Wednesday, June 30

Antique camera collection

Eeeeep! I'm so excited about this! Ok, so when I was younger, my mom was really into vintage and antiques. She collected things like old suitcases and ornate frames and of course, I didn't appreciate any of this at the time. I thought it was très lame that our videos were stored in old suitcases. Her style must have filtered into my brain anyway because now I am mad for all things vintage. Getting to the point - mom built up a collection of cameras used by other family members and has passed it onto me! Thanks mom! I had forgotten about these old relics and am SUPER chuffed to look after 'em now. I don't know what's what in the zoo so I need to do some research. Are any of you Antiques Roadshow enthusiasts? Not that I am ever parting with them :D

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