Wednesday, June 30

What I wore: a summer dress in the middle of winter

I had forgotten how warm Durban winters are! I just loving sitting outside and drinking tea in the winter sun. This is another dress I found tucked away in the back of Mr Price. It has a bit of a 90's vibe to it. I'd actually like to dress it up with a loose leather jacket, combats and wayfarers but because I don't have all those items, I wore this instead. I threw in the pic of the Woolies' cranberry juice because I was drinking it at the time and the bottle is so pretty. Sometimes I wish I lived in a time when everyone drank 'pop' and ate peach pie. Oh, a quick FYI - I've updated my 'Advertise' page to include all the important info it was missing. Thanks for your feedback!


Dress, ring and belt Mr Price Hat Primark Shoes Country Road Jacket Edgars
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