the fun!


Which are your favourite South African stores and why?
I love Woolworths, Poetry, Old Khaki - it's wearable, quality, every day fashion. Though I do believe in mixing store buys with once off treasures and unique finds - making the fashion 'you'.

Who is your favourite designer?
I love local designers like Lunar for their simple classic clean lines, Missibaba for her amazing handbags, Tashkaya for her cute, classic yet quirky and wearable designs.

How would you describe your personal style? 
Classic with a twist.

Do you prefer to shop for clothes or interior goodies? 

What should no girl be without? 
A great pair of shoes, jeans and shades!

And finally, what is the best thing about your job? 
Once you've sourced all the clothing / interiors, it's playing and putting looks together. I love the flexibility and creativity with being a freelance stylist.


That about seals it! I definitely want to pursue styling as a career. Kim lives in Cape Town and you can visit her website here to read about her daily inspirations, shopping finds and on-shoot experiences. All the images above were sourced from Kim's portfolio which can be viewed on her website. If you enjoyed this post or know someone who might, please feel free to bookmark or share it using the widget below. And as always, you're welcome to reply in a comment. Tell me about your dream job, high-five Kim or just say hi!