Monday, March 14

Sunny Sundays


Aloha gang, hope you had fun/restful weekends? We hit up some derelict buildings for a bit of outfit postery. Gotta love them derelict backgrounds! I bagged this kitschy parasol for a bargainous 30 zars at the party shop last week. I can't really be trusted in party shops. It's guaranteed that I'll walk out with some ridiculous dress-up paraphernalia, a bulk pack of Hundreds & Thousands and a gigantic dummy in case I ever need to plan a baby shower for someone. On an awkward note, I apologise for the half-smiles of late. I'm trying to see if I can get my chompers straightened (again) and I can't wait to bust out a big old toothy grin. While we're on body issues (!), I'm also a semi red-head now! I wanted to go for an all over fiery mane but my hair just can't take the pre-bleaching. So it was 'random patch of red' or full tilt and effectively go bald before August. I chose 'random patch of red.' I think I look like one of those goth kids from South Park now. I'm kind of OK with that.

Sporting a Miss Moneypenny 'dress', Mr Price Sunnies and hideously old wedges from Aldo.
Sorry for rabbiting on - it's been very, me - me - me!
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