Tuesday, June 29

I'm in love with this book!

The other day I saw the most amazing book in Exclusive Books. Now when I say it's by Tim Walker, you'll probably go, 'Ah, of course, the genius that is Tim Walker!' but I was not familiar with the man's work until seeing this book. I don't have the words to describe how gorgeous it is. The only thing coming to mind is a rainbow explosion of cats, balloons, pretty girls and fairy tales. I have since learned that Tim shot the My Cherie ads which I absolutely loved. I'm only featuring one image from the publisher's website as his work is naturally copyrighted but if you see this book in the shops, you must have a page through. In South Africa, it has the whopping price tag of R1800 so unfortunately, I can only dream of owning it for now. Gah, if only money grew on trees, eh?


Also, I just wanted to say thanks for your kind feedback about the new labels down the side of the blog. I hope they'll make it easier for you to dig through the content. I'm still a bit on the fence about them because I quite liked the neatness of the simple grey, black and white text before. Maybe I'll make my email, twitter, and flickr links simpler - oh the decisions of blogging! Also, I didn't realise till yesterday that my blog was looking a bit bonkers in IE. Strange things going on with the nav bar etc. If you're an IE reader, I do apologise. It seems to be ok now after some tweaking. Coolio!
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