Thursday, March 3

Crafty Saturdays

 So guys, have you bookmarked me as spam yet? I know I've been blogging like a maniac. Truth is I prepared a whole bunch of posts while I was watching Mad Men on Sunday. I find editing pics to be quite a relaxing experience! So these are some brooches, and one pair of earrings, that I made on the weekend. I've been so inspired by Elsie's blog, I wanted to make something crafty for a change. My mom had a box of old buttons so I used some of those and I'm gonna check with Mama if I can donate the rest to Nadia's button scoop at the market. Speaking of Nadia (She’s a regular around here!), I won the red pencil with the little aeroplane brooch in one of her giveaways. I do love it lots. x

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