Friday, March 4

Primarni bag from Pip!

Hey hey! Happy Friday guys. So this is what I chucked on for the blogger's get-together. It's a bit embarrassing posting an outfit pic knowing that some of you saw me wearing this in real life. While out and about, I didn't have any golden afternoon light to soften the crows feet and pasty legs! *cringe* And double cringe, someone asked me why I always tilt my head in pics. It's quite simple really. One full frontal pic and the camera lens cracks. I'm not kidding. Alright, I am but I just think it's a better angle for me. And that's about as much awkwardness as I can handle today!


The top and skirt is JayJays (Ha, wrote that as if it is designer) and the satchel is Primarni (Which I wish was a sister label to Armani but it's really just Primark.) Pippa kindly bought it back for me from Londres - thanks Pip!!
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